It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, November 4, 2011

The day after the big rain..

Good morning everybody.  I am still kicking, no thanks to some of the medical profession.  I am finally on a different med.  My BP is running high with this but I shudder at the thought of calling the doctor’s office again.  We are just a number and a paycheck to them and sad to say not one doctor in a hundred actually gives a piddleyfart about your well being.  Jim and I once had a doctor  that cared.  I will even go so far as to name this doctor.  His name was Dr. Barnett and he was a gastroenterologist  who also took other patients.  His patient load (I read this in the paper after he moved out of state) was over 3000.  This never stopped him from giving you the time needed in an office call.  I remember when I had pneumonia in 1998 at Christmas time.  I had been feeling tough for a week or so and had gone to see the doctor.  I had a chest X-ray and the radiologist had informed the doctor that my lungs were clear.  One week later I was in the hospital fighting for my life, the doctors not finding an antibiotic that would work.  I can remember  this doctor bellowing at the top of his lungs about the person that had read the previous X-ray.  This doctor once told Jim and me that we were ‘the cream of the crop.’  Now I have doctors that are afraid of stepping on each other’s toes and cover each others back.

Whew, that was a long rant!  lol

It poured rain all day yesterday.  I got out to the grocery stores and to the bank and got totally soaked.  Not a good hair day at all Twin.  Some parts of this area received about 5 inches of rain. Sure glad that wasn’t snow or freezing rain.

It is nice this morning.  The sun is shining and it is 36 degrees right now to warm up to the mid 50s.

The weekend is here.  I hope you all have something great planned.  Do stay safe and be happy!  Thank you all again for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. So sorry your having such troubles with the doctor. I must say I like mine. She cares, is thorough and is not afraid to tell you not to take something another doctor told you too if it doesn't work.

  2. I hear you about doctors not really caring...I've had only one who really stands out in my mind---Dr. Scheideman, who replaced my knee a few years ago. He was genuinely concerned and thrilled when I recovered so fast and well! Thanks Doc! It's all about insurance companies now days. There was frost on the pumpkin this morning---down in the low 30's---brrrr.!

  3. I have led a pretty healthy life but I did on occasion find myself in the revolving door that they call a walk in clinic. I had a terrible lung infection where the coughing actually cracked or broke a rib. I called in and because it was healthy heart week or some such thing they wanted to bring me in for an, no. I spent over a month in agony before coming around at last...I'm thankful I didn't have to depend on them in a life threatening situation. I pray you find a happier and healthier situation soon my friend.

  4. I have has a bad lucky with the doctors at recently because my old doctors moving to other suburbs two years ago now I have a good doctors but he has been busy with a lots of patients and it is not good when you need to see him always book out.(book for a week ahead).
    The last November 2010, I went to see the new doctors and he can follow my history from the computer.
    I still remember a good old day that all doctors are kind and you can reliable with them.
    We going to have hot over 30C and two days ago only 15C.
    Please take care my dear friend.
    Please take care!

  5. Hi Beth,

    I am losing faith a bit in doctor's also, but trusting the Great Physician. Hope you will be better soon.

    Have a good weekend. Hugs Nita.

  6. When you've had a really good doctor who cares about you as a human being it is hard to go to doctors who treat you like a number. Well, I hope your meds are straightened out and your BP goes down. If you need to go in, it's true, you just have to bite the bullet. I don't want anything to happen to you.

    Have a good weekend. We're supposed to get into the 50s today and tomorrow, too. Enjoy the nice weather! :):)

  7. Oh Twin...thank goodness you blogged though as I said, I knew you were kicking cause you cmmented my (her) blogs. I am SO sorry that this misery is still going on..Lord, please have mercy.

    We had some bad hair days here too. Rain and wind. Unbeatable for making your hair look like a brillo pad. And you know me..

    Erich here tonight till sometime tomorrow. Washing machine is churning. :-)))

    Love and hugs dear sweet girl!

  8. The medical profession is going downhill these days, even the pills they have are causing even more problems there's just so many side effects with everything you take.... You'll eventually need to sort the blood pressure pills out, so I wish you luck with this....

  9. I would call the doctor's office and not shutter dang it. I want you feeling good. Getting soaked is not a good thing. I hope you have a nice weekend my friend.

  10. Hi Beth, it gives weight to the post I put up about doctors a week or so ago. I am sorry that you're in the middle of an indifferent experience at their hands.
    As Nancy said getting soaked is not a good thing especially when you're not in the best of health, I hope it improves soon. for all of you. Take care and have a better week-end. X

  11. Blessings....
    Please take care and take heart. I know its difficult sometimes dealing with these doctors. I always wonder why they become doctors in the first place as its a profession of choice.

    I love the rain, no matter the challenge, perhaps because i have great memories of rain falls plus we lived on hills so most of the disasters passed us.

    stay blessed and remember though you may encounter people that will seem and behave indifferent they do not determine your worth, God does.


  12. Sadly there are doctors who are just in it for the money. I guess they didn't take their vows very seriously. Years ago a Doc wanted to diagnose my son as an epileptic even after running several tests with negative results. I ended up firing him and took him to another doc who agreed with me. He's never had a problem since. So I understand your frustrations.

  13. Sis I sure hear you on your rant.. I have been lucky to have about 4 doctors in my life that really cared. Now days there isn't one that I can name that gives a crap. Everyone here stated that money is at the route of the whole thing. Sure seems that way. Hopefully your BP will drop if you are able to get out and walk and watch the diet. Today is sunny here..we have been lucky too to have some cool and nice days with no rain or that bad white stuff. Hope your weekend is a good one. Love ya! :-)

  14. Hi Beth
    So sorry to hear that things aren't going any better for you!And getting upset isn't helping it any either,and the docs should know that.We in Canada have goverment health,but the doctors are pethetic.So I guess it's like that all over.My husband always says a vet does better than the doctors,an animal can't even describe where it hurts,humans at least can do that!!!
    Hugs Margaret

  15. Blessings and hugs. It seems like so much in America is screwed up and there is little we can do about it. But you have many friends who care. I think you need a different medical center. A friend once told me to ask a nurse who works with them whom they would take their family to if they are ill. We had a wonderful doctor for 18 years and then she got promoted to be over all the doctors in a huge system. We really miss her, but so far the new one we selected seems good. Take care and know we care. from Bertie

  16. I sure hope you can get some help and some good answers if you can find a smart one. Personally I think the nurses know more about the meds. I also wonder if some of these DR's barely made it through school. I'm still catching up here.


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