It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We asked for rain…

and we got rain.  It rained Friday night, Saturday morning, stopped for a bit in the afternoon, then started up again last night.  It was still raining when I got up this morning.  It has cleared off a bit right now but is to start raining again this afternoon.  I now have a clean car.  Hooray!!  This is the first rain except for sprinkles that we have had for several weeks.

Yesterday morning I made my way out in the pouring rain to Bergners where I purchased some new sweatshirts for winter.  My clothes are all way to big for me and I have started cleaning out my closet and taking things to Good Will.  While at Bergners I made a donation to the county humane society.  My daughter smiles at me because I give to all of the local causes.  Just a couple of weeks ago I paid $15 for a tiny can of popcorn to benefit the Boy Scouts.  She is forgetting that when she and her brother were young how many times we went door to door selling stuff for school or scouting benefits.  I was a den mother for my daughter when she was in scouts and I remember how hard it was to get anyone to give a donation.

My chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans was a hit with my daughter and SIL as they came over and ate with me.  My daughter’s friend had given her a sack of apples from her tree and I made a raw apple cake too.  Everything was really good.  Like an early Thanksgiving meal minus the pumpkin pie.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, the river boat a few miles up the road from me is having a Thanksgiving buffet.  If my son is able to come for Thanksgiving we will all go there for the noon meal.

Hey, while I have been typing this, the sun has come out for a little while and it looks so pretty and bright outside after the rain cleaned everything off.

I hope you are all having a great day.  We have all been given another day so let’s make the most of it.

Red heart  Beth


  1. Still raining here this morning. We had some pretty good thunder storms pass through last night.
    We use to have a neighbor whose kids would come here for every fund raising they had but they never bought from anyone else's kids, that really irritated me. One day I mentioned to their mother and all of a sudden her kids stopped coming to our house lol. I guess she didn't want to return the favor.
    Would love your recipe for your apple cake if it's not a family secret recipe :). Your meal sounded devine!
    Have a great day Beth!

  2. Rain sounds wonderful. Sure hope it's heading this way. We have a chance tonight and tomorrow.
    Your meal sounds wonderful. Made even better by sharing with family.

  3. Thanksgiving plans sounds like a great time for all. Gee you lost weight and I gained...hmm. Have a wonderful Sunday Beth.

  4. Hi Beth

    Think I have managed to lose a couple of pounds too, slow but sure will be the motto I think!! We are getting our fair share of rain. Your mention of apple made me think of the apples I bought this week, so think I will slice and microwave and have with the creamy custard I also purchased. I have been off my food this week, with this horrible bug which is circulating here, but more of an appetite now, although still full of cold and a sore throat. I am so disallusioned with things on msn at the moment, but guess it will all come out in the wash as they say. Have a good week, hugs Nita.

  5. I found your pounds. Health-wise I am glad I quit smoking. But man, the weight gain is still there. Oh well.

    The dinner you made is exactly what I would have loved to eat. I had a frozen entree with chicken, apples and stuffing. I added corn to it. But to have the real thing..Oh my MY! Yummy.

    That rain is headed our way, but we need it.

  6. I love when it rains. We don't get enough of it around here...Southern California :-)


  7. It's overcast here with a threat of showers but I went out, with me camera to check out some local foliage. It rained. The picture at the top of your blog is better than anything I've seen locally.
    You're right about all of us being given another day.

  8. Rain stopped here, sun came out and by the time I got here it's cloudy again. That apple cake sounds like something to make. Will be trying that.

  9. You know it's a weird thing, I've not only climatized some but I've also gotten used to much spicier food. Now the recipes from home seem a lot more foreign...ironic. I hope I snap too some when we get home becaue it will be on the edge of being Thanksgiving again. No rain for us but lots of heat and humidity.

  10. Oh, so you're the one! The weather guessers are calling for rain here beginning tomorrow morning and running through Thursday morning. I'll forgive you this time, especially since Godzilla could use a bath. That said, please don't go wishing for any snow anytime soon. I had my fill of that last year when the dufus plow operator buried just about every car on the street. It was up to the windows on Godzilla and he's nearly 7 feet tall!

  11. Hi Beth,When it rains it pours,huh?(grinning....)Glad you got your rain. We are supposed to have thunder storms tonight. Your picture of that tree all decked out in fall array is amazing ,as is your fall backgroud. This is my favorite season!

  12. We have had enough rains after all(six week)non stopped rainny days thank you:-) here on now skipped into the summer time weather,as you know we have four season in one day in here:-)
    enjoy your rains.

    You have lost your wieght thats a good news.
    I remember my younger son's was in scout it seems all time sell some thing for benefit for boy scout.
    Enjoy your day!

  13. Oh I love the rain, it make everything look so clean and green
    Have good week
    Take care

  14. Did i hear apple cake !!! Darn am i too late...hope it was wonderful.

  15. I've had Fresh Apple Cake on my mind lately, whenever I find the recipe. We got a nice rain, love my car getting washed too. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds wonderful, especially with family.


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