It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Retro Post

Beetles here, beetles there, everywhere a beetle...
The Japanese beetle has taken over everything. They are on the flowers, the shrubs, the trees, everywhere. Yesterday there were some hanging on a green pepper in the garden. We do not use insecticides in our garden. Yesterday we sprayed the garden with soapy water. It didn't help much. They are even on the beautiful purple Russian sage by the porch.

Our neighbor has a brother who is a farmer. They are battling the beetle too. Evidently the beetle has an 8 year cycle and this is the 4th year. They get worse every year. What to do??

Well, the beetle is the least of my worries. Jim is not sleeping at night. I don't know if the excitement of company last week was too much for him. Tomorrow it is back to see the oncologist again for another blood count.

This heat is miserable. Yesterday it got up to 95 but the humidity makes it unbearable. I was out mowing yesterday morning at 6 AM. I got that done and today I will battle the dreaded vacuum again. It is a never ending cycle.

I will leave you with this reminder. STAY COOL!!!

************ Thanks everyone for your concern. We have central air in the house so we are comfortable. It is just the outside chores that are hard to get done in the heat.


  1. The Japaneses beetles are very bad for everything in the garden, they were destroyer.

  2. We are battling cut worms in the crops . We have sparyed fields and fields and for neighbours also. They are taking out my green beans and yellow. I cant do anything about that and wont use anything in my garden either. Seems that is the way and eveything does cycle. Not sure whats next. Could be cattapillars. Had them so thik and black a few years it was awful.


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