It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retro Post

Remembering 1979
When I was writing my blog on my other space I mentioned once or twice things that happened when I worked at the AF Base. I promised to write more later. Here it is, for better or worse.

The year was 1979. My son and daughter were grown and had left the nest. Perfect time I thought for me to have a new career. I took the civil service test and passed it with flying colors.

My first job was as secretary to a 2nd Lt. Now in case you don't know, a 2nd Lt. is the bottom of the scale as far as officers. She was what was described in those days as a 90 day wonder.

She was just about as green as I was. LOL!! Lt K. was very nice to me and helped me as much as she could. Looking back I have to laugh. Here is this 23 year old officer trying to teach a 40 year old new tricks. Somehow it worked. We went through a crisis together. A pretty young airman, newly married, and working in our department, stabbed her husband (also an airman) to death. It was utter chaos.

If you are aware of civil service you know that you are constantly being considered for an upgrade. I said goodbye to Lt. K. My next job was as an inventory clerk for base supply. I went around the base supply compound with a SSgt and a MSgt. We counted everything, nuts, bolts, you name it, we counted it. Both of these guys were great. This became my first role as a big sister figure.

Next I moved to Records Maintenance as a clerk. This was a good job and I enjoyed it very much. My supervisor got a promotion and guess what, I was selected to fill her job. This was not a good job. I had one of my workers constantly on the phone with civilian personnel for one reason or another. When I had a chance for a promotion as an instructor I took it in a hurry. Next came the Suggestion Branch, then the PDO office where packages were packed and mailed. Oh, I hated that job so I gladly moved on to my next job as Officer Performance Clerk. Here I read all of the officer performance reports from my air base and all officer personnel connected with us. I proofed and corrected them.

I finished my career with the military in 1989. My husband had retired and I was tired of driving to work by myself. End of this part of my working life. I have lots of tales to tell about those 10 years so look for more at a later date.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this blog. Coming from an AF family I was glued to my chair way up here in Canada. My Dad had us all follow him to Germany and back to Alberta where I havent left.
    Its a different life for a child I have to say and a good one. Different than mine had.
    Have a nice night Beth


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