It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cold and Windy…

What a change in the weather.  In the 50s yesterday morning and in the upper 20s this morning.  I hate to go out in the cold but I will have to soon to get my car warmed up for my doctor appointment.

Yesterday was blustery and cold.  My anticipated family came from Wisconsin.  We had lunch and a nice visit.  Marcia came by after work.  My great, great niece is adorable. She is beautiful.  I am thinking the Christmas outfit will be too big but maybe next year. 


Grandma,Grandpa, sweet baby and mommy.



12:30 PM.  I am home from the doctor.  I had an EKG and the result of that is I have to see another specialist about a procedure that I have never heard of.  I have 6 doctor appointments scheduled now before the end of the year, plus a dental appointment.  Each time I see a doctor I get something new tacked on.  If I wasn’t an intelligent woman I would be tempted to sit right down and bawl.  Since I am an intelligent person I realize that even though I don’t like it, I know that I need to do these things.  I am trying to keep my spirits up as the holiday season is approaching.  I was told again no working out until after I get through with all of this stuff.

After I saw the doctor I went by and picked up my daughter and we did a little shopping and had the soup and sandwich special at Avanti’s.

Now I am pooped again, so I will rest this afternoon.  You all stay safe and be happy!!



  1. It got very windy for us today but ironically or not it brought some warmth...guess that ends as of tomorrow when it may snow again...yes snow...ugh. I'm very sorry you're not feeling well and know what it's like when life seems like a game of wack a mole. I'm still lifting you up in prayer. God bless you my friend.

  2. I'm also lifting you up in prayer my Twin. Love and hugs and talk to you soon if you're able to have the time. xoxox

  3. The weather is not kind enough for you that when you need go out so many time.
    I guess this is a big part of ourlives which we need to go to see the doctor that I can understand very well Beth.
    I have has been the last six month ...
    Please take care my friend thinking of you.

  4. Hi Beth,

    Hope you get all your health problems sorted soon and start to feel stronger.

    Hugs Nita

  5. So sorry for the medical problems and I hope and pray that all will be straightened out soon. You're in my prayers as well.
    You G-GR niece sure is cute.

  6. How nice to see your family and great niece, she's adorable. I love that smile and the twinkle in her eyes! I hate going to the doctor too but like you said, we know we have too. I do hope you get everything figured out so you can feel tip top again.

  7. What a darling great niece!! So nice to have a visit from family. :)

    Hey, intelligent women sit down and bawl once in a while. Sometimes it's good to get that out of you. ;)

    Hang in there. Prayers and hugs!! :):)

  8. How nice to have such a great visit. I pray all you have to go through results in you feeling your best.

  9. Oh Beth How sorry I am to hear about all these appointments you have, it's a real bind, you feel your life is on hold, I know I had it 6 years ago when I slipped two disks, and during the various tests it showed up I was anaemic so more treatment for that too. Now this dratted frozen shoulder, so you have got a sympathetic ear.
    The weather here is grey, windy, chilly and threatening rain. BUT, they forecast a better weekend yippee.
    Take care Beth and NO WORKOUTS !

  10. Wonderful pics and wonderful family. She's darling! Sorry to hear about all these dang tests Sis..I mean I sure hope they are done soon, as I know you are too. Nice to be able to get around without the snow so far I am really liking that. Took a tour via google earth and it's a really nice area you live in now.Glad you are not far from shopping. Sending hugs and prayers also from me!XXOO ^J^

  11. I don't know, Bethiegirl....seeing that many doctors CANNOT be good for your health !!

    Thinking good healing thoughts for you....

  12. Sorry to hear of your medical problems Beth I do wish you well. The phot is beautiful such a little cutie what a smile. Have a good wekend and rest up. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx


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