It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, November 17, 2014

One year ago today, 17 November 2013

My son and a friend from Chicago had come to visit me for the weekend.  It was a very warm stormy morning and I was glad to see them leave for home that Sunday morning because the weather forecast was not good.  They had only been gone an hour when they came back.  My son’s friend had a terrible headache and so they returned. As time passed my son mentioned going to the Red Lobster in Peoria for lunch.  I really didn’t want to go as the weather was beginning to frighten me a bit. No tornado watches or warnings had been issued for our area so finally we left for Red Lobster.

This was divine intervention.  We had just been seated at Red Lobster when our waitress told us there had been a tornado in Pekin.  The rest of the day and the weeks to come were chaotic.



So many homes on my street were damaged.  They have all finally been rebuilt.  My kitchen window was blown out and for weeks after I found shards of glass in my kitchen and living room.

If my son and his friend hadn’t returned that Sunday morning I would have been in the kitchen preparing my lunch at the time the tornado struck.

Today, one year later I am getting ready to leave for my radiation treatment.  After this morning I will have 7 treatments left.  I appreciate all of your kind thoughts and prayer.




Friday, November 7, 2014

What it is like for me….

I get up each morning at 5AM.  I have the first morning appointment in radiation  each week day morning.  Most days I am taken in on time but some days like this morning I am taken in a bit early.  Today was my 18th appointment, I have 12 treatments left.

The reason I get up early is so  we can leave home by 7AM.  This enables us to  get a parking spot in front of the building where the radiation is done.  First thing when I get up each morning I take a tablespoon of a compound prescription and swish it around in my mouth and then swallow it.  This is to coat my tongue and throat that has been burned by the radiation,  I have to wait 15 minutes for the numbing to start.  I then can swallow my meds which feel like rocks that I am swallowing.  In the interim I make my bed and get dressed.  By this time the 15 minutes are up I take my meds and eat a bowl of cream of wheat.

I have lost some more weight (3 lbs last week) but I am not in the danger zone yet. I am forcing myself to eat as I declined the feeding tube.  It takes a long time to get a cup of soup down.  The blender has been a blessing.  Bean with bacon soup has been a staple as is cream of chicken and mashed potatoes.

Yesterday I saw an associate of my beloved Dr. McGee (my radiation oncologist).  Very nice looking young man but not nearly as nice as Dr. McGee.  I finally asked the question that I have been afraid to ask, what is my prognosis?  This Dr. M said Dr. McGee  would have to tell me but he did say my radiation has been very aggressive and they do have good results with it.

My daughter has cheerfully taken  me each day and missing part of her work day on Wednesday.  Thank you Marcia.

Thank you to Nana Diana for the prayer blog she did for me.  Such a wonderful caring lady.

I am not intending this blog to be a complaint.  I am just saying what my day is like now.  God has been good to me and I am ever thankful.



Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have finished 10 of the 30 radiation treatments.  The radiation is directed to my neck and head so they are pretty tough.  The worst side effects are to my mouth.  It is raw inside.  I have been given a compound prescription that is helping a bit, numbing my mouth  and throat so that it is easier for me to swallow meds.  Eating is difficult but I have resisted having a feeding tube inserted.  So far I haven’t lost a disastrous amount of weight.  Sadly I don’t have any extra weight to fall back on.

The radiation frizzes (burns) my hair so I look like the bride of Frankenstein. I can live with these side effects if it kills the cancer.  I will not choose to go through treatment a 3rd time though.

I think about all of you often.  I just don’t have the energy to visit you all.  Most of my time is spent just getting through  each day.  I have the good Lord to thank for helping me to do that.

Stay safe and be happy!!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Until later….

I have been trying to keep up with you all but it has been difficult.  I am not getting the energy back like I did before.  I am getting ready to start the radiation (on the 13th I think).   The radiation will be on my neck and throat and I have been told by the doctor that there are a lot of bad side effects.

I have decided not to blog at all for the next few months.  I am praying that I will feel better when this is all done.  I won’t forget any of you.  I am so grateful for the prayers and kind thoughts you have sent my way since 2005.  May God Bless you all!