It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A bump in the road…

I saw my cardiologist yesterday afternoon for clearance from him for my surgery.  No signing off from him until I pass another stress test and have an ultrasound of the carotid arteries.  So frustrating.  I have the ultrasound Monday morning and the stress test on Wednesday morning.  This doctor is a stress test freak.  I have had so many stress tests since I have been seeing him for the last 3 years.  Too many to count on one hand.  Just a little bump in the road.  I am tough though and I am going to make it.  I am wearing my t-shirt this morning that says “Never Underestimate the Power of this Woman.”

Things got better last evening though.  My nephew Mike and his wife Celeste stopped by on their way to sightsee in Springfield to see me.  What a very nice treat!!  My daughter and son in law came over too and we all went to Kouri’s  for supper.    I had catfish, coleslaw, corn on the cob and a baked potato.  We all had a nice visit and then Mike and Celeste went back to Springfield to spend the night and do some more sightseeing today

Thursday night I had the opportunity to speak with an old blogging friend  from the Boston area.  It was great!  I have spoken to quite a few of my blogging friends throughout my blogging  years (2005 till the present) but I have only met 2 of them.  One of them Patsy, from West Virginia and the other one was Stephen from East Peoria which is right down the road from me.  Quite a few of my blogging friends have been with me from the beginning.

My sis in WV Rae scanned me 18 photos a couple of nights ago.  These were old photos that my mom had in a picture frame.  One of the photos is of all of my sisters including me.  I love those old pictures Rae.  I hope you find some more.

Ebby,Chris,Corie,Rae, Beth 001 (2)

From left to right.  Sisters, Ebby, Chris, Corrie, Rae and Beth.  Not really sure of the date of this picture although it must have been taken right before I met Jim as I have on an old boyfriend’s class ring.  And I see I had my hair blonde on the top and sides.

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catching up…

I was up early (6 AM) this morning and at the local hospital for lab for 3 different doctors.  Then my daughter and I went to Bob Evans for breakfast.  Nothing exciting, just the country biscuit breakfast.  Then we stopped by Food Depot on the way home for groceries.  It was pouring down rain on us all of the while we were trying to unload groceries.  It is still raining.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with the radiation oncologist and also the dentist who will make impressions of the guards that will fit over my teeth.  Friday afternoon I have an appointment with my cardiologist (aka Dr. God).  I am hoping it will be nice Friday morning so I can check out a garage sale or two.

Then in July I have 2 more appointments before my hospital date.  I am just wanting to get this all done as it is wearing me down a bit.

Thank you all for your comments and prayers.



Saturday, June 22, 2013

Divine Intervention…

Do you believe in Divine Intervention?  I do!

~ Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by a Deity's active involvement in the human world. ~

I had Divine Intervention when I put my house up for sale in March 2010.  My house sold in 5 days in a little town where one or two houses on each city block was up for sale.  I sold my home to be close to my daughter never realizing for one minute that my health would begin to decline rapidly.

And when I went for my appointment at the beauty salon the end of May my beautician (Terry ) asked me how I was doing.  While I was fighting back tears I told her I had cancer.  She and I talked a bit about it and when I was ready to leave Terry gave me a hug.  She asked me to write down my telephone  number because another one of her clients was in remission from the same type of cancer that I had.   Divine Intervention.

I received a call from Sally a few days after I had my first visit with the oncologist. We talked on the phone for a long time.  Divine Intervention again.  I met Sally for lunch at Avanti’s.  She brought me a book to read titled ‘Life, on the Line’ written by Grant Achatz.  Mr. Achatz suffered from the same type of cancer that Sally had and I now have.  It appears to me from reading the book that he had the same type of treatment that has been prescribed for me.

Sally is a miracle in my life.  Her story is my inspiration.

life on the line

Then this morning I went to the Genealogical Society’s annual garage sale and I found this:


‘Reflections From the Heart of God” a devotional Bible for women illustrated by Thomas Kinkade and heart reflections by Nanette Kinkade.

And now do you believe in Divine Intervention?  I do.  I so needed to find something to help me get through the next few weeks.

May God Bless you all.  Stay safe and be happy!!  I am so grateful for your kind thoughts and prayers.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Appointments set…

I have finally got all of my pre-op appointments set  up.  I will have an in hospital stay of 3 or 4 days for surgery to remove lymph nodes and radiation next month on the 23rd.  Then 2 weeks later I will go in hospital again for more radiation treatments. Thank you again for all of your prayers.

I saw the oncologist here in town yesterday.  I am now in the hands of the radiation oncologist and the surgeon in Peoria.  Still I have to do follow-up visits with all of the doctors.  My opinion of quite a few  of the doctors has slid downhill lately.  We are just a number to them and they even have a problem remembering your name.  I will miss you Dr.  D.


It has been very hot and summerlike here the past few days even though  Summer doesn’t officially arrive for a few days.  I am trying to keep up with my housework and dealing with some ants on the outside.  I was informed by maintenance that it was my responsibility to take care of that problem.  My water heater sprung a leak on Saturday morning and I was without hot water until yesterday morning.  That didn’t help my mood any. 

But the flowers I planted around the light pole at the end of the driveway look pretty good despite the squirrels digging in them.


And across the driveway my neighbor Barb planted a marigold arrangement around her light pole.


If you click on the pictures they will be larger.

My niece in West Virginia and her husband renewed their wedding vows last weekend.  I heard from all accounts that it was beautiful.  I wish I could have been there.  Congrats to John and Dee.

Dee and John June 15, 2013 045 cutting cake

Dee and John cutting their cake.

rae hugh barb matt

My niece, Barbara Jo, my BIL, my sis Rae and Barbara Jo’s son Matt.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  I am going to try to visit all of you today.


Thursday, June 13, 2013


I received a form letter from my Nephrologist Dr. Dreyer.  This doctor has managed my blood pressure and kidney disease for the length of time I have been here (3 years).  I have the highest regard for Dr. Dreyer.  I have so very many doctors but this man has been my favorite doctor.  The letter went on to state that he would be leaving the practice here as of August 1st.  But to go even farther to tell you what kind  of doctor he is he finished his letter with “You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you.  Take care and God Bless.”  And then a handwritten note at the bottom of the page, “ I will miss you.  Dr. D.”

Now, Dr. D. is the only doctor I have ever had who could pat me on the arm, call me dear, tell me not to worry and I would feel better.  I will miss you Dr. D.  I could think of 3 or 4 of my doctors that  I wouldn’t have minded a bit if they left.  lol

I have been extremely busy, yesterday at the dentist for most of the morning getting a full mouth x-ray teeth cleaning and doctor exam.  Tomorrow I see an ear, nose, throat doctor.  Then on Monday I see the oncologist here in town.  I will have more lab work tomorrow too.

I am extremely tired and my mind is all filled with what lies ahead for me.  I will be posting sporadically until this all gets underway.  I don’t have much energy to read your posts and I am sorry about that.  Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.


Monday, June 10, 2013


I saw the radiation oncologist today.  It was not as bad as I had feared.  I will be having some dental work done and then a couple of 3 day stays in OSF in Peoria for a totally different kind of radiation treatment.  When I find out  more I will let you all know.  In the meantime I appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers.



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sunny Saturday…

It is bright sunshine here in Central Illinois this morning checking in at 56 degrees.  We do have rain predicted for tomorrow  but no rain in sight today.  I actually had to water my one remaining tomato plant yesterday,  I  also had to water the petunias I planted around the light pole.  The squirrels had dug up two of them.  I think squirrels are  entertaining to watch but they are ornery creatures too.  I miss my flower beds from home at this time of year.

26may_09 004

26may_09 005

Some of my flowers from home.  I brought 2 of the hen and chickens with me and they are doing well.

I have a new great great niece  (called Lizzie)  She is a tiny little thing at 4 pounds.  Her mommy has gone through a very rough patch but she is doing better now.

lizzard 005

We all love you Lizzie and mommy!

Have a peaceful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

The next day…

The Pet Scan went well.  What should have been a two hour event turned into a 4 hour event because of an emergency.

I finally was taken into a room where the technician took my blood sugar.  It was 87.  You can’t have the test unless your blood sugar reading is between 60 and 250.  Next came a shot of radioactive sugar through an IV.  Then I was told to rest flat on my back in a recliner for 1 hour.  I was nervous before I went in the room but as I lay there thinking of my family and my friends and the prayers I suddenly became calm.  I could feel the presence of God on my right side and Jim on my left side.  Whatever the results are of the test I know that I will be strong enough to handle it.  Thank you all so much for the prayers and kind thoughts.  They are such a comfort to me.

I am doing laundry this morning.  It is cloudy at 59 degrees and there is rain all around us in the western part of the state.  We have a 40% chance.  After I finish the laundry I need to make a store run.  I am out of bananas and a few other things.

I hope you all have a blessed day.  Stay safe and be happy!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pet Scan Preparation…

The sun is shining brightly today and it is to reach the lower 70s for the high.

I am following the rules for the day before the Pet Scan tomorrow.  I am to do no heavy lifting, exercising or taking a long walk.  I can eat meat, (most any kind if it is cooked plain) hard cheese, butter and a couple of different kinds of veggies.  No sauce, cereal, pasta, milk, bread, sugar or candy.  I am very  apprehensive about this test and I am praying a lot.  I have to leave early in the morning and I am dreading it.

Not much to talk about this morning.  I won’t know the results of the scan until I see the radiation oncologist next Monday.

Saying ‘Hi” to Paul and Arlene who are on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.  I hope you guys are having a wonderful time and taking lots of pictures.

Stay safe and be happy!!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lovely surprise…

Yesterday afternoon I had a visit from Rex and Sandi, old friends from home.  What a nice surprise to see them.  Rex was wearing his St Louis Cardinal t-shirt.  I had on my pink ILLINI t-shirt and Sandi was just her beautiful self.  We discussed how well our Cardinals were doing and how bad our UI team had done.  I had Sandi look through my CDs and take some home with her.  She had a nice sack full when she was finished.

4 july 2005 010

Rex and Sandi 4th of July 2005

4 july 2005 008

Jim and Rex on the 4th of July 2005


As some of you know I had well over 1000 CDs when I decided to do some cleaning out of them.  I sent the Elvis CDs to Wisconsin and Anne Murray to southern Illinois.  I gave away some to my daughter’s friends and some to Good Will.  I haven’t even made a dent in them.  Of course my Jones CDs are not displayed for the public.  lol

It has just rained and rained and rained until I am sick of it.  I had planted 2 tomato plants in pots and the last big downpour floated one of my tomato plants away.  Last year the sun baked them and this year the rain drowned them.  Oh well, there is always the Farmer’s Market.

Have a peaceful Sunday.  Stay safe and be happy!!