It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another chilly day…

but at least the sun is shining and that counts for a lot.  My daughter and I were out and about this morning.  First to the post office, then to Morton to Farm ‘ Fleet, then to fill the car with gas, then to Food Depot, to Burger King for a fish sandwich and home. 

I have another doctor appointment tomorrow morning.  These appointments are really taking their toll on me.  But I am tough so I will keep on keeping on.

I found out what was happening in my front yard.  They tore up the new grass all around the yard, put in some pretty good sized pipe, replanted the grass seed and re-covered it with straw.  Inquiring minds want to know why they didn’t do this before they planted all of that grass seed the first time.  Just sayin.’

I have purchased all things needed for holiday baking.  I will do it a little bit at a time and keep in the freezer which happens to be the trunk of my car.  Hey! that is another thing I miss, my big freezer.  Winking smile  I sent my sis a fruitcake this morning priority mail.  When the clerk asked if I wanted the package stamped perishable I told her yes, that there was a fruit cake in there.  She laughed  out loud and said that she thought that fruit cakes never perish.  Now that wasn’t very nice of her was it?

I will try and give an update after my doctor visit tomorrow.  This doctor is a BP specialist and heaven knows that is what I need right now.

You all hang in there, the weekend is just a day away.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Ha! Doing the pipes first would have been too logical--LOL!
    Good luck with the doctor and your BP.
    Sorry, but honestly...I might have laughed, too--Hehe! ;)

  2. I'm with the inquiring minds, lol. They never do what makes sense. You, put in a new road then tear it up to fix something underneath. I think it's planned job security.

    No that wasn't very nice of her.
    Good luck with the doctor visit.

  3. Jim's Angels are very nice AND Jim's will look down to you it said "Hanging Beth".

    I still has problem in my blog space.I can have new post but It doesn't shows in my blog list or in your Dashboard?
    Gerry's try to help me...
    Good luck with the doctor report.

  4. got my Twin arms around you sweetest friend and Twin.

  5. Hi Beth, since your freezer is the trunk of your car, I gather that it is cold in your area. Here as well, it has been snowing all day today, don't know when it will stop. The temp is supposed to be around -25C here tonight. Hope it's not as cold at your place.

  6. I'm way behind on reading post. I hope all goes well at the doctor tomorrow.

    I love fruit cake. I admire those who make them. Your sister is lucky to get one.

  7. Good luck on your Dr visit. And I like your Christmas blog theme too!

  8. That picture at the top of your blog is gorgeous. I'm so sorry for all the health problems you seem to have. Good luck at the doctor's office tomorrow. Every time I go, I get handed another prescription for more drugs. I feel like a walking pill factory! he he

  9. Sure hope everything goes well at the specialist today..he is dealing with someone pretty special to all of us.Know you are strong and we are all here behind you to support you when you need it.. Hugs to you have a good weekend! XXOO

  10. Hi Beth, What beautiful Angels & I love your Christmas Theme. I hope your Dr's appointment went well & I hope the fruit cake makes it to your sister all in one piece. I will try to cook just a little bit for thanksgiving & christmas. I hurt too bad if I stand too long. You be safe also sweet friend & have a great weekend. Hugs Doris

  11. Doctor visits...ugh, it sounds like they really don't end and I'm sure sorry for that. It's nineteen degrees here and feeling like it may really drop some snow on us again. I saw the advisory yesterday and figured we were probably in for it. We start our Christmas group concerts tomorrow...after seeing a premier last night at midnight with my wife and daughter last night I'm more than a little tired before we even get started.

  12. Hi Beth,

    Hope your visit goes well. Have a good weekend -

    Hugs Nita

  13. Beth, you're still in my prayers and I'm hoping for a good DR. visit results.
    The yard work reminds me of the silly things they did here. They tore up what they'd done and started

  14. Oh man your poor yard! I hope the grass comes in as good as new!

    Hugs with the dr apts!


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