It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retro Post

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. It is not too hot here, 83 degrees, but it is very humid so it is uncomfortable to do anything.

Yesterday our daughter surprised us and drove over to see us. While Jim was resting she helped me get some yard work caught up. We really appreciated that.

We found out the source of part of Jim's being uncomfortable. He was having an allergic reaction to the pain med he was taking. Right from the beginning of taking it (3 weeks ago) he began having shortness of breath. When we saw the doctor a week ago Friday he said it was nothing to worry about that rib cage pain can cause shortness of breath. I am giving everyone a warning not take a doctor's word as gospel truth. Even though they think they are God they are only human and can make mistakes big time just like you and me. (I know they don't think so) :o( The doctor also told us that this type of pain was not life threatening and there was no need to go to the emergency room, thus implying that our last trip to the emergency room had not been necessary, even though it had resulted in a 4 day hospital stay. Even though Jim's breathing had gotten worse we were still trusting that the doctor was right. I finally went to talk to the pharmacist and he told me to get him off the med right away before he had irreversible damage. I tried to call the doctor and he told us through his receptionist to go to the emergency room if his breathing got worse. DUH..............................................!!!!!

I know I have rattled on about this but it has really upset me. With all of the problems Jim has had this was not needed. His breathing is now normal and he is controlling the pain somewhat with Tylenol as the pharmacist said that he has so many allergies that he should get this stuff out of his system and try Tylenol for a few days.

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