It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retro Post

An update...
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They help so much. Deanie (Syd) and Betty (Dean), your words were extra special to me as you took time from your own health concerns to give me words of encouragement. Bruce, I love you and Sharon; you are like family to me. Ariana, what a beautiful young person you are!

Our daughter and son live 100 miles from us (farther from the hospital) one due north and one due west. They were both working on Sunday and so I didn't call them until the surgery was decided. Then I told them not to come as I would be OK. My close friends and neighbors were all in church. I apologize if I sounded as if I was complaining. I was just overwhelmed thinking this is happening again.

Jim is home from the hospital now and is doing well (Medicare and HMO kick you out as soon as they can.) We see his oncologist on the 26th. He will be studying the cat scan and decide what is to be done.

I try to find some humor in everything. It helps to keep me going. Where we were located in the emergency area was right across from the access room. I lost count after 100 of the number of times doctors, nurses and hospital personnel went in there for coffee in the 6 hours we were waiting for a diagnosis.

The ailments were varied on Sunday in the emergency area. There was one lady who had been there all night just to be in out of the cold (40 degrees) and the security guard kept trying to make her leave. One lady with severe back pain, one with leg pain, etc. Jim was in so much pain he took no notice of these things.

God Bless!

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