It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retro Post

Friday, busy day around here...
Things are moving right along here in our little bitty town this morning.

Jim and I had our coffee on the porch this morning. A mama goldfinch perched on the hummingbird vine tower this morning. She sat there long enough that if Cheryl had been having coffee with us she could have taken a good picture with her macro lens.

Catty corner did not go to work again this morning. Pretty sure bet they are on vacation through the 4th. Mr. Chubby again did not walk by. The girls did show up walking by and we saw our optometrist strolling along.

The city crew is working on the curb on our street again. They are almost next door so I am probably going to have to eat my words that we wouldn't have a curb this time next year. Hooray!!

The house next door to us is still being remodeled. Today a couple of the guys are mowing the yard and pulling weeds. THANK YOU!!

A very nice surprise when I picked up the mail this morning. My WV sister has been in having her camcorder tapes converted to DVDs. She sent me one from August 1987 that has my mom & dad and all of my brothers and sisters on it. I am saving it to watch this evening as I know I will cry a lot when I watch it since all of them are gone now except for my younger brother and sister.

Jim's oncologist appointment is 2:30 PM this afternoon. We are both very apprehensive about it. He is feeling worse everyday. I will try and give an update this evening.

On a happier note: On the way to pick up the mail this morning I stopped at a garage sale and found a Dinah Shore CD (Private Collection). Be listening for some Dinah Shore music soon. She was one of my favorite pop stars.

*** "My life will be over when I run out of dreams."

Update: Jim goes in the hospital tomorrow morning at 9 AM to begin chemo again. This is aggressive chemo and lasts around 7 hours.

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