It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, nice day..

but I am all knackered out.  Thanks to Mike in England for that word.  I googled it and found it to be a British word meaning tired and worn out which is exactly how I feel today.  Winking smile
The weather today is gorgeous, hanging in there at 70 degrees; to be much colder tomorrow with rain.  Wouldn’t you know it the day I have to get out in it. I need to wrap my mind around Christmas shopping but I don’t find that appealing at all.  I think I will hit Kohl’s and Bergners and buy clothes and stick some money in the pocket.  That would work wouldn’t it?  I keep asking my daughter what they want for Christmas and so far no input yet.  I just was talking to my WV sis and she reminded me that I won’t have to make a lot of goodies as I have in the past.  Money for the paper carrier and goodies for the mail carrier.  That should do it.  No old people on my list or nursing home.  I failed to get the last name of the lady that was in the hospital at the same time I was.  I have thought about her a lot and pray she is improving.
Not much news today.  I will have an update tomorrow when I get home from my doctor visit.  I hope you are all having a nice day and I hope the week ahead is a good one.
Red heart  Beth


  1. Hi Beth,

    Your comment made me smile about being Knackered out, yes we say I am knackered, I am never quite sure if it is a word I should be using, but sometimes I do.
    Hope you get a good report tomorrow, will be thinking of you and praying too.

    My daughters have both mentioned christmas shopping. At the moment, I just cannot get my head around it, but I guess I will have to soon. My grandsons have started giving me lists too.

    I feel as if I have been in a fog this week, but hopefully the light is beginning to shine through and I am starting to understand certain things, but everything seems very challenging at the moment and I feel I just cant match up to it sometimes (if you know what I mean) The evangelical teaching is very strict, but biblical and I know it to be true. Please say a special prayer for Amanda, Beth, that she will come to fully trust Jesus and hand all her problems over to him - take care my friend, big hugs - Nita.

  2. I am with you, just doesnt seem like christmas shopping time yet, usually i try to get a few things thru the year as i find good deals on things i know someone would want but as far as heading out just for that, i need cooler weather first.
    Hope you get some rest before heading out tomorrow


  3. Maybe the guesser will be wrong and your rain won't come 'til later. I always dread Christmas, not know what the little ones want. They are all I buy for anymore.

  4. That tree has got to be the prettiest tree I've seen in a long time. I love trees so I always notice them. I've been thinking of Christmas too. I have so many to buy for that I dread it every year. Brody will be the easiest being only 2, he'll love anything. The rest though are tough. I like your idea of buying a shirt and putting money in it.
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying that you get good news from the doctor.

  5. The weather really dies sound nice. Hard to believe Christmas is anywhere on the radar yet but time is moving right along. Bless you my friend.

  6. I'm pretty knackerewd myself. Rain on the way here too and getting the yard ready for winter.
    I was so happy to hear that your first test results came back good and I'm sure you will have more good news tomorrow.

    Take care and rest up.

  7. Christmas! We will be lucky to get through Thanksgiving! Scary this year. Things change so fast! :(

  8. knackered out is a great word. I may change my middle name to " knackered" :-)

  9. Kinda knackered out myself here. Nah, I feel great.

    The oldest will just get money after the several things I have already gotten thru the year. The youngest hasn't even hinted yet..the middle wants something expensive and when he tells me which one, that's all he's getting. Different kind of year.

  10. I hope all goes well for you Beth. Hope the rain holds off awhile. I may bake presents this year.

  11. Christmas!another one..We just celebrated my youger son's birthday because he was away on his business trip to USA on his birthday I just cant thinking about at present time,but it seems more likely same thing to follows G-Kids for money?
    Hope you have a good news from your doctor:-)

  12. It a great word is Knacked, we use it here alot and not just for being tied, for things like "my car knacked", my Grandmother hate the word,and was always try to stop us using it as kids and as it always is the more she try the more we use it.
    Take care

  13. Looks like rain here today Beth , yes it is a bit daunting Christmas shopping , I think I will just send cards maybe. Have a lovely Monday Take care Sheila x


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