It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lovely day so far…

even though I can’t get in to my profile or my space or look at a private message on WLS that has been sent to me.  It has been a really nice day until I decided to go back on spaces for a little while.  I really am getting more inclined to tell them goodbye.  My wonderful blogging friends are holding me back.

I purchased a new chair today.  I posted a pic of it on my WLS.  You are all welcome to come and sit in it.  I spent a very nice morning with my daughter and the weather has been above beautiful today.  I didn’t get any mail for the 3rd day in a row so that means I don’t have any bills to pay at the moment.

This is just an update to let you all know that I am among the living (thank God) and I posted a new blog on Spaces today.



  1. .....and here I am, lickiddy split! Lol, Beth, I just happened to be clicking on Dashboard and there you were with a new blog all of 2 min. old.
    I can't get into Spaces. It still drives me crazy that I can either "see it" but not post, or other times can't click on others but sometimes can but cannot leave a message. Back and forth all the time and it's maddening.
    That means I can't even see your new chair -- well maybe it will let me see it tomorrow. I won't forget though. I'll keep trying.

    I had a visitor come by by way of your page here. It was Penelope (Lady Penelope). I dropped in on her to say thank you and then couldn't stop reading. Wow, I am so impressed and in awe of her terrific stories! Talk about a small world: when I read the one about the woman and her "Jim", I immediately thought of you....because of the "jim" not the old, lol. When I finished, I saw you'd written the same and so had I. Yes, small world.
    Ok, even though I'm typing away here, I really have nothing to say. I am a major bore today and it's too hot to move around. Think I'll turn on the sprinkler again and at least help the wildlife. Cya later, sweetie :D xoxoxo

  2. hi beth, I saw and commented on your post on live spaces, and saw your comments on mine and kerrie's, but it has been a pain today. hi - jenny d - good to see you on here - hugs - nita.

  3. I haven't been to Spaces yet but it doesn't sound good over there. 95 and humid here. Just awful. Am I going to have to fight Carole and Michiko to see who gets to sit down on your new chair first? When I'm done here I try to get into Space and check your blog and chair out.

  4. Beth I was over at spaces and cant do much today either. My profile was there and then gone. I know how you feel. Im a little sad and shaken more today .
    Enjoy the rest of the day and night Beth

  5. I didn't know you posted I don't think. I just shipped February '06 blogs here. making a little headway. Your blog friends are increasingly here too.

  6. I also went on to Windows Live today to check the newsfeed and change a setting. and Every time I tried to open a new page, I got a blank white page, or an error message. I'd like to see more Spaces friends move over here, as I don't really want to deal with that mess over there anymore.

  7. I'm leaving a comment here Beth, read and commented on your other posting, Mayflies, via Spaces yesterday..
    I'm still getting comments on Spaces but it does seem as if people are losing heart, including yourself and the commentors on your blog. I'm torn just like you, but I do have a soft spot for WLS, When it works well, it's a wonderful way to interact with people, and the friendship base is there. Sigh!!, We have so much change to contend with in our lives, WLS have just added to the turmoil..(not that they'd care a jot!!) I hate feeling that I'm standing on shifting sand and every step may be irreversible...(I usually love the seaside and beaches, even though I can't swim a stoke...just paddle) but I'm hating this sinking sand sensation!!
    Your friend Jenny is wonderful, (and not just because she says such wonderful things about my work..As if!!) all those comments she left quite swelled my head, back to normal size now though. lol.. and I still want to sit in your new chair., this PC chair of mine is a torture. :-)
    I have tried to see if my work is sellable..but a few knockbacks a couple of years ago left me feeling a bit 'punchdrunk' so I might try again once life settles down, thanks for your interest, Beth, It helps a lot..x


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