It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wind advisory and Christmas Bazaars…

A wind advisory is in effect for today with warm gusting winds.  It is 54 degrees this morning and climbing.  I really am not fond of the way the weather flip flops here in autumn in central Illinois.  This all means of course that another cold front will be coming through soon with rain and colder temperatures.

Yesterday I set the alarm so that I could get an early start  to the  Christmas Bazaars.  The first one was at the First United Methodist Church.  It was very nice.  There were lots of homemade goodies for sale.  Homemade noodles, etc.  Lots of homemade angel food cakes I was told by the ladies that were made with the egg whites left from making the noodles.  I purchased a huge peppermint angel food cake.  It is delicious.  These cakes were priced at only $5.  The pies were 8 inch and were priced at $10.  No pie for me, only the cake.  Then I moved on to the Miller Senior Center where I found nothing to tempt me; moving on to the Assembly of God Church where I found some darling little Christmas things.  I won’t mention what these are.  And that was it!  by this time I was starting to get tired so I came home.  All in all, a very nice morning.

This morning I am not doing much.  I have some beef cubes on cooking to make beef and noodles.  I shouldn’t have the beef but I have been hungry for beef and noodles so I thought what the heck, fix yourself some beef and noodles.

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend.  Stop by if you are traveling through Central Illinois for a piece of peppermint angel food cake and a cup of tea.



  1. I'm with you on the rapid weather changes. I thought we were really going to be in winter from the time we got four inches of snow on but yesterday we were in the's enough to give a person whiplash! We have been recording Christmas music and our group begins it's live singing as of the 19th...after that it's a mad dash all the way until Christmas at which point I'm always very ready for a break at that point. The cake sounds amazing! The closest thing I had was some peppermint chip cookies :(

  2. Even the weather predictions change in a matter of hours. When I checked early this morning before the sun rose we were supposed to have snow today, but by the time the sun came up...nope. But it is a dark, grey day and looks like it could snow, so who knows?
    The Bazaar hopping was successful. Sounds like your body needs some beef and noodles. ;)
    Have a restful Sunday!! :):)

  3. The Angel food cake sounds real good, have a great Sunday.

  4. What fun. Peppermint angel food cake sounds delish. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Girlfriend, I'll be there. (and maybe I will before too long..)

  6. Sound like you had a good day Beth,
    I just love your pic at the top of the page, what a beautiful little one, you have in your family to love
    take care

  7. I love angel food cake and that sounds delish. You have to indulge once in awhile.

  8. The bad weather is affect me too but these day everywhere is same?
    But you are so good for doing made Peppermint Angel food cake.
    Now you need to have a good rest.
    It was my fault Beth,Thank you for visit my friend.

  9. Sounds like a fun outing and I would have gone for the cake also :)

    I wish I was traveling your way it sounds like a yummy time would be had :).

    Have a great day, stay warm :)

  10. Well, lets see if I leave right now I should get to the airport in about an hour or so...(rush hour) then take a flight then take a cab I should be there around midnight! That cake sounds like it would be soooo worth it!!! :O)
    Blessings, Joanne


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