It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It is Wednesday because I say it is and because it is...

Wednesday because I say it is and because it is...
Wednesday used to be rant day. Things are not the same on spaces. Many have left for greener pastures. I too have a greener pasture plus several other blogs. I find it hard enough to post on one blog every day, let alone several.

Some folks never post anything original, just stuff from other sources and that is OK . I applaud the ones that are courageous enough to let a little bit of their daily life come through in their posts. I am not asking you to divulge any family secrets and I definitely am not interested in reading about anything compromising, however I am capable of doing research on the internet myself.

One of the best examples of an interesting blog is written by my friend Paul. He lives in the Boston area and through his descriptive words and pictures I feel like I know that area. Another is Carole who writes from the heart and keeps us enthralled with the daily shenanigans of Miss Catt. I often refer to Carole as my twin because we share the same birthday. We have many traits in common and in many ways we are different. For example, she has a good hair day almost every day while I never have a good hair day. Paul has an excellent blog on blog spot now. It is Carole also is at blog spot at You will find me in my greener pasture at

I just had a cute old fellow come to my door a few minutes ago. He was bringing me my paper that wasn’t delivered this morning. He was a doll. He had curly white hair and wore blue jean shorts with suspenders and a white Tshirt. Reminded me of one of those people you see in an ad for Swiss chocolate. I was having a nice chat with him when the phone rang. It was my sister in WV. She told me to hang up quickly and go see if he had left yet. LOL!!! Thanks Rae, she and Hugh are always looking out for my best interests.

After a day of heavy rain yesterday we are in line for more rain today. I can take it; I am tough.

There! You just got a little glimpse of my life here in the heart of Illinois. I am looking forward to a little glimpse into your life.



  1. Oh Sis I think I have revealed plenty about my life so much so that I just have to cut back some.LOL ;) you are so right though..blogs are so much more interesting when you write about the "real" stuff! :)

  2. Beth, this post was really, really good -- every single word of it. I found myself agreeing about the posting of info from the internet and then all of a sudden saying to you out loud, "Don't answer that phone! Talk to the paper guy!" I swear, I said that out loud, lol. You got me all worked up :D
    I wrote down the urls for Paul and Carole. It's funny, but a lot of times I see Carole's comments just before mine and I always just love what she says and get a warm feeling about her. I need to visit her. Now Paul I've never seen UNLESS he's the one called BostonBoy. I'll ck him out, too. Look at you: the PR person of the day ;)
    Geezy peezy, I always leave too long of a comment. Sorry Beth, you're just too good and it's hard to leave.

  3. I used to worry that what I posted might get me committed but that hasn't happened....yet... so I guess having 2 new blogs and posting whatever pops into what's left of my mind is fairly safe.....for now.

    It looks like we're gonna get some of that rain today. Just hope it's not too heavy. Have a good day, Beth!

  4. Oh Beth it is Wed and I am trying to stop ranting.
    I love reading a slice of life too. Have a great day and did that man have brown eyes? LOL!

  5. Oh rats. Toodie took my line. I was also going to ask if he had brown eyes. All my guys have blue eyes. Hm. What's up with that I wonder?

    Thank you for what you said about my blog. That blamed cat causes more trouble but she's worth it. She has kept me on as her Staff for going on 12 years. I must be doing OK.

    I love reading about your life. And Paul is a fave of mine too, for the reasons you mentioned.

    I love rants on anyone's blog for just like you, I like reading what folks are thinking and doing..not stuff someone took from a magazine etc or forwarded jokes.But...different things for different folks.

    There is the daily thunder storm happening as we speak. ♥

  6. I really like blogger, it's easy to use and has lots of fun stuff if you want to add more things. Once I found out I had lurking followers, I knew it was time to change my tune. There won't be much more personal stuff from me anymore. I'll share my nature experiences and pictures, but it kind of creeped me out when I found out I had a follower from Wis, but he never commented, etc. Didn't like that at all, but to each their own.

  7. Nice blog Beth. I also have one at blogspot, maybe you saw it on fb. Nice writing, enjoyed it.

  8. I guess I don't understand 'the personal stuff.' For some that means a daily report of how bad my weather is vs: yours. It's a non stop bitch fest about the most mundane aspects of one's life and some people consider that blogging. Is that really a blog? What purpose does that accomplish? Does anyone go to their blog and search for information?

    It's more like a daily diary for some and that's ok too as long as they recognize the information they are putting on the internet about a loved one.

  9. Point taken Elaine. I am interested in your weather and I certainly am interested in mine. I like to read folksy, homey blogs. Some people don't, it is a personal preference. I have always proclamed my blog to be an online diary of sorts.

  10. Hi Beth, Here I am... and I have absolutely no clue how to get about here on blogspot... yet. Today I feel I'm up for the challenge (I think). One thing I have noticed with blogspot is that you can't click on links provided in blogs. Well I am off now for a bit of a cyber walk. Bless you always! With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  11. Now that is funny... I just clicked on my own little Blogspot link / icon and found that I have two web address. ROFL!

    By the way, Beth, do you have to do Word verification every time you post a comment?

    I keep telling the computer I'm not a robot, that's why I get the word verification wrong sometimes. That's when I call JL for his young eyes, of course he can out-smart a computer. :)

  12. Aw thank you Beth! What a person blogs about is their own personal choice. The entire blogging entity is wide open for anybody to write anything they want. We then choose to read the writing of people we like.
    Once again thank you for the plug Beth. Your the best!

  13. Nice that you had a visitor! I have an old man I live with every day... it's fantastic!!

    I love reading all the different blogs. I don't write as much as I used to, but I still try to stop by and comment every now and again...


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