It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Watch out…

the Mayflies are here.  The pesky insects have made their way to central Illinois.  They’re big, they’re gross and they are seemingly everywhere, though not for long.

Now, this is a new one for me.  I have never lived close to water before. (I live not far from the Illinois River now.)  “The inch long insects have started their annual mating season along the Illinois River and other bodies of water.”  They will lay their eggs on top of the river and other bodies of water in the coming weeks and will die soon after.


I am not a fan of insects although I realize that most insects play an important role in the scheme of things.  Actually this gross fly does too.  The bugs are used across the country to judge the cleanliness of water so seeing them is really a good sign.  I haven’t seen one yet, but since the morning paper warned me that they are here I definitely will be on the lookout for them.  lol

It is another gorgeous morning here, only in the 60s right now.  I have the front screen opened up letting in the cool air while giving the air conditioner a much needed rest.  I have several things I need to do today, starting with cleaning the bathroom.  I am not in the mood for that. In my home before I had two bathrooms, one of them extremely large and I managed to keep them clean.  Now I am just too busy here, getting out and doing new things.  Shoot, in 100 years not one person will give a tiddleypoop if I cleaned my bathroom on 29 June 2010.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Lovely day so far…

even though I can’t get in to my profile or my space or look at a private message on WLS that has been sent to me.  It has been a really nice day until I decided to go back on spaces for a little while.  I really am getting more inclined to tell them goodbye.  My wonderful blogging friends are holding me back.

I purchased a new chair today.  I posted a pic of it on my WLS.  You are all welcome to come and sit in it.  I spent a very nice morning with my daughter and the weather has been above beautiful today.  I didn’t get any mail for the 3rd day in a row so that means I don’t have any bills to pay at the moment.

This is just an update to let you all know that I am among the living (thank God) and I posted a new blog on Spaces today.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Murder down the road…

just 4 miles from me at Creve Coeur an ex-husband killed his wife Thursday night at the Dairy Queen where she was working.  This happened in about a 25 minute span in which a woman and her ex-husband died on opposite sides of the Illinois River.  This represented the tragic end of years of domestic abuse.  (Be sure and click on the link to read the article from the Peoria Journal Star.)

Now you all know that I love a good murder mystery but this happened down the road and off the highway that is just across from me.  I hate Route 29 and I will not get on it unless it is absolutely necessary.  Peoria just observed its 15th murder this year.  This is getting way to close to home for me.  Remember that for the last many years I lived in a small town where our most violent crime was someone urinating on the lamp post downtown.  To say I miss my small town is an understatement.

Today is all set to be another firecracker hot day with temps in the mid 90s and near 100% chance of thunderstorms.  I am not planning much today, just putter around my place.  I may head over to the store in a little while to pick up a couple of things.  Speaking of stores, Kroger is my favorite grocery store in town.  It isn’t in the same class as Meijer but it is large, clean, and with  a very good selection of stuff.  Plus it is only a couple of miles from me.

I hope you are all set to have a great weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho…

it’s off to the garage sales we go.





I picked up my daughter this morning at 8AM and off we went to check out the garage sales.  It was a lot of fun.  I bought a couple of things and my daughter just watched me.  LOL  I love garage sales!!

I inadvertently deleted yesterday’s post with all of the changes I have been making to this site.  My bad!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Retro Post

Monday, unsatisfactory day...

I don't know if being out yesterday was the reason or not, but Jim coughed all of last night. We saw the oncologist today. His white blood count is dangerously low. He will get a shot every day this week to boost it. He can't have visitors and is on antibiotic. This brought his spirits down and he wasn't able to ride around the neighborhood on his Rascal.

Monday was an unsatisfactory day on the Young & the Restless too. I know I have probably mentioned 100 or more times how hooked I am on that soap. I actually get vicious when some major world event interrupts it. When the prez interrupts I get homicidal. LOL Now to get to what is aggravating on Y&R now. They are killing John off and not quickly I might add. He will have to lay in the hospital bed hooked up to life support for days until all of the family is gathered around. John is older than dirt (older than me even) so why couldn't they just let him go quickly and be done with it?? They did the same thing with Cassie about this time last year. Sharon is on a long vacation so they have had her kidnapped. Yes, if this was all I had to worry about life would be wonderful...

Retro Post

August 2006.

Rambling thoughts...
Wednesday, but who's counting...

When I was working we called Wednesday 'hump day' because the work week was half done. Thursday was 'kaka day,' Sure Happy It's Thursday. Of course Friday was T.G.I.F. day. You knew all of these things, didn't you?

When you are retired the days all run together. Especially during illness. I might look at Jim or he look at me and ask what day of the week it is. This year I have lost track of the months of April, May, June, July and now August. Jim has been in the hospital so many times I have lost count. To find out I would have to look in my daily journal that I try to update weekly.

This summer has been extremely hot and dry. Our rain total for June, July and August is about 2 1/2 inches. The grass is turning brown. The flowers are dying, mostly because I haven't kept them watered. Our water bill averages $50 a month for just the two of us. Our neighbors who have kids at home average $100 or more a month for water. This does not include garbage pickup which is $26 a month. Don't believe anyone who says it is cheaper to live in a little bitty town. Not so!!

John is still hanging on via life support on Y&R. As soon as the final family member gets there they will pull the plug. Sharon has been rescued from the kidnappers and Brad killed both kidnappers. Gotta love my soap. This is the only one I watch.

Jim and I head off after lunch to get his shot and a blood count. Sure hope and pray things are looking better for him.

I am typing this through Windows Live Spaces. Download it and try it. I really like it. Thanks Cheryl for telling us about it.

Retro Post


Jim's white count was up yesterday. He had another Procrit shot and we see the doctor again on Monday.


Deep in the heart of every one,
There is a wide frontier,
A vast expanse to overcome,
Beset with toil and tear.

There is no smooth and easy path,
Each one must find their way,
And prove their merit traveling on
With Faith, from day to day.

~ Dovie A. Owens

Retro Post

Today was a better one for Jim. He felt better and the cough seems to be going away. The effects of this chemotherapy have been horrendous. My heart aches when I can't make him feel better.

He felt well enough to ride with me to do a bit of shopping today. I visited the Card Shop where I got just a little bit aggravated. Jim waited for me in the car while I chose several greeting cards. I took them to the front of the store to be checked out. There were 5 clerks there and they were all blowing up orange and blue balloons. I waited about 5 minutes to be checked out; each of the clerks seeing me there but ignoring me. Finally one came up to half-heartedly wait on me. I realize it is more fun blowing up balloons but I had Jim waiting for me in the car and I didn't want to be in the store overnight.

As the clerk was checking me out she started carrying on a conversation with another person. I told her if she felt she was too busy to wait on me just to say so and I would be happy to leave. Thankfully that shut her mouth and she finished ringing up my purchase.

Question: Do young people (this clerk was young) realize when they are being rude? Sadly this is the norm rather than a once in a while happening.

And that is my rant for the day. The students at the UI were moving back on campus this wknd and I imagine the balloons were for a party.

Retro Post

Yesterday was a frustrating trip to see the doctor. Who in the world made doctors think they are God?? Maybe because they hold your life in their hands?

Jim and I wanted some answers to questions. Mostly about his prognosis and some other things. Our questions were not answered we were just given some medical mumble jumble. When we came home yesterday evening we were both in a state of depression. I took an anti-anxiety pill which didn't help at all. Jim just wandered around.

On the plus side his blood count was good. We go back to see this doctor again this afternoon to get results of the chemistry part of the blood test. Whatever the devil that means.

In among all of the medical jumble I think we understood that if that count is ok too then there will probably be more chemo this week.

I went out and tackled the garden this morning. Weeds and all. I picked tomatoes and lima beans. Next week I am going to start pulling up everything as it is all dying because of lack of rain.

Hoping to get by to visit everyone this evening. I will post an update here this evening as to whether we go in the hospital tomorrow or not.

***We found out at the doctor today that Jim's creatin level is elevated and he is low on sodium. He see's a kidney specialist on Thursday.

Retro Post

This morning was great. For a few hours we pretended that everything was as it used to be.

We left in our truck to go garage saling. Jim was driving and I got out and went to the sales. We stopped by Walmart where Jim rode the battery powered chair around and I walked. Then we stopped at the buffet for lunch.

Home again, shortly after noon, Jim was worn out so he lay down for a rest. I went out to the garden to keep busy and not think. I cleaned out all of the inside of the garden. All I have left now are the lima bean vines.

We saw the kidney specialist yesterday. Very nice man (handsome too, I have always thought he was the best looking doctor we have ever come in contact with). He explained a lot of things to us that a couple of other doctors never had. He said that if things progress over the next 3 chemo treatments like they have with this one that Jim probably would end up on dyalisis. He said he talked to the oncologist about alternative meds but was told this bad one was the only one that would kill the lymphoma..That brightened our day. (NOT!) The choice is clear, take the chemo, because if you don't you most likely won't be around to worry about having dyalisis.

We will go on as we have been, living one day at a time and trusting in the Man Upstairs.

Retro Post

Wednesday, home again...
The last few days have been traumatic ones. Jim was hospitalized on Sunday with fluid on his left lung and pneumonia. I just brought him home from the hospital today. But another side effect of the chemo. This puts off his next round of chemo which could be dangerous as the lymphoma will start to grow again.

I returned my new computer from Sam's ( they returned my money with no question) and had the same folks that built my previous computer build me another one. I just got it today so I haven't had access to the internet for the last few days. Sorry to leave everyone without letting you all know. I spent all day long each day at the hospital.

I am very tired. I will be around to visit everyone tomorrow if possible. Thank you all for your comments and prayers.
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Retro Post

While Jim was resting today I spent more time cleaning out the garden. I picked the rest of the lima beans and took down some of the vines. I still have some more work to do there. We finally got some rain so the yard needs mowing. I would like to do it myself as it is good therapy. I will have to sneak out early in the morning to do it or my good samaritan neighbors will beat me to it.

Jim did not feel well today. He is still having pain and we don't know if it is the pneumonia or the lymphoma. His red blood count is low so he is getting procrit shots. I feel so helpless.

Retro Post

We are home from the hospital a few minutes ago. They kept Jim overnight because they used a new drug in the chemo and were watching for any side effects. So far, so good! It had been exactly one year ago when he had his last chemo treatment. We had about 9 months where he felt good and was able to get out and go places. I thank God for that time.

It is very hot here today. 94.5 as I read it. Too hot to do anything outside so I will tackle the watering of the flowers and garden when it is cooler this evening. I wonder if I will be serenaded tonight from 2 doors down. If so, I would request George Jones instead of Charlie Daniels. E., the Nascar/Gordon fan, has decorated for the 4th and has a big sign that says 'honk for freedom' on it in his front yard. I think he puts this sign out and then leaves. That is what he did last year. lol The traffic in our little town is not so heavy that we only hear a horn honk every few minutes. I'll honk for freedom myself!!

Heartfelt thanks to each of you for your comments and your prayers. We love you all! God Bless You!

Retro Post

The roommate, humor in the hospital...
Jim's roommate this hospital stay was a retired environmental psychology professor from the U of I. He was a great guy. His nationality was Japanese. He was on his 10th day in the hospital for pneumonia. When we left to come home yesterday he was still there.

Saturday evening I left the hospital to come home about 8:00PM. Yesterday morning when I arrived back at the hospital the professor was dead serious when he told me that Jim saved his life and he owed him one. I thought what in the world was he talking about.

The professor had been trying over and over for 45 minutes around 11:00 PM the night before to get some help to get him to the bathroom. No one answered his call light. Finally Jim got up, unhooked his own IV drip, went over to the professor's bed, unhooked his different IV drips and helped him into the bathroom. The professor made it just in time. Jim said he heard a big splat the minute he got sat down in the bathroom. I can't help it, I have to laugh when I tell this. Here are these two sick fellows waiting for someone to answer the professor's call light. When no one shows up after 45 minutes, Jim takes matters in his own hands and helps the professor into the bathroom. Just picture it.

When someone finally showed up about 1/2 hour later Jim asked her where she had been. She said the shift was changing. Big deal? Would they have liked to have cleaned up kaka? Anyway, both guys are planning to write about this on the survery that the hospital sends out. Not that it will make one bit of difference.

Retro Post

Update for Jim, Banana Bread, and a new curb, what more could a person want?

Jim is doing well. His voice was gone on Tuesday but it is much better today. He sees the oncologist tomorrow for a blood count. He is on his 5th day of predisone and that makes him hyper and antsy, plus really hungry.

I made Banana Bread today.

1 cup of margarine
2 cups of sugar
4 eggs (cream together with margarine and sugar)
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons soda
4 cups flour (mix the soda and salt in this and set aside)
6 large bananas mashed
1 cup chopped pecans

325 degrees (preheated oven) for 1 hour and 15 minutes in large loaf pans sprayed with Pam. If you use smaller pans as I do it doesn't take as long. Check for doneness with a toothpick. This makes a lot of batter so be sure and use a big enough bowl.

The curb is being poured as I am typing this. Jim has a chair sat up in front of the window where he is eating banana bread and supervising everything.

Life is good today. Thank you God!

Retro Post

Finally, able to post on my space...
I have been trying all day long to post on here. Everytime I try to edit my space my computer locks up.

This afternoon Jim saw his oncologist. His blood count is falling which is normal after chemo. It does put him at risk being around other people though. His sister and niece from Florida are flying here to see us this Wednesday for a few days. On a week from tomorrow (Saturday) we have planned a family get together. Jim's nephew from Wisconsin is planning to be here along with his daughters and their significant others. Also our daughter and son-in-law and our son. I have decided to put a smiley face tag on the front of Jim that says "Please, no hugs, my immune system is down." I am hoping that will work. Your opinion please.

Yesterday, in the midst of my euphoric bread baking the dreaded Japanese beetles defoliated a tree in our front yard, a tree next door and a tree across the street. The trees are totally dead looking. It took a matter of just a few minutes for the beetles to do this. I went outside and looked and there were literally thousands of them eating the foliage on the new tree in our front yard. The tree next door is about 15 years old and it was totally defoliated too. I didn't get a picture because just the sight of it was making me feel sick. Is my poor little garden next??

Retro Post

Stranger to the rain...
This morning it has been pouring rain. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to play "I'm No Stranger to the Rain" by Keith Whitley. This song was one of the biggest hits a poor boy from Kentucky would have. In 1986 he married a rising star, Lorrie Morgan, which turned out to be a big mistake. He died of alcohol poisoning on May 8, 1989.

I digress, my post is not about Keith Whitley. It is about us being in a severe drought in Illinois. The only exception is extreme southern Illinois. So right now I am rejoycing in the rain. We have had less than 1.1 inches of rain from June 1st to this date. You might say we are a "Stranger to the Rain.' So even though I have to grocery shop today in the rain I will be watching my tomatoes, green and lima beans and peppers grow. This is all we have in the garden. I thank our next door neighbor for planting for us. God knew what he was doing when he invented neighbors. What would we do without them?

Jim has not been feeling well the last couple of days. We see the onlcologist tomorrow. I imagine his blood count is dropping.

I spent yesterday cleaning for our expected influx of relatives.

"I'm No Stranger to the Rain."

Retro Post

"If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old."
~ Edgar Watson Howe

We saw the oncologist today. Jim's blood count is down. The doctor cautioned him to be careful around everyone this weekend. He is still not feeling good, but the doctor said he should start feeling better next week as his count rises.

We have received 1 3/4 inches of much needed rain yesterday and today. Hooray. A spin around town showed us that the Japanese beetle ate the leaves of many trees in town. Also on the highway to the doctor's office we noted a lot of tree damage. In the city was widespread damage. I guess the trees will recover but will this happen again every year? I wish that darn beetle was back in Japan where it came from in 1916.

Jim's sister from Florida will be arriving this evening. We are looking forward to seeing her.

Retro Post

Yes, it's Thursday again...
Jim's sister and his neice arrived from Florida yesterday evening. We had a nice visit, then they went to their motel (their preference as they like to sleep late, etc.)

Tomorrow I will start fixing food for Saturday. Right now the menu is hamburgers, brats, baked beans, potato salad, mandarin orange salad, and deviled eggs. Our daughter is bringing pineapple upside down cake and a salad. I requested this as it is my favorite cake. Jim's nephew from Wisconsin is bringing Wisconsin brats and cheese. He says they are better than the brats here. I will take any and all food offerings as it will ease my load a little bit. I was cleaning a drawer the other day and found a recipe for pistachio (Watergate) salad. I found some of the pistachio pudding in the store so I am going to make that. Remember the days of the watergate salad, watergate cake, etc., all made with pistachio pudding? I think that was 100 years ago.


1 PKG (4 SERVING SIZE) Jello Pistachio Flavor Instant Pudding
1 can (20 oz.) crushed pineapple in juice
1 cup minature marshmallows
1/2 cup chopped nuts
1 3/4 cup Cool Whip (purists may use real whipped cream)

Stir pudding mix, pineapple with juice, marshmallows and nuts in large bowl until well blended. Gently stir in whipped topping. Refrigerate at least one hour.

I must get off of the computer. I am fixing roast, carrots, and potatoes for the noon meal. Plus our first picking of green beans from the garden.

Have a good day everyone.

Retro Post

I am totally exhausted tonight.

I made enough potato salad to feed an army (come on over, you are all welcome), I made the green salad, a cherry cheese pie, fixed deviled eggs, etc. I went to Sam's for hamburger patties and to Meijer for buns for the hamburgers and brats. Jim is worn out too.

My son won't be able to come tomorrow. I mentioned before in my previous blog about his dog "Molly" a golden retriever, being diagnosed with cancer about Christmastime last year. She was given 2-3 months to live. She is in her last stages now and he and a friend are taking her to the vet tomorrow, probably for the final time. My heart is so sad for him. He loves Molly so much.

It is going to be so hot here for the next few days. The heat indices (sp?) are to be around 110 degrees. Since we had rain and now the heat the weeds will be so high in my garden. I shall have to mow and weed at 7 AM. That is the time my neighbors all leave for work so that is no problem.

The curb on both sides of the street is finished. There is dust all over everything out front from the sawing. Looks nice though.

*** "I had a chance to reach the stars - I touched the earth instead."

Retro Post

Beetles here, beetles there, everywhere a beetle...
The Japanese beetle has taken over everything. They are on the flowers, the shrubs, the trees, everywhere. Yesterday there were some hanging on a green pepper in the garden. We do not use insecticides in our garden. Yesterday we sprayed the garden with soapy water. It didn't help much. They are even on the beautiful purple Russian sage by the porch.

Our neighbor has a brother who is a farmer. They are battling the beetle too. Evidently the beetle has an 8 year cycle and this is the 4th year. They get worse every year. What to do??

Well, the beetle is the least of my worries. Jim is not sleeping at night. I don't know if the excitement of company last week was too much for him. Tomorrow it is back to see the oncologist again for another blood count.

This heat is miserable. Yesterday it got up to 95 but the humidity makes it unbearable. I was out mowing yesterday morning at 6 AM. I got that done and today I will battle the dreaded vacuum again. It is a never ending cycle.

I will leave you with this reminder. STAY COOL!!!

************ Thanks everyone for your concern. We have central air in the house so we are comfortable. It is just the outside chores that are hard to get done in the heat.

Retro Post

Politics and updates...
I never get into politics when I post. However, I can't let this latest fiasco from our prez go by without making a comment. How in the world can we afford federal money to finance a war that is killing and maiming so many of our troops but we can't use federal money to finance something as important as stem cell research? It just disgusts me. This is the only statement I will make on the subject.

Jim saw the doctor today. His white count is still down, but not dangerously so. He can be around people and go in the stores etc. We see the doctor again on Aug 1st. If his count is normal then he will have more chemo that week.

The weather is still hot. We are comfortable with central air but I am having difficulty getting anything done outside.

Our street is almost finished with new curb on both sides. I will take some pictures when they finish completely.

*** "Wisdom is available from all of the people that we meet; listening for it can only be done with your own ears."

Retro Post

Hotter than...
It is so hot here. It is 95 degrees right now.

Jim had a doctor appointment with the cardiologist today. Just walking across the asphalt took your breath away.

There were a couple of things from the echocardiogram and pulmonary tests that were not good. We are going to address those findings after the chemo is all finished.

Tomorrow is his appointment with the oncologist. If his blood count is good then he will have more chemo this week.

We are both trying to keep our spirits up. I know that a positive attitude plays an important role in your health. Easier said than done!

Stay cool!


and humid but no rain right this minute although it is to come later.

You will see a lot of posts titled Retro Post. These are blogs that I am moving from WLS that I don't want to lose; specifically my last few months with Jim. You are welcome to read them if you like.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retro Post

Before cable TV and high speed internet...
The most unwanted, most awful thing happened at our house yesterday. Around 4:00 PM yesterday a big line of storms moved through our area. Yes, our cable/telephone/internet hookup was gone all in one fell swoop!

Every 5 minutes Jim would turn on the TV remote on the off chance that by some miracle the cable would be back on. I was just as bad. I would check my computer just to see if I could access the internet. Neither one of us cared anything about the telephone not working. Why worry there. I called our family on the cell phone and told them to call the cell phone number if there was an emergency.

What did Jim do before the days of cable TV??? He couldn't had been so long. I used to read a lot in the days before high speed internet. I started 3 paperbacks before I found one that interested me. Still jumping up every few minutes to see if there was any action on the computer. The telephones were all blinking 'line in use.' We ignored those.

During the course of the evening we sat on the porch. Then we played a game of cards. Then we talked to the neighbors who were not bored because they were getting ready to leave on a trip to North Dakota.

When we retired at 10:00 PM we still did not have any of the so called 'finer things of life.' This morning when I got up the first thing I did was to pick up the telephone. YES!! a dial tone. YES!! I am sitting here at the computer typing this and YES!! Jim is drinking his coffee in front of the TV.

Life is normal again.

Retro Post

Hospital again...
Just wanted to let you all know that Jim is back in the hospital again. We had another emergency room run yesterday morning before 4:00 AM. The doctor on duty in the emergency room just came in and said "We're admitting you." This was at 5:30 AM but he didn't get a room until 10:30 AM. He has the pain in the spleen area again. They finally did a cat scan about 2:30PM this afternoon. We should know something in the morning. Needless to say I am worried sick and still fighting the bronchitis I picked up at the hospital from his last visit there.

We appreciate all thoughts and prayers.

Retro Post

Jim's oncologist is in charge of this hospital stay. He told us this morning that the doctor that read the cat scan said in his opinion that the lymphoma was back in the spleen. The oncologist says he didn't interpret the cat scan that way but the doctor that read it is the expert instead of him. He said the only way that we could know for sure would be for Jim to have a pet scan when the mobile unit comes to the hospital next week. He is being watched today and if everything goes OK he will come home tomorrow.

If the pet scan shows lymphoma then he will have to begin another round of chemotherapy and his remission will be over.

Thank you all for thinking of us and praying for us. It means so very much.

(My thoughts on the matter, today's date, 22 June 2010). I lost all faith in Jim's oncologist from that day forward.

Retro Post

Another Monday.

Just regrouping today and wondering what tomorrow will bring. The pet scan is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:30. Today is a special diet day. No pasta, bread, potatoes or sugar.

Jim is still having pain which he is managing with the pain prescription. We are both glad to be alive even though we are facing a new challenge. We just want to find out what is really wrong so we can go on from there. I think I am finally over the bronchitis although I still cough some.

The weather the past 3 days has not reached 70 degrees. Yesterday the high was 57. Last week we had one day of 95 degrees. Good old Illinois weather...if you don't like it one day, just stick around and it will change. Boiling heat and humidity in the summer and bitter cold in the winter. Oh well, I guess I am used to it by now.

I have to leave the computer for awhile. The vacuum is begging me to get it out of the closet and use it.
The lawn also is screaming "Mow me, mow me." I hope to quiet both the vacuum and the lawn today.

*** "Reflect on what has come before. Anticipate that there will be a future. Accept every present moment. You have found a key to what we call time."

Retro Post

Waiting room observations...
We arrived at the waiting area for the emergency room this morning around 8AM for the Pet Scan. The room was already filling with people. There was a lady laying down on 2 chairs waiting for somebody or something. She was coughing like crazy and I thought, oh no, here I go again. The TV was set on the Animal Planet channel. On the side wall there was a screen that was showing over and over the history of this Catholic hospital. Jim was taken to the mobile unit at 8:15 for his scan. They told me the procedure would take approximately 2 hours.

Across the way from me sat a woman dressed in yellow. She was waiting for a friend who was having a Pet Scan. She was reading out loud to herself. On the wall were the same pictures that have hung there for the last several years.

Two young attractive ladys wearing sandals came in and sat down. I was looking down at the floor by where they were sitting and I saw a dried puddle of what I assumed was soda pop. There was a colony of ants on it. I could just imagine those ants crawling up on some sandaled foot. I alerted the women and they moved to a different area. One of the ladys made the remark that this waiting area was worse than a bus stop waiting room I went to the front desk and told the lady about the ants. She said she would get housekeeping on it right away. LOL LOL

A scruffy looking man with a back pack came in and sat down. He proceeded to roll what I assumed was a joint. I don't know for sure as I have never seen a joint rolled before. Anyway in redneck language it looked like 'margeewanna' to me. After he did this he went to the water faucet, got a drink, went to the bathroom and went on out the same door he came in.

I observed 4 people going for colonoscophys, 3 more for Pet Scans. At one point a person from the Pet Scan unit told the lady in yellow that they were going to do further scanning on her friend. This scared me a bit and I thought for a minute of the poor lady and it brought tears to my eyes.

Jim returned a little after 10AM. The colony of ants were still busy at work. The room was full of people and a lady in a wheelchair was sitting on top of them.

Jim was hungry and tired and having pain. We stopped and got something to eat and came right home so he could have some pain meds and he could have a rest.

We see the oncologist on Monday and are hoping to have the results of the scan then. Praying a lot for some answers. We need to know what is wrong with him so that we can move forward.

Retro Post

Not such good news...
Jim is still having a lot of pain. This is on the right side of his body, not in the area of the spleen. The doctor says it is rib cage pain. We are both not convinced of that. The pain, even with the pain pills is keeping him from resting at night, and if he doesn't rest, I don't rest.

The oncologist said there are active lymph nodes in the abdomen. He wants to study the pet scan further before he starts chemo again. In the meantime Jim has an appointment on the 28th with his cardiologist. This is to make a determination if it is safe for him to start the blood thinner shots again. He has been off them for over a month now. With his irregular heartbeat there is a very real possiblility of his developing blood clots again without the blood thinner shots.

I weeded our little garden and mowed the lawn today. Then this afternoon we had a much needed shower. Cheryl, we are very dry here and could use some of the rain you got this morning...

I am trying to keep my spirits up and Jim's too but it is getting harder each day. The golden years are just a little bit tarnished.

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Very hot and humid here today. 91.2 degrees right now.

Jim slept better last night. Thank God. I feel more rested today and I have cleaned both bathrooms, something I hate to do. It is too humid to work outside. Tomorrow morning early I will tackle the weeds in the garden again. There are lots of blooms now on the tomato plants. I can't wait for a bacon tomato sandwich.

The city started yesterday to put a curb on our street. We have lived here all these many years with no curb. Today they are working in another part of town. That is the problem with a small town. Everybody knows everybody and they do a little work here and a little work there trying to appease everybody. Small town politics at it's very best. ;o) I suspect we will not see a finished curb this time next year. It is amazing though how the work all gets finished on the mayor's street and few select ones.

*** "When I think of all the stars in the sky, and all of the grains of sand on the earth, my problems seem to fade away."

Retro Post

It will be another hot one today. I have been in the garden for the last hour, weeding and hoeing. I also cleaned up the rest of the mess that the crew left when they put asphalt on our driveway last week. Messy, messy!

Jim had another good night. I am thankful for that. We are waiting anxiously to see the cardiologist next week. Then the oncologist to see what he has decided. He had better decide something soon or we will be checking the list of available doctors (oncologists). It seems since Jim has been sick (about 6 weeks now) that one doctor just passes him off to another. We'll let so and so handle this, goodbye, the bill is in the mail. ;o) Jim has lost his patience and mine is slipping.

No sign of any workers on the curb yet. Of course it is not 8AM yet. We'll see.

I have to get moving. I have to figure out something for lunch, go to the post office to check the mail and do some cleaning. YUK!

Thank you my friends for your thoughts and prayers for us!

*** "I try to get an hour out of each minute of life."

Retro Post

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. It is not too hot here, 83 degrees, but it is very humid so it is uncomfortable to do anything.

Yesterday our daughter surprised us and drove over to see us. While Jim was resting she helped me get some yard work caught up. We really appreciated that.

We found out the source of part of Jim's being uncomfortable. He was having an allergic reaction to the pain med he was taking. Right from the beginning of taking it (3 weeks ago) he began having shortness of breath. When we saw the doctor a week ago Friday he said it was nothing to worry about that rib cage pain can cause shortness of breath. I am giving everyone a warning not take a doctor's word as gospel truth. Even though they think they are God they are only human and can make mistakes big time just like you and me. (I know they don't think so) :o( The doctor also told us that this type of pain was not life threatening and there was no need to go to the emergency room, thus implying that our last trip to the emergency room had not been necessary, even though it had resulted in a 4 day hospital stay. Even though Jim's breathing had gotten worse we were still trusting that the doctor was right. I finally went to talk to the pharmacist and he told me to get him off the med right away before he had irreversible damage. I tried to call the doctor and he told us through his receptionist to go to the emergency room if his breathing got worse. DUH..............................................!!!!!

I know I have rattled on about this but it has really upset me. With all of the problems Jim has had this was not needed. His breathing is now normal and he is controlling the pain somewhat with Tylenol as the pharmacist said that he has so many allergies that he should get this stuff out of his system and try Tylenol for a few days.

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Monday morning coming down...
It's Monday again. Sometimes, when you are a member of the 'Over The Hill Gang' the days just run together. Many times you have to pause a minute and ask yourself what day of the week it is.

I finished yesterday evening by watering the garden. Two doors down they were playing Charlie Daniels 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' very loud. (I don't know if they were laughing and drinking and having a party) As I headed to the garden I could hear the Nascar race very loud coming from across the street. He is a big Nascar Jeff Gordon fan and he had his Gordon flags (4 of them) waving proudly. (I guess he was a happy camper as Gordon won the race). Can these people not hear?? Oh well, it didn't bother me; it is just part of life in a little bitty town.

Jim didn't rest well last night. The Tylenol isn't controlling his pain as well and he has been up since 4 AM.

We drink our coffee on the back porch every morning when the weather is nice. We have this scenario that plays over each day...W has gone to work, there goes her hubby (he's retired) downtown to the restaurant for breakfast. Here comes Mr. Chubby who walks by at the same time every day. E (the Nascar fan) comes outside at the same time every morning and takes a sack of cans across the street to S (our resident older gal that collects cans). Here comes the girls that walk by every morning. Wait, we can't go inside until our neighbors catty corner across the street come out and leave for work. There they go; it is 6:45AM and the day has officially begun. I hope it is a good one for all of us!!

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Thursday, just another day...
We saw the cardiologist yesterday. He scheduled 3 tests for Jim as followups for the by-pass surgery he had in 2003. A cardiolite stress test, an echo-cardiogram and a pulmonary test. He did give us an opinion on the lymphoma but it was off the record as that is not his speciality. We will find all of that out on Friday.

We had our coffee on the porch this morning. For some unknown happy reason we have quite a lot of American Goldfinches this year. They have the most beautiful song. It sounds like "look at me, look at me, look at me." And they are beautiful to look at. Bright yellow with a black stripe on their wings. Gorgeous. We waited and waited this morning but not one of the walkers came by. No one. I did see the policeman from across the alley leave to go to work as I was checking the garden out. Even the catty corner neighbors did not leave for work. Are they on vacation??

We have no plans for the 4th of July. Jim is not up to traveling. I hope the holiday weekend will be a great one for each of you!

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Friday, busy day around here...
Things are moving right along here in our little bitty town this morning.

Jim and I had our coffee on the porch this morning. A mama goldfinch perched on the hummingbird vine tower this morning. She sat there long enough that if Cheryl had been having coffee with us she could have taken a good picture with her macro lens.

Catty corner did not go to work again this morning. Pretty sure bet they are on vacation through the 4th. Mr. Chubby again did not walk by. The girls did show up walking by and we saw our optometrist strolling along.

The city crew is working on the curb on our street again. They are almost next door so I am probably going to have to eat my words that we wouldn't have a curb this time next year. Hooray!!

The house next door to us is still being remodeled. Today a couple of the guys are mowing the yard and pulling weeds. THANK YOU!!

A very nice surprise when I picked up the mail this morning. My WV sister has been in having her camcorder tapes converted to DVDs. She sent me one from August 1987 that has my mom & dad and all of my brothers and sisters on it. I am saving it to watch this evening as I know I will cry a lot when I watch it since all of them are gone now except for my younger brother and sister.

Jim's oncologist appointment is 2:30 PM this afternoon. We are both very apprehensive about it. He is feeling worse everyday. I will try and give an update this evening.

On a happier note: On the way to pick up the mail this morning I stopped at a garage sale and found a Dinah Shore CD (Private Collection). Be listening for some Dinah Shore music soon. She was one of my favorite pop stars.

*** "My life will be over when I run out of dreams."

Update: Jim goes in the hospital tomorrow morning at 9 AM to begin chemo again. This is aggressive chemo and lasts around 7 hours.

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Another emergency room visit...
I am just home from the hospital. I left Jim there. He started with stomach pain yesterday evening which progressed to the lower abdomen. We arrived at the emergency room at 600AM. After X-Rays and a cat scan he was diagnosed with appendicitis that was about to rupture. He was taken in to surgery at 1200PM and didn't leave the recovery room until after 400PM. I sat and waited in the surgical waiting room by myself as I couldn't get hold of my neighbor or anyone else. My kids were working. It is no fun waiting alone.

The surgeon had told me before the surgery that there was something suspicious showing up on the liver on the cat scan. Of course I am worried that this will mean more chemo. I haven't discussed this with Jim yet. It may be nothing (hoping and praying).

I will not be posting for a day or two and I will get caught up on visiting then.

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An update...
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They help so much. Deanie (Syd) and Betty (Dean), your words were extra special to me as you took time from your own health concerns to give me words of encouragement. Bruce, I love you and Sharon; you are like family to me. Ariana, what a beautiful young person you are!

Our daughter and son live 100 miles from us (farther from the hospital) one due north and one due west. They were both working on Sunday and so I didn't call them until the surgery was decided. Then I told them not to come as I would be OK. My close friends and neighbors were all in church. I apologize if I sounded as if I was complaining. I was just overwhelmed thinking this is happening again.

Jim is home from the hospital now and is doing well (Medicare and HMO kick you out as soon as they can.) We see his oncologist on the 26th. He will be studying the cat scan and decide what is to be done.

I try to find some humor in everything. It helps to keep me going. Where we were located in the emergency area was right across from the access room. I lost count after 100 of the number of times doctors, nurses and hospital personnel went in there for coffee in the 6 hours we were waiting for a diagnosis.

The ailments were varied on Sunday in the emergency area. There was one lady who had been there all night just to be in out of the cold (40 degrees) and the security guard kept trying to make her leave. One lady with severe back pain, one with leg pain, etc. Jim was in so much pain he took no notice of these things.

God Bless!

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In shock...
A most remarkable thing happened this everning. The phone rang. That in itself is not particularly remarkable as it happens frequently. The remarkable thing about the call was the caller.

I said "Hello."
He said "Hi, this is Dr. J., may I speak to your husband please?"
I said "Yes, he's right here, hold just a minute please."

Jim gets on the phone, "Hello."
Dr. J. said "Hi Jim, I am just calling to see how you are feeling and if you have any concerns of any kind."
Jim said "I am sore at the incisions but I am feeling better every day."
Dr. J. said that was to be expected and that the soreness would go away. He then said goodbye and he would see Jim at the followup visit on the 23rd.

I know that by now you are thinking what is so remarkable about this phone call.

OK, here it is. Jim has had numerous serious surgeries and this is the first time ever that a doctor (in this case the surgeon who performed the emergency appendectomy) has called our home and inquired about his well-being.

Restores my faith in humanity.

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Hospital again...
Just to let everyone know. Jim is back in the hospital again. I am home to gather my meds and some clothes. He is bleeding in the spleen and the doctors don't know the cause but suspect the lymphoma again. I will be staying at the hospital most of the time for the next few days. Jim and I appreciate all prayers for him.

Retro Post

I don't know where to begin.

Jim has been seen by his primary care physician, his oncologist, a surgeon, and his cardiologist. He has had 3 cat scans and an MRI. Today after the MRI all doctors agreed...It is not his heart (he had quintuple by-pass in 2003), the lymphoma has been ruled out. They concur that he has suffered some kind of trauma that caused the bleeding in his spleen. Because he is on Lovenox shots (a blood thinner) even a mild trauma could have caused the bleeding to begin. He will be taken off the Lovenox shots for about 8 weeks. It will take about that long for his spleen to be cleared up. Then they will do another cat scan to see how things look. He is still in quite a bit of pain. Until yesterday he was on a morphine pump. Today they have him on pain pills.

If all goes well he may get to come home tomorrow or Friday.

I probably will never meet any of you but I will never forget the feeling of love that you have sent our way. May God Bless each of you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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Home again...
Jim and I came home from the hospital this evening. It is so wonderful to be home. I am hoping for us both to get a good nights sleep.

The diagnosis was hematoma of the spleen. At this time it is stable and not bleeding. Jim will have to be careful for a few weeks as he is not to lift anything at all. We have appointments with 3 of the doctors next week and one the week after.

We are just glad to be home! Tomorrow I want to write in my blog about the interesting roommates he has had in the hospital. I'm just too tired tonight.

Again, thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers.

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Interesting hospital roommates...
Rundown of what transpired with Jim's hospital stay...

Monday - emergency room at 7:45 AM. Doctor on duty quickly orders EKG. Flurry of activity. Jim is in a lot of pain. He said on the hospital scale of 1-10 it was a 15.

A new patient arrives at the emergency room. She happens to be a nurse practitioner whose husband is a surgeon on staff at the hospital. Because everybody on duty in the emergency room know this couple, Jim is forgotten while they tend to her. She is in the same room as Jim with just a cot and a curtain between them so I could hear every word that was said. She has self diagnosed herself as having a kidney stone and her pain is a 4 - 5. I swear every one on call in the emergency room came and visited with her. I also noticed when she came in that she was not in so much pain that she forgot to put on her full makeup including eye shadow and mascara.

Finally the doctor orders a cat scan. He ordered the wrong one so Jim lay in agony while they finally ordered another one. In the meantime I remember that I can get aggressive when necessary and I go the the desk and tell them I want something for his pain ASAP. At least half an hour later they bring a morphine pump for him.

We arrive in his room at a little after 12PM. His roommate is an autioneer who is in for pneumonia. His wife and all of his visitors have bad colds and are hacking and coughing all of the while. (I now have a doozy of a cold, thanks to them) They are all very nice people, but why in the world would they visit someone in the hospital while they are sick? I guess they figure if the person they are visiting has pneumonia he can't catch a cold.

The autioneer goes home the next morning. Next roommate is not a good one and hollers all night long. Jim asks to be moved and he moves two doors down. This roommate is a super nice guy. He is a chemist who suffered a stroke several years ago and is in the hospital for chest pains. He is due to go to ST Louis for a colon resection after they determine if chest pain is heart related. He was great to talk to and he and Jim got along fine.

Next roommate.....enough said. I will just end by saying the this one made us glad we were going home!!!

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One day at a time...
"One day at a time, Dear Jesus, is all I'm asking from you
Give me the strength to do everyday what I have to do
Yesterday's gone, Dear Jesus, and tomorrow may never be mine
So for my sake, teach me to take one day at a time."

Jim had his first doctor appointment yesterday. So far everything is going well.

While we were in the doctor's office I was coughing a lot. After the doctor got through with Jim he said "Hop up on the table young lady." He then proceeded to listen to my chest, etc. and told me I should call my doctor and get an appointment ASAP. I did and turns out I have a bad case of bronchitis which I picked up in the hospital. I am on antibiotics and codeine cough syrup. I am just praying that Jim does not get this. I have the auctioneers family to thank for this. It is always nice when a sick person spreads the wealth around. LOL

So, yesterday was spent going to doctor appointments. Jim has one appointment late this afternoon with the surgeon.

*** "Did you ever notice that sometimes a bad experience is funny when you look back on it?"

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Older American's month...
I didn't know until I picked up the paper the other day that May is Older American's Month. Older American's Month was created by John F. Kennedy in April 1963.

When Older American's Month was established in 1963, only 17 million living Americans had reached their 65th birthday. About 1/3 of older American's lived in poverty and there were few programs to meet their needs. Interest in older Americans and their concerns was growing, however. In April of 1963, President John F. Kennedy's meeting with the National Council of Senior Citizens served as a prelude to designating May as "Senior Citizen's Month."

Thanks to President Jimmy Carter's 1980 designation, what was once called Senior Citizen's Month is now called Older American's Month and has become a tradition.

I think this is great but I was alive in 1963 and I don't remember any of this. I had two small children and I guess I was living in a capsule. No one has made any mention of Older American's Month from that date on to my knowledge.

I know now, however, and I am ready to celebrate along with my other blogging friends who are over 65.
Break out the pizza and Maalox. We are celebrating Older American's Month!!

*** "I have no doubt that our world leaders are leading the world. It's where they are leading that I question."

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It is another Friday in Illinois. We have gone from cold to hot in the weather department. This is no phenomena. It becomes hot in May/June and doesn't cool off til September. Predicted high for the next few days is 90. Last week it was the furnace and today it is the air conditioner.

Jim appears to be doing well. He is getting really antsy about not being able to do anything. We see the oncologist today and hopefully another cat scan will be set up for him. I am still coughing and generally feel bad; I am not sure the antibiotic is working. Plus, I did something to my back and that is not good. Not complaining, just worrying about how I can do everything. I am sure the Good Lord will figure that one out.

I will leave you with this:

"I think at the end of time, God will have me fill out my own evaluation."

Update: The oncologist scheduled a cat scan for June 12th to see if the spleen is healed. We won't know the results until June 19. His blood count today was good which indicates the spleen is not bleeding now.

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Looking at Music City USA for the first time...
I love Nashville. I love the whole country music scene. I will never forget the first time I saw Nashville.

One of the first things I did after I retired from the AF Base was to go on a bus tour with my daughter to Nashville. It was 1990 and I was so excited. I love classic country music. I must say today's country music is hardly worth listening too but in 1990 there were many great country singers.

Our first night in Nashville we were taken on a tour of Opryland Hotel. What a sight. It was Christmastime and the decorations and lights were so fabulous. I was awestruck. Sounds silly I know, but I had worked most of life since I was 16 years old. I had always wanted to visit Nashville and this was my first time to do so.

On the tour of the hotel we stopped to watch for a minute a wedding party's reception. A young man with a beautiful voice was singing "Nobody Answers When I Call Your Name." Vince Gill - he was one of my favorites. I just stood there and listened until he finished the song. The tour group went on without me and my daughter had to come back for me.

Many exciting things happened on that first trip to Nashville. I have visited Nashville quite a few times since then. My daughter and I went to Fan Fair one year and in 1995 Jim and I went to Nashville for our 40th anniversary and stayed at Opryland Hotel. It was Christmastime again and we could look out the window of our room at the beautiful lights.

Opryland Hotel has a different name now and the Opryland Theme Park is now a giagantic shopping mall.

Progress I guess.

*** "First we want. Then we get. Then we wonder why we wanted it. Then we get again."

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Wednesday...and God Bless America
When I was growing up my mom had a unique way of venting. She would start to whistle 'God Bless America.' When us kids would hear mom whistling we would try and stay out of her way. There were 8 kids so mom did a lot of whistling.

Today I am whistling "God Bless America', yes I have to admit that I used that as my way to vent when my kids were growing up. A lot better I think than cussing and throwing things.

Yesterday afternoon Jim's appointment with the specialist was cancelled again. His appointment now is in June. This is no minor thing that he needs to see the doctor about. He is dealing with some serious after affects of his chemo that need to be addressed by a specialist. He first saw the doctor about these things in January. He was given a bunch of tests and scheduled for lab work with an appointment in March. Cancelled.

I realize there was good reason for this cancellation. The area where the doctor's office is located was struck by a tornado Sunday night and power is still out at the clinic. Doesn't help my wanting to whistle though.

God Bless America, land that I love!
Stand beside her and guide her...

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Remembering 1979
When I was writing my blog on my other space I mentioned once or twice things that happened when I worked at the AF Base. I promised to write more later. Here it is, for better or worse.

The year was 1979. My son and daughter were grown and had left the nest. Perfect time I thought for me to have a new career. I took the civil service test and passed it with flying colors.

My first job was as secretary to a 2nd Lt. Now in case you don't know, a 2nd Lt. is the bottom of the scale as far as officers. She was what was described in those days as a 90 day wonder.

She was just about as green as I was. LOL!! Lt K. was very nice to me and helped me as much as she could. Looking back I have to laugh. Here is this 23 year old officer trying to teach a 40 year old new tricks. Somehow it worked. We went through a crisis together. A pretty young airman, newly married, and working in our department, stabbed her husband (also an airman) to death. It was utter chaos.

If you are aware of civil service you know that you are constantly being considered for an upgrade. I said goodbye to Lt. K. My next job was as an inventory clerk for base supply. I went around the base supply compound with a SSgt and a MSgt. We counted everything, nuts, bolts, you name it, we counted it. Both of these guys were great. This became my first role as a big sister figure.

Next I moved to Records Maintenance as a clerk. This was a good job and I enjoyed it very much. My supervisor got a promotion and guess what, I was selected to fill her job. This was not a good job. I had one of my workers constantly on the phone with civilian personnel for one reason or another. When I had a chance for a promotion as an instructor I took it in a hurry. Next came the Suggestion Branch, then the PDO office where packages were packed and mailed. Oh, I hated that job so I gladly moved on to my next job as Officer Performance Clerk. Here I read all of the officer performance reports from my air base and all officer personnel connected with us. I proofed and corrected them.

I finished my career with the military in 1989. My husband had retired and I was tired of driving to work by myself. End of this part of my working life. I have lots of tales to tell about those 10 years so look for more at a later date.

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Finally, some vindication for the state of Illinois! Yesterday former Illinois governor George Ryan was found guilty on all counts in his racketeering and fraud trial. Also found guilty was his friend and co-defendant Larry Warner.

After a five-month trial in federal court a jury found Ryan guilty. I should not take pleasure in this I know. :o) I watched as Ryan led our state from a healthy financial standing to utter financial ruin. I watched as his office under his guidance while he was Secretary of State sold driver's licenses to truck drivers who had the money to pay a bribe. I watched, while as his final act in office as governor, he declared a moratorium on the death penalty in the state of Illinois.

The scandal that to led Ryan's downfall began over a decade ago with a van crash in Wisconsin that killed six children. The 1994 wreck exposed a scheme inside the Illinois secretary of state's office in which truck drivers obtained licenses for bribes.

Ryan is the third former Illinois governor in the past three decades to be convicted of federal felonies. Otto Kerner was found guilty in a racing stock scandal; Dan Walker was convicted of corruption involving bank loans.

I would hope that this will be the end of corruption in the state of Illinois. I seriously doubt that is the case!

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Beginning of the garage sale season - hooray!
I must have stated a dozen or more times on my old space that I am addicted to garage sales. I love them, Jim loves them, we both are hooked.

Typical garage sale day. Set the alarm for 6:00 AM. Get up, get dressed, stumble to the kitchen. Have breakfast. Skip making coffee on garage sale day. We have two gigantic insulated mugs and we stop at Casey's and fill them with coffee as we are leaving town.

OK, where do we go today. Check the newspaper and take note of how many sales there are in our university city. 34 sales...yes that is enough to make it worthwhile to spend $3 a gallon for gas.

Hop in the truck (our gas hog, about 17 mpg on a good day) and head for the sales.

You meet no strangers at a garage sale, but you sure can get aggravated by some folks. I'm talking about the person who stands in front of a box of new paperbacks and won't move. This person knows that I am just dying to start looking through those books. Of course this box of books is sitting on the ground and I have to squat down to look at them. I am yet to go to a garage sale where the books were not on the ground. Well, I can get down alright but Jim has to hover nearby to help me up (back surgery 3 summers ago which resulted in a pin in my back).

On to the next garage sale. I love classic country music and here I find a Lee Greenwood CD from 1989. Not exactly classic, but close enough for government work. (I love that phrase, I picked it up when I worked at the AF Base) Also a Tony Bennett Christmas CD. Bennett was a hearthrob of mine when I was a teeny-bopper. Don't laugh, even I was young once. Actually Jim would probably tell you that I was passable in the looks department too...hey it never hurts to toot your own horn once in awhile.

Also found today:
A metal sculpture like thing that says ' Welcome' on it (only requires a little soldering and some paint)
A huge jar for hen and chickens

Tomorrow is city wide garage sales at a town close to Peoria. Too far to travel 90 miles with gas at $3 a gallon so it is...

Back to university city tomorrow to check out the new sales!!!

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Another fine garage sale day...
Absolutely gorgeous day today. Bright sunshine and 74 degrees.

Jim and I were up early this morning. Another garage sale day. Places to go, people to see and things to buy.

I spent $2.25 today. Below is a list of the things I found:

1. Easy Listening Folk Music of the 60's & 70's (Reader's Digest 4 CD pkg) - 25 cents
2. Sweet & Lovely - The Sweet Bands' Most Romantic Hits (Reader's Digest 4 CD pkg) - 25 cents
3. Country Hit Parade - Disc 1 - 25 cents
4. Country Hit Parade - Disc 2 - 25 cents
5. Country Hit Parade - Disc 3 - 25 cents
6. Christmas Through the Years (Readers Digest 4 CD pkg) 25 cents
7. Bless This House - All-time Inspirational Favorites (Reader's Digest 4 CD pkg) 25 cents
8. That Christmas Feeling - Reader's Digest (unopened) 25 cents
9. A Collection of Sounds for the Holiday Season (unopened) 25cents

These CDs were like new. A young man was in charge of the sale. I would just imagine that his grandmother or an older member of his family (now departed) ordered all of these CDs from a place like Publisher's Clearing House just to enter their contests. I suspect that they never even got to listen to them as they are as new.
Made me kind of sad.

Jim and I stopped by Hometown Buffet to eat before we came home. I am just so very thankful to God that Jim is still with me and that we are able to enjoy time spent together!

***Today would have been my Dad and my sister Chris's birthday. They are gone from me now. I will always remember them with the greatest love. Miss you both!

Rain, Rain Go Away...

The thunderstorms and heat seems to be never ending this year, perhaps because I am getting older day by day. I honestly don't remember a period like this in my lifetime where we had thunderstorms every day for such a long period of time.

We are under a flash flood warning which we are experiencing here right now with rain totals of 3 - 6 inches today. I actually was having a good hair day for once and the downpour took care of that. A good hair day is an unusual occurrence for me. lol

I heard some disturbing news about windows live spaces this morning, gossip actually, that there will be more drastic changes. We will wait and see. Of course we won't get any warning, it will just happen.

I have my raincoat and umbrella at the ready so that is all from my little corner of the world today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This is so cute...

My niece and her husband in Maryland have quite a few exotic animals for pets. By exotic I certainly don't mean from a foreign country. Examples being a turkey, minature mule, etc., and the latest one, a pig that they adopted from an animal rescue mission. This pig has been named Portia and a couple of weeks ago they discovered that the resue mission had neglected to tell them (maybe they didn't know) that Portia was pregnant.

As the official great aunt of Portia it is my privilege to present to you all:

YouTube - Portia & Piglets

I hope this link works for you. If it doesn't work, go to you tube and search Portia and her Piglets. I posted a picture on my MSN space a couple of weeks ago when the piglets were brand new.

And this is not so cute. I just received a call from the car dealer. On my main blog I mentioned this morning that the back window in my car on the driver side had gone down on its own and I had secured it up with duct tape. There is a broken regulator in the door (service person's words) and the charge is $488 plus labor and tax. OUCH!!!!! What in a the world can a woman do?? Pay for it and go on I guess.

And that is what is happening in my little corner of the world today.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who am I?

Until a few years ago I always assumed that I was Irish and French. Then quite by accident I found out otherwise.

It was Mother's Day and I was alone. I had recently lost my husband and my children lived some distance from me. I decided to put my mother's maiden name in the computer and lo and behold, up popped a picture of my grandparents holding my mother as a babe in my grandmother's arms.

One of my unknown cousins had done extensive family research and my roots were traced back to The Netherlands, early 1600s.

Actually, I wasn't too happy to learn this. My dad was almost full blooded Irish. In fact when my sister visited Ireland a few years ago there was a village there where many of the residents shared my maiden name.

I have become used to my dual heritage now but you may still call me an Irish Lady.