It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, February 27, 2015


Getting everyone caught up.  I had the Pet Scan on Monday.  I saw my oncologist and got the results yesterday.  I was really scared to get the results as I have been having  a lot of pain in the area in my neck where the cancer was.  A large area did show up on the Pet Scan.  The oncologist said that he personally thought it was inflammation.  Whatever it is the pain is excruciating.  I am waiting for some word from my kidney doctor to see if there is a med that is safe for me to take.  I am being set up for a series of hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

I will give another update later as I feel pretty tough this morning.

Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayer.



Saturday, January 24, 2015


I met my new ENT doctor yesterday.  I like him.  He was very thorough and gave me some answers I didn’t want to hear but I like him anyway. I was told that the progress for recovery from the type of radiation I had is very slow, taking as long as months, perhaps years and in some cases never. Discouraging news for me as I am still existing on Boost and the Blender.  I could use 2 or 3 blenders right now as washing my lone Blender is getting to be tedious.  lol

I am going to start seeing a speech therapist who will work with me on being able to swallow better.  Looks like my date at Red Lobster is still way off in the future. But I feel  sure that time will come eventually.

I am still in line to see my kidney/BP specialist on 3 February, the dentist on the 17th, the Pet Scan on the 23rd and my oncologist on the 26th.  Plus my daughter’s birthday is the 14th so February will be a busy short month.  However we will be closer to spring when March comes. Thank you all for remembering me in your thoughts and prayers.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time for an update….

I can’t believe that today marks the 6 week anniversary of when I finished the radiation treatments.  I am improving although much too slowly for my liking.  I started therapy for the winged scapula right after I finished radiation.  I have 2 more of those treatments left.

I am still having difficulty eating.  I can manage a few things like soft scrambled eggs and soups in the blender plus Jell-O and pudding.  My mouth is still very sore.  I have dreams of sitting down at Red Lobster and having a gigantic serving of breaded shrimp with red sauce and ranch dressing.  I am also longing for some French fries with cheese sauce.  I keep trying and trying but the chewing and swallowing is still difficult.

My ENT surgeon retired at age 60 in December.  Imagine being able to retire at age 60 with no financial worries.  I really liked him, he was a great guy and I had a lot of faith in him.  I will be seeing his replacement on 23 January.  I think I will like him too.  He is young and good looking so that always helps.  LOL!!

I have a Pet Scan scheduled for 23 February and I see my oncologist on 26 February for the results.

I keep wanting to start blogging again, I just don’t have the energy or the want to yet, but the time will come.  Thank you to all of you that have sent me emails and keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  Bless you all!


Friday, December 19, 2014


Sorry to be so late with another update.  I had this silly notion that when I finished the 30 radiation treatments that I would magically feel wonderful.  I tell you, it just isn’t so.  I am improving slowly; I can swallow better and talk better.  My tongue is still extremely painful and so I am not magically able to eat solid food.  I can manage cream of wheat and cottage cheese by eating slowing and drinking a lot of water while eating.  I fix soups with a lot of fiber and calories in the blender to supplement the Boost and Ensure I am drinking.  I am managing about 1100 – 1200 calories a day.  Since I had my surgery on September 4th to today I have lost about 22 lbs.  These were not pounds that I needed to lose.

The 27th is my family Christmas gathering and I am so wanting to be able to eat something good.  I have no taste buds so everything tastes the same.  My daughter is graciously cooking our meal.  I am fixing a spiral cut glazed ham. 

I missed the cookie exchange this year and I haven’t had the energy to do any baking so my son will have some goodies to take home.  I will try and fix a few things next week.

I ended up with a ‘winged scapula’ and I am undergoing physical therapy for that.  I finished my sixth session today.

I saw my oncologist yesterday.  I have been scheduled for a Pet Scan for 23 February to find out if there is still cancer in my body.  I am praying that there is not.

I sent only a few cards this year.  I apologize to the ones of you who sent me cards and I promise to catch you next year.  Thank you all for remembering me in prayer and with kind thoughts.  I love you all!

Have a truly blessed Christmas.