It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have to say that I am fascinated by blog spot and what you can find out there.  If you are looking at my profile and click on favorite music (mine happens to be classic country) there are only 24 bloggers on blog spot that have listed classic country as their favorite.  Click on Illinois and you will find that there are 2,340,000 bloggers from Illinois that use blog spot.  Click on favorite books (mine is murder mysteries) and you will find that 4,100 list murder mysteries as their favorite book.  Click on interests (my top one being family) and you will find that 1,950,000 blog spot users list family as their interest.  And you can go on and on.  I have found quite a few blogs that I have enjoyed visiting this way.  I bet that you can’t guess that most of the bloggers liking classic country music are from Texas!! 

A lovely day today, low humidity and high in the low 80s.  Not looking forward to the return of the heat which is expected back next week.

I shopped yesterday and spent a chunk of money so I am sticking close to home today.  I did clean a bit in the dreaded bathroom yesterday but the vacuum cleaner sits alone and unused.  I guess I could get re-acquainted  with that today.  However, that doesn’t interest me in the least.  I do plan to make the tacos today that I didn’t get made last week.

The Canada goose is edging ever closer to my back door.  I see them each morning eating the grass between my back door and the cemetery. The number is increasing each day.  Those are really some big fellows weighing in at 20 lbs or better.

Well, I guess I had better get up off my bottom end and do something as it is for sure that nothing is accomplished by sitting all day in front of a  computer.

I hope your week is going great guns for you all.



  1. I really like blogger too. There's so many cool gadgets available and with so many people using it, you know it's got to be good. I've never seen anyone saying anything about them changing things like they always do at Spaces.

    The geese are fun to watch, just hope they don't find your backyard too inviting. They can be so messy!

  2. Blogger has been a life boat of sorts for me. The sad collapse of WLS left me with few other options that I wanted to try but this worked wonderfully. It makes me wonder why I didn't follow my wife here sooner. It's been cooler for us too but it is getting warmer. 88 is predicted for today and the nineties start up again tomorrow. We are going to a mountain cabin near Yellowstone on Saturday so I don't mind the return of the's never hot up there.

  3. hi beth, your space here is looking good and they are interesting facts you have shared. I still miss some things about the old live spaces, as you know I am still posting on there as are you, but it is very quiet and different, ah well, that is life - hugs - nita

  4. I do love it here Beth and the best part is having so many that have had LS come also.
    I love your image at the top .WOW and your page.
    Beth Blogspot is undending full of information , people and places and so happy you like it. Glad your here with me Beth. My garden is beautiful.. I have new kittens. Ya.!!! and photos will be coming up.

    Love you my friend and blog sister

  5. Hi Beth, Your site looks great. It does look like you have adapted well to Blogger. There is another way to search for blogs too, and that is to use Google's Advanced blog search. If you want to find only Blogger blogs, you just type in the space where it say "at this URL". here's the search page:

  6. Love your background on the blog. I found out by accident by clicking interests, what fun! My vacuum is calling me and I am teaching it patience! LOL! I wonder just what you bought shopping (?) Have a classic country day!

  7. Wow, I never noticed that before. Now I'll never get anything done because I'll be lost in Blogland all day. Reminds me of when I first went online as part of an assignment for a multimedia programming course I was taking way back in the last century. We were required to find the average height and weight of a female ruby throated humming bird (absolutely serious). Before I new it I had been surfing the web for nearly 3 hours, was looking at the celebrity belly button page and had no idea how I got there. Absolutely true story.

  8. Me..I am so plain Jane. Nothing exciting at all with my blog picture and nothing on my profile. I may break down and try adding something instead of being Sam Spade. (that's even too old for me believe it or not).

  9. The Canadian geese have become a bit of a problem around here. The fowl have fouled some drinking water and there is a big controversey as to how to deal with them.
    I finally dragged out my vacuum a couple of days ago. (Oh isn't that interesting.)

  10. Boy I got alot to learn. Tried to correct a spelling mistake by copying and then deleting my comment and was going to paste it but it wont let me. Oh well, sorry about that.
    As I was saying, "Just stopped by to say hello".
    Your blog looks great, Beth.It is so bright and cheerful, and I like what you did with your family pictures. I will have to look up the interests. Thanks for the info. I still have alot to learn here in my limited time on the computer.
    If you tie some string or light rope around your yard and attach to a few pegs, the geese wont cross over. It just needs to be about a foot off the ground. One of my cliets tried it and it really does work and saves a mess.
    We you take care and have a good rest of the week.
    Dianne :)

  11. Happened upon this Beth. You are still pretty close to where my son lives. I have some friends in Sheldon, IL as well. Love reading your blogs when I find them. Hugs, Linda

    I don't blog here often enough. Gotta get back to it. Please become a follower so we can remain friends online.


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