It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday morning…

and the sun is shining brightly over the snow covered ground.  The real temp is 1 degree F but the wind chill is below zero.  I am going out to warm up the car soon and then I am going to venture to the grocery store.  I am running out of important things like TV dinners.

I feel better this morning after a decent nights sleep.  And I remember this little piece of advice my  sister’s doctor gave her; ‘Use it or lose it".  Now I do believe that could apply to just about anything in our life, from a  25 cent coupon on Charmin to multiple other things, too numerous to mention.  I was told by my doctor that when I felt better I could resume exercising, starting with 5 minutes a day for a couple of days and gradually working up to the 30 minutes I normally do.  I will start that today.

The housecleaning I will leave till next week.  I have already enlisted some help with Spring housecleaning in a few weeks. 

Did I mention that Spring  is only 66 days away?  Groundhog Gertie is all set to make her appearance on February 2nd with a  famous TV personality there.  Click on the link to find out who.  Groundhog Gertie, don’tcha just love that name.

My car is not going to start itself so I am going out to brave the cold and get it going.  Catch you all later.

Red heart  Beth


  1. TV dinners, I can't remember the last time I had one. Take it easy out there and with the excersizing. I the name Groundhog Gertie. We have Sun Prairie Jimmy here and I been told that they say he has a better record the "Phil" too. Maybe Phil should retire and let Gertie and Jim do the honors, lol.

  2. Gotta stock up with those dinners! You'll love getting back into the excersize thing---all those endorfins kick in and make you feel better than ever! Get well soon and spring will be here before you know it.

  3. Spring My Oh My am I going to make the most of it. TV dinners never had those before Beth, Bet they are tasty. Exercise yes the doc told me to pace myself , I hope you are feeling much better and enjoy that little exercise, lose it or you lose it yes indeed. Hugs Beth xx

  4. I have never been more interested than I am these days in the count down to Spring!

    Cold as can be here too but you have us beat by several degrees. the heat just keeps on and on and on from the furnace. The thing is probably exhausted. :-)

    You'll catch up on the exercise in no time. You haven't lost what you had so it will be a very short time before you are literally up to speed.


  5. Beth, I'm so glad to hear you're doing better and starting to be able to exercise...a step at a time like that is a good thing. I'm also thrilled to see your countdown to spring though I know often it's officially spring and still is loath to act like it in these parts. Right now we're doing better than many so still I remain thankful while I can. Blessing and grace to you my friend!

  6. Oh, wow, do you sound better! I'm so glad for you. Sunshine would be welcome here if it'd just come.

  7. I'm catching up once again. Beth, I LOVE the new look here! It is beautiful and happy looking and the music is great, too. What a pleasure to visit today (well, it's always a pleasure, but today was special -- looked like Spring)
    I've been keeping up with the floods in Australia, too, and it's very scary. I hope and pray your friend, Kerrie and her Jaiden are ok and safe.
    I've been keeping up with Admiral, too, and things are definitely looking up. Whew, and double whew.
    Hey, beans are sounding good to me. Twisted my foot today so I'm off the road and icing down. Makes for a good day to blog walk, eh?
    Now, with YOU, don't overdo. Do Not Overdo; just a little at a time. But shoot, you're like I am -- you'll go gangbusters when you shouldn't, so I won't say another word. But do be careful :)
    Carole talked me into starting a 2nd blog. I can hardly keep up with my regular being as I'm not home much right now, but I did it. It's a blog for Sam & Lucy at
    Brand new so not finished yet, but drop by if you get bored with waiting for Spring :D XOXOXO

  8. I've been pumping chicken soup and orange juice for the past week trying to return to the land of the living. Glad you're feeling better.

    The flooding in Queensland is incredible. We've been watching it on BBC America and it's just astonishing how much damage Mother Nature can do.

  9. You're really serious about having a celebrity there with Groundhog Gertie! Wow, lucky you! Hope you get a good look at both of them. LOL

    Sounds like good advice to do just a little everyday. You'll know if you've done to much or if you can increase to your usual workout level.

    Stay warm, blow the snow to the east and bring on Spring!


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