It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retro Post

Waiting room observations...
We arrived at the waiting area for the emergency room this morning around 8AM for the Pet Scan. The room was already filling with people. There was a lady laying down on 2 chairs waiting for somebody or something. She was coughing like crazy and I thought, oh no, here I go again. The TV was set on the Animal Planet channel. On the side wall there was a screen that was showing over and over the history of this Catholic hospital. Jim was taken to the mobile unit at 8:15 for his scan. They told me the procedure would take approximately 2 hours.

Across the way from me sat a woman dressed in yellow. She was waiting for a friend who was having a Pet Scan. She was reading out loud to herself. On the wall were the same pictures that have hung there for the last several years.

Two young attractive ladys wearing sandals came in and sat down. I was looking down at the floor by where they were sitting and I saw a dried puddle of what I assumed was soda pop. There was a colony of ants on it. I could just imagine those ants crawling up on some sandaled foot. I alerted the women and they moved to a different area. One of the ladys made the remark that this waiting area was worse than a bus stop waiting room I went to the front desk and told the lady about the ants. She said she would get housekeeping on it right away. LOL LOL

A scruffy looking man with a back pack came in and sat down. He proceeded to roll what I assumed was a joint. I don't know for sure as I have never seen a joint rolled before. Anyway in redneck language it looked like 'margeewanna' to me. After he did this he went to the water faucet, got a drink, went to the bathroom and went on out the same door he came in.

I observed 4 people going for colonoscophys, 3 more for Pet Scans. At one point a person from the Pet Scan unit told the lady in yellow that they were going to do further scanning on her friend. This scared me a bit and I thought for a minute of the poor lady and it brought tears to my eyes.

Jim returned a little after 10AM. The colony of ants were still busy at work. The room was full of people and a lady in a wheelchair was sitting on top of them.

Jim was hungry and tired and having pain. We stopped and got something to eat and came right home so he could have some pain meds and he could have a rest.

We see the oncologist on Monday and are hoping to have the results of the scan then. Praying a lot for some answers. We need to know what is wrong with him so that we can move forward.

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