It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The day after…

a very long day.  Yesterday was a super long day.  I have been having some bad side effects to 2 new meds that I was taking so the morning was spent waiting for the nurse to call me.  The afternoon was spent at 2 appointments and I didn’t get home till almost 6:30 PM.  Nothing like Peoria traffic after dark.  On the way home we stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a new med that the nurse I had spoken to in the morning had ordered.  You guessed it, on my allergy list.  Now I have to waste the morning waiting for a return call.  On the bright side I have been given the OK to start working out again.  Starting very slowly at 5 minutes per day for a few days and then working up to 10 minutes and then on up to my regular 30.  No lifting weights for awhile though.  And that is my gossipy rant for today.

I am over my little  aggravated spell.  One of my bogging friends suggested that perhaps the person was having a bad day and not feeling well.  I have bad days myself so I took that into consideration and I forgive him.  Thank you all for the supporting comments.  Twin and Bro, it is good to know you have my back!  Love you all.

I am trying to think of something to make for a cookie exchange.  It has to be 3 dozen of something divided into 6 portions and packaged separately.  A lovely lady from my daughter’s church hosts this.  Any ideas for me as I would like to make something special.


A photo from last year’s cookie exchange.  My favorite thing there was divinity which I love.

Have to close this off now as I have to call the doctor’s office again and tell them about this new med that I have no intention of even starting.

You all stay safe and be happy!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Is this gossip?

I was told in a rather snarky (critical, cutting, testy) way today  by an acquaintance, that my blog was nothing but gossip.  Well, that is OK if someone thinks my blog is gossip.  Sticks and stones and that old saying, you know.  My blog is special to me and has been for over 6 years.  I refer to it as my online diary, and even though it may be only gossip to some, to me it is not.  So, here it is, straight from me to you, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.  Just sayin.’

There now, I bet you all are thinking, is this our little always nice Beth writing this post or is this an impostor?  Nah, it is me saying exactly what I am thinking.  Comment anyone??


Cyber Monday?

I don’t think so.  I ordered a purse from an online company last summer and since then I have been inundated with catalogs of every size and description.   At least my mailbox isn’t empty anymore.  LOL  Seriously, when I buy something I like to look at it to determine if I really want it.  Unfortunately the purse I ordered was not at all what I expected it to be.  I called the company and they would be happy for me to return it but I would have to package it up and pay return shipping costs on it.  The more I thought about it the more I thought what the heck, put it in the closet and there it has been staring at me every time I open my closet door.  NO! no Cyber Monday for me.

A dreary gray November day checking in right this very minute at 34 degrees, to get into the 40s later today.  Rain in the forecast and perhaps some snow for tomorrow.  You would think my Florida relatives would invite me to come for a visit. 

I have quite a few telephone calls to make this morning so this is a very short post.  I hope you all have a very peaceful week.  Stay safe and be happy!!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another one of those days…

rainy with the temp checking in at 54 degrees to be dropping all afternoon with the rain turning to light snow.  I am not ready for this!!  Winter go away.

I made it to the K-Mart this morning.  And, yes, you guessed it, I brought some more things for Christmas.  I keep saying I am done and then I turn right around and buy something else.  I need somebody to stop me.  LOL  I still have 2 birthday presents to buy, one Dec 23 and the other Dec 24.  I think those will be money as they are both hard to buy for.

Thanksgiving was very nice.  I enjoyed the time spent with my son in law’s family.  Several little kids there this year, so that was nice.  The food was delicious.


My son in law’s brother holding his grandson.  Click to make larger.

Not much else to write about today.  I hope you all are enjoying a peaceful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I will try to get a quick post on here.  My internet service has been up and down all day yesterday.  I had my modem reset 4 times yesterday and when I turned the computer off last night the internet was down again.  I am having a service call tomorrow evening.  Very aggravating.

I was reading in the paper this morning the many things that readers had written in that they were thankful for.  Really made me feel small when I read some of them.  I have many things to be thankful for!

I am thankful for my family, for the love and devotion they show me.  I am especially thankful for my sis Rae and her husband who will stay on the telephone for however long it takes to get me cheered up.  I am thankful for each new day that the good Lord grants me.  I am thankful for all of you, my blogging family, all around the world who support me in thought and prayer.  Bless you all and a special thanks to my Twin who has been my friend for over 6 years now. 



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby it’s wet outside..

and cold too.  Nasty rainy morning.  I braved the pouring down rain to walk the few feet to the laundry room.  I have two loads done.  Next thing on the agenda is a visit to the car dealership as the big part of the taillight on the passenger side of my car is burned out.  When it rains it pours.

I liked the doctor I saw yesterday.  He explained everything to me in a language I could understand.  I am not a candidate for one procedure.  He went on to explain what I need to look forward too in the near future.  I won’t go into that as it is very depressing.  In fact I am putting all thoughts of doctors and meds and all of that stuff in the far corner of my mind until next week.  Nothing but happy thoughts for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with happy times and lots of love.  Stay safe!!



Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time for an update…

I saw another doctor yesterday and had my meds changed again.  I am praying that they work as I am really getting worn out from this merry go round.  Monday I see an electrophysiologist. This is a new doctor for me as I had never heard of this field before.  I am praying a lot and just living one day at a time to see what happens.  Then that is my last doctor appointment until the 29th when I have 2 on the same day.  Then on Dec 1, dentist, Dec 2 doctor and Dec 16 my primary care physician then on Dec30 another appointment..  I hope Medicare doesn’t go broke before the end of the year.

Nothing much new happening here.  I have been invited to go with my daughter and son in law to  my SIL’s brother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I am to take a pumpkin pie and whipped topping which will be an easy thing to do.  My daughter is taking hot rolls and macaroni and cheese.  Mike’s sister in law is a very good cook so I am really looking forward to that. 

It is in the 40s here this morning and clammy outside as if it wants to rain.  I found that out when I went next door to do a load of laundry.

There is another Christmas Bazaar at one of the churches today.  I am trying to decide if I want to go or not.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another chilly day…

but at least the sun is shining and that counts for a lot.  My daughter and I were out and about this morning.  First to the post office, then to Morton to Farm ‘ Fleet, then to fill the car with gas, then to Food Depot, to Burger King for a fish sandwich and home. 

I have another doctor appointment tomorrow morning.  These appointments are really taking their toll on me.  But I am tough so I will keep on keeping on.

I found out what was happening in my front yard.  They tore up the new grass all around the yard, put in some pretty good sized pipe, replanted the grass seed and re-covered it with straw.  Inquiring minds want to know why they didn’t do this before they planted all of that grass seed the first time.  Just sayin.’

I have purchased all things needed for holiday baking.  I will do it a little bit at a time and keep in the freezer which happens to be the trunk of my car.  Hey! that is another thing I miss, my big freezer.  Winking smile  I sent my sis a fruitcake this morning priority mail.  When the clerk asked if I wanted the package stamped perishable I told her yes, that there was a fruit cake in there.  She laughed  out loud and said that she thought that fruit cakes never perish.  Now that wasn’t very nice of her was it?

I will try and give an update after my doctor visit tomorrow.  This doctor is a BP specialist and heaven knows that is what I need right now.

You all hang in there, the weekend is just a day away.  Stay safe and be happy!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday and off again..

to another doctor appointment.  This one here in town so I can go by myself.

It is a beautiful morning checking in right now at 39 degrees.  It is to reach the upper 50s this afternoon,

Something is being done to my front yard yesterday and today.  I have no idea what.  I did notice the stuff they threw in the front yard last night cut a path into the new dirt and grass.  Still no leaf raking and I was told by one of the maintenance guys that the leaves are never raked here.  The corner house across the street is getting a new roof put on today.  My driveway has been really busy.



I was selected for an award  by  Thanks!  I am to tell 7 things about myself and choose 15 people to award this to.  This is a hard thing to do so I would ask that any of my blogging friends that wants this award to please take it to share on your blog along with a 7 thing tell all.  lol


Seven things about me that I am sure you already know.

  1. I was born in Missouri in a log cabin.
  2. I grew up in Western Illinois.
  3. I had 4 sisters and 3 brothers.  Only 2 are still living, a younger brother and a younger sister.
  4. I married the love of my life, Jim.  We had 50 wonderful years together before he died in 2006.
  5. I love people, I can usually find something to like about most people I meet.
  6. I love living.
  7. And most importantly of all, I have a great faith in God, that he will walk beside me and guide me in the right direction.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wind advisory and Christmas Bazaars…

A wind advisory is in effect for today with warm gusting winds.  It is 54 degrees this morning and climbing.  I really am not fond of the way the weather flip flops here in autumn in central Illinois.  This all means of course that another cold front will be coming through soon with rain and colder temperatures.

Yesterday I set the alarm so that I could get an early start  to the  Christmas Bazaars.  The first one was at the First United Methodist Church.  It was very nice.  There were lots of homemade goodies for sale.  Homemade noodles, etc.  Lots of homemade angel food cakes I was told by the ladies that were made with the egg whites left from making the noodles.  I purchased a huge peppermint angel food cake.  It is delicious.  These cakes were priced at only $5.  The pies were 8 inch and were priced at $10.  No pie for me, only the cake.  Then I moved on to the Miller Senior Center where I found nothing to tempt me; moving on to the Assembly of God Church where I found some darling little Christmas things.  I won’t mention what these are.  And that was it!  by this time I was starting to get tired so I came home.  All in all, a very nice morning.

This morning I am not doing much.  I have some beef cubes on cooking to make beef and noodles.  I shouldn’t have the beef but I have been hungry for beef and noodles so I thought what the heck, fix yourself some beef and noodles.

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend.  Stop by if you are traveling through Central Illinois for a piece of peppermint angel food cake and a cup of tea.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Look, snow happened in my home town…


“Paxton saw its first snowfall of the season around 3:30 p.m. Thursday, although there was no measurable accumulation.”  Photo from the Paxton Record.

This is what was happening in my hometown yesterday.  I think I am feeling a tiny bit nostalgic.  LOL  Not for snow, never for snow, but the thought ran through my mind that In 50 years I have driven up and down that main street thousands of times.  But then, you can never go home again.   I feel like that poor little robin walkin’ to Missouri, got a tear drop in my eye.

I didn’t do much today, a load of laundry and then a visit to Aldi’s and to Kroger where I purchased a ham and turkey for  the freezer.  I found out  last year that the turkeys are not on sale around here at Christmas, only at Thanksgiving time.  I will plan a big meal for when my son comes home next month.

My daughter and son in law took me out for supper tonight to the Rendezvous in Creve Coeur.  I had shrimp and it was very good.  Thanks guys!

Just an update to let you all know I am here, tipping my hat to all of the veterans, old and young, and thanking them for the sacrifices they make serving our country.  Have a peaceful weekend.  stay safe and be happy!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cold and Windy…

What a change in the weather.  In the 50s yesterday morning and in the upper 20s this morning.  I hate to go out in the cold but I will have to soon to get my car warmed up for my doctor appointment.

Yesterday was blustery and cold.  My anticipated family came from Wisconsin.  We had lunch and a nice visit.  Marcia came by after work.  My great, great niece is adorable. She is beautiful.  I am thinking the Christmas outfit will be too big but maybe next year. 


Grandma,Grandpa, sweet baby and mommy.



12:30 PM.  I am home from the doctor.  I had an EKG and the result of that is I have to see another specialist about a procedure that I have never heard of.  I have 6 doctor appointments scheduled now before the end of the year, plus a dental appointment.  Each time I see a doctor I get something new tacked on.  If I wasn’t an intelligent woman I would be tempted to sit right down and bawl.  Since I am an intelligent person I realize that even though I don’t like it, I know that I need to do these things.  I am trying to keep my spirits up as the holiday season is approaching.  I was told again no working out until after I get through with all of this stuff.

After I saw the doctor I went by and picked up my daughter and we did a little shopping and had the soup and sandwich special at Avanti’s.

Now I am pooped again, so I will rest this afternoon.  You all stay safe and be happy!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


and the rain is pouring down.  I have been busy though.  I dashed next door to do laundry, then on out in the rain to the grocery store.  Now it is 10AM and I am pooped.  Probably worn out is the correct phrase, but no. to be quite honest, I am pooped.

I need to get rested up as there are 4 Christmas Bazaars scheduled for Saturday here in town.  I plan to start out early and hit them all if my energy holds out.  My daughter has a dental appointment so I will have to go alone. 

Then Thursday I have a morning appointment with the cardiologist.  Not looking forward to that.  I am really tired of wearing the heart monitor.  I only have 19 more days till I can take it off.  Whoopee!!!

Not much to comment on today so I guess I will close and remind you all to stay safe and be happy.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yesterday…Christmas Bazaar

I went to the Christmas Bazaar at the hospital with my daughter.  It was a lot of fun.  Lots of beautiful things and some Vera Bradley bags and totes that were really tempting.  I could not make myself part with $100 or more for one.  I did find this adorable Christmas outfit for my great great niece. 

Guessing at the size was not easy as I have never seen her before. I think that they will be coming to visit me this week. I am looking forward to that.


In one of the hospital parking lots I saw this gorgeous rose bush.  I guess one might think this is summer’s last hurrah.


Then on the way home we stopped at the high school so that I could take a pic of a beautiful tree still in full color with all of its leaves.


The tree below is in my daughter’s back yard.


and the last pic is of the tree across the street from my daughter and son in law’s house.


I was really amazed that after the big rain that we had on Thursday that some of the leaves are still hanging on and the colors are so pretty.

That is part of my picture taking over the weekend.  Do stay safe and be happy!


Friday, November 4, 2011

The day after the big rain..

Good morning everybody.  I am still kicking, no thanks to some of the medical profession.  I am finally on a different med.  My BP is running high with this but I shudder at the thought of calling the doctor’s office again.  We are just a number and a paycheck to them and sad to say not one doctor in a hundred actually gives a piddleyfart about your well being.  Jim and I once had a doctor  that cared.  I will even go so far as to name this doctor.  His name was Dr. Barnett and he was a gastroenterologist  who also took other patients.  His patient load (I read this in the paper after he moved out of state) was over 3000.  This never stopped him from giving you the time needed in an office call.  I remember when I had pneumonia in 1998 at Christmas time.  I had been feeling tough for a week or so and had gone to see the doctor.  I had a chest X-ray and the radiologist had informed the doctor that my lungs were clear.  One week later I was in the hospital fighting for my life, the doctors not finding an antibiotic that would work.  I can remember  this doctor bellowing at the top of his lungs about the person that had read the previous X-ray.  This doctor once told Jim and me that we were ‘the cream of the crop.’  Now I have doctors that are afraid of stepping on each other’s toes and cover each others back.

Whew, that was a long rant!  lol

It poured rain all day yesterday.  I got out to the grocery stores and to the bank and got totally soaked.  Not a good hair day at all Twin.  Some parts of this area received about 5 inches of rain. Sure glad that wasn’t snow or freezing rain.

It is nice this morning.  The sun is shining and it is 36 degrees right now to warm up to the mid 50s.

The weekend is here.  I hope you all have something great planned.  Do stay safe and be happy!  Thank you all again for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seems never ending…

Yesterday was really messed up.  I called my doctor’s office to speak to the nurse about the med that is giving me all of this trouble.  This was at 8:30 in the morning.  they called me back at 4:50PM to tell me that because this one doctor didn’t write the prescription I would have to go through the one that did.  Too late in the day so I had to call this morning.  I thought it was all straightened out until I picked up the med from the pharmacy.  The instructions on the bottle were not what the nurse had told me to take.  Now I am in the hold mode waiting for the nurse to get back to me to clarify that.  By the time all of this piddleyfarting is done my BP will be sky high. 

Without the offending med I have felt pretty good today although exasperated.  I am pretty sure that is the word I am meaning to say although torqued or p’d off might also describe the way I am feeling. Not my usual pleasant self and that is a fact.

Putting all of the misery aside, it is a lovely day; the sun is shining and it has warmed up to 65 degrees right now and I thank God I am here to enjoy it.

I tasted the fruit cake and it is really good.  Anyone that wants a piece, stop by.  Not you bro, cause I know you don’t like it.  And my real little bro is doing pretty well.  He is in therapy, hoping to regain his lost memory.  This is especially hard for him as he was very active in his church and local groups and also taught a driver’s ed class for AARP.  Rae got an excellent report from her surgery as did my daughter for her colonoscopy.

This is just an update, nothing much to write about.  If I feel good tomorrow I plan another walk in the cemetery.  I hope this week is being good to you all.  stay safe and be happy!!