It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Murder down the road…

just 4 miles from me at Creve Coeur an ex-husband killed his wife Thursday night at the Dairy Queen where she was working.  This happened in about a 25 minute span in which a woman and her ex-husband died on opposite sides of the Illinois River.  This represented the tragic end of years of domestic abuse.  (Be sure and click on the link to read the article from the Peoria Journal Star.)

Now you all know that I love a good murder mystery but this happened down the road and off the highway that is just across from me.  I hate Route 29 and I will not get on it unless it is absolutely necessary.  Peoria just observed its 15th murder this year.  This is getting way to close to home for me.  Remember that for the last many years I lived in a small town where our most violent crime was someone urinating on the lamp post downtown.  To say I miss my small town is an understatement.

Today is all set to be another firecracker hot day with temps in the mid 90s and near 100% chance of thunderstorms.  I am not planning much today, just putter around my place.  I may head over to the store in a little while to pick up a couple of things.  Speaking of stores, Kroger is my favorite grocery store in town.  It isn’t in the same class as Meijer but it is large, clean, and with  a very good selection of stuff.  Plus it is only a couple of miles from me.

I hope you are all set to have a great weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!



  1. Whew, you're right, Beth. Times have gotten rougher in the domestic abuse department. I think it's on the rise everywhere. Yesterday, our paper reported a couple where the husband bludgeoned his wife of 30 yrs to death. Thing was, everyone (including his own family) said they'd never seen any abuse before and neither had said they'd even had any problems. Seems that they came across as the Cleavers for all these years. Well, they caught the husband just a mile away and he said she deserved it because he "thought" she might be having an affair, BUT, it also went on to say that he'd lost his job 8 months ago and was still jobless. I think that was the real reason, the lack of work. Crime of all types is up with the rise in unemployment. My opinion anyway. I'm like you, though: I LOVE small towns :) Kroger, too; especially Tuesdays with senior discounts. Try the Kroger brand popcorn, it's great.

  2. Oh man that is scary. That is the reasoning my hubby has about moving back home, one of them ennaway. Hot today here too. I guess we'll ponder this during freezing weather this winter. I am not sure what to have for supper. Still thinkin.

  3. Oh Beth I love how you have redone your page. I lovelove the old pictures you are posting too.
    As for the murders...scary for sure. Make sure you lock your doors and keep a big baseball bat handy! Outside lights around your place keep the bad guys away too. Take care : )

  4. Your right that is hitting a little to close to home. Stay safe...

  5. It is sad that the bigger the town the bigger the crime rate. Too bad it's like that everywhere...but even small towns have their problems. It just depends on who lives there.

    Hope it's cooled off some for you.

  6. Yeah it's scary no matter where you live anymore. Not like things used to be in the good old days.

  7. oh flip...I called round yesterday and tried to leave a comment...needed to edit it and lost the whole thing...took 'time out' to calm myself down and forgot I hadn't done it..(my story and I'm sticking to it...!!)
    I was thinking along the lines that maybe in the past domestic violence wasn't reported so readily as nowadays and maybe that one reason why the figures are rising?.. Just an idea...
    But murder? much violence, almost hatred is something way beyond any sane persons understanding...
    Hope you're having a great day Beth...and it is so, so lovely not having to count the total number of words...sighs!!


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