It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, June 21, 2010

This is so cute...

My niece and her husband in Maryland have quite a few exotic animals for pets. By exotic I certainly don't mean from a foreign country. Examples being a turkey, minature mule, etc., and the latest one, a pig that they adopted from an animal rescue mission. This pig has been named Portia and a couple of weeks ago they discovered that the resue mission had neglected to tell them (maybe they didn't know) that Portia was pregnant.

As the official great aunt of Portia it is my privilege to present to you all:

YouTube - Portia & Piglets

I hope this link works for you. If it doesn't work, go to you tube and search Portia and her Piglets. I posted a picture on my MSN space a couple of weeks ago when the piglets were brand new.

And this is not so cute. I just received a call from the car dealer. On my main blog I mentioned this morning that the back window in my car on the driver side had gone down on its own and I had secured it up with duct tape. There is a broken regulator in the door (service person's words) and the charge is $488 plus labor and tax. OUCH!!!!! What in a the world can a woman do?? Pay for it and go on I guess.

And that is what is happening in my little corner of the world today.


  1. OUCH! WHAT a ZAP! That's horrible and you are right..all you can do is pay it and go on. But man, that doesn't make it any easier.

    I'll have to go make the acquaintance of Portia and her family.

  2. yes ouch, but guess all you can do is pay - I am plodding on on here, but eyes are aching now, so think I will have to leave it soon and maybe come back tomorrow, if I get a chance, rest of week busier than today

  3. Not including labor? I would get another estimate Beth. Sorry this had to happen to you. The video is cute.

  4. The link works great. Love the little piggies...
    That's a tuff price... makes you wonder if you shouldn't consider getting a new one... but really it's best to just pay it and go on, like you said.

  5. Just watched the video of the piglets, Beth...
    Poor Mum looked like she wasn't getting a minutes peace..ah well..that's young ones for you. especially hungry ones.!!

  6. Found you haha. You can't hide from me lol. I think that's highway robbery what they charge for that but like you said, what's a girl to do except pay it and go on.
    Have a good day gf.

  7. Vehicles are handy but upkeep is costly for sure. Portia the pig and family. Cute.


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