It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This has been the oddest day…

and the temperature has been in the low 90s with almost 100% humidity.  Every now and then we will have a brief shower, then the sun will come out.  In an hour or so the same thing happens again with an occasional clap of thunder and a streak of lightning.  It doesn’t lower the temperature any though.

I have been busy today.  First to the drug store for prescriptions then over to the County Market for a few things.  I don’t like County Market as well as I do Kroger  but it happens to be across the street from where I get my scripts filled so I usually hit there afterwards.  The grocery stores are so handy here that I find myself grocery shopping just to kill time.  lol  My freezer is full and so is the cupboard so come on over, there is plenty to eat, not that I cook all that often.

I have a couple of doctor appointments looming on the horizon.  I lucked out on one as one specialist comes here for appointments once in a while.  That means that I won’t have to go to the dreaded bigger city and I can go by myself here in town.   That was good news for me and so far I have been able to get lab work etc. done here.

I think we are getting ready to have another shower as it has gotten very dark outside again.  It is a good thing I am a touch typist or I wouldn’t be able to  know what I am typing.  I just heard some more thunder so I am getting off this thing.



  1. hi beth, dont like the sound of that weather at all - I adore the graphic of the rainbow and the text you have at the top here now. He is indeed our light and our salvation and the rainbows are His promises. Praise His Name. The hymn going round and round in my head last couple of days. "I will praise you in the storm" god bless - hugs -nita.

  2. Send some of that rain this way, Beth. We're over 3 inches below normal and everything is burning up outside. We're in the 90s but the humidity is relatively low....for now.

    I know what you're talking about with the doctors. While my VA medical care is great the only downside so far is having to go to Salem or Roanoke for any specialist appointments. The 150 mile round trip on our overcrowded Interstate is murder and I'd almost rather go without some care than have to go into Salem or Roanoke!

  3. Loving that graphic you have posted.

    Your weather has just plain stunk since you've been there! When will it EVER end for pity sakes!

  4. Pee Ess I just ate my first home grown tomato. I truly wish you were here. ♥

    and I'm doing well far as I know. :-)

  5. GORGEOUS topper you have on your blog, Beth!
    Listen, send some of that rain, even if it's only a drizzle, over here. Now in drought and it was 102 today. The heat is so heavy that you can hardly catch your breath. I've put out even more dishes of water for the the wildlife now and have to change the water very often because it gets so hot. Tomorrow the word is: 105 and no rain whatsoever in sight. Oh yeah, and wouldn't you know that my hair appt is tomorrow, too. Dreadin' it. Think I'll tell her to just shave me bald. xoxoxo

  6. It was quite hot here today 100 and very humid. You may think I'm nuts but right about now. A snow storm wouldn't be so bad.Still I was in an air conditioned store till 10 tonight and now my A.C. is crankin so it ain't so bad. Fall sounds pretty good right about now.
    Ok Beth so whats to eat?

  7. I am glad you have an ac. Have a great day tomorrow and let's hope this weather gets right.

  8. ah now Beth, I can't touch type,. have tried to teach myself, and even have a program to help... But it's so strict, keeps criticising me, says try taking the gloves off!! Sheesh..
    anyway, glad to read that your cupboards are full, and there's plenty of food, I'll be right over. Have you any Grapefruit Marmalade?..That's a must have in my book.NO?..ah shame...!! lol.
    Hope the weather didn't turn out to be too bad, and It seems that everyone else wants the rain you're getting, so I'll join in, and ask you to send some here too, the garden needs it badly.xx

  9. Hi my friend.. What a beautiful site you have here..I just wanted to stop by and say hello.. Sounds like you are doing ok.. thats good.. Like the pictures you have posted here...Take Care. Hugs.

  10. Beth your space here is absolutely wonderful. Good night and God Bless. I will come back when I get some sleep.
    Love and Hugs


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