It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Minus 22 wind chill…

but who cares?  Not me, I am busy counting the days till Spring which stands at 40 days, give or take a day or two.   If the weather forecast is to be believed by  next Sunday it should reach a magnificent 40 degrees.  Not holding my breath mind you, just cautiously optimistic.  There is so much snow on the ground though that I don’t expect to feel much benefit.
Yesterday my niece came over to have lunch with me and watch Y & R.  That show is so mixed up now it is hard to keep up with who is dead and who is alive.  I have been hooked for a long time now so I keep right on watching.  Eye rolling smile
I fixed beef/vegetable soup for lunch with the leftover roast beef.  It was good and I had 4 serving size containers to put in my freezer beside the chili.  Watch out Ms Calender.  Not sure what I am cooking today.  I need to get to the pharmacy but I am not going out in temps this cold.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I also need to get to the grocery store for a few things.
I think I have everything I need to file my taxes, so that looms on the horizon.  Sarcastic smile  Not looking forward to that!!
I need to stop and fix me some breakfast.  I will be around to visit later.  In the meantime, play nice.
Red heart  Beth


  1. Hi Beth,
    Wow. Hope it does warm up for you soon. It is a lovely sunny day here today, not sure on temps, but it is not too cold. I can't wait for spring/summer either, it is encouraging that we are getting more daylight hours now. Take Care - Hugs - Nita

  2. Good morning. Oh it is just too cold. I do hope the heat wave comes ;-)

  3. You're even colder than us...we're are at -13 with the wind and have over six inches of new snow on the ground. I love your countdown! I know that just having something out there to look forward to is blessing. I figure that the days of below zero weather will be done before the snow storms head out for another season but still that's a very good thing!

  4. Beth...go here for help with the Nook.

  5. Guess I could have left my other comment...mistake and all. :-)
    Sure sounds cold. Thankful you can stay inside today. Your beef/vegetable soup sounds good. Our chicken soup was good. Even enough left for lunch today. I appreciate leftovers.
    Stay warm.
    Sorry you'll probably receive 2 emails saying basically the same thing.

  6. That is colder than cold, glad you aren't going out today.
    Got a chuckle about Y&R. I used to watch it. Mine was cancelled after many years, ATWT. It got so that I didn't know who was dead or alive on that one.

  7. HI Beth,
    today we had sunshine and hardly any wind , so it felt like Spring is already here, instead of just hiding around the corner...
    Good luck with the Tax filing, ( I'm listening to 'singing the blues' ... is it the taxman? ;-) )
    take care and thanks for dropping by...xPen 'n' her Majx

  8. With cold that cold, no wonder you're counting the days till spring, but does your spring just come like that, one day it's winter, next it's spring? I wish ours was, it can chop and change so much, summer can be over before we realize it was here.

  9. It may only just be the beginning of February but, already, my thoughts are turning to Spring. With each successive year my ever ageing body yearns more and more for spring and summer, and less and less for late autumn and winter. Bwahaha!
    You know something, I would let you cook for me any day!!

  10. Stay warm. I am anxiously waiting for warmer weather too. Spring will be most welcomed! Blessings, Joanne

  11. Another 40 days? it seems a long time to waiting for the spring time....
    but you are healthy AND enjoy yummy foods...
    it okay you take care.

  12. I am wanting some home made vegetable beef soup too, after reading that. YUMMY!


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