It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update on Thursday…

My niece came home from the hospital last night and is recuperating at home.  Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and prayers.

Well, we are under another  storm warning for tonight with 6 – 8 inches.  However, I am not discouraged because according to the countdown on my blog it is only 24 days, 11 hours, 15 minutes and 28 seconds until Spring as I am typing this.  Scroll clear down on my blog and you will get caught up on the countdown.

I am heading out to pay a bill or two and check in at the Sears store to see what the markdowns are now.  So far they haven’t been very good.  I also will fill my car up with gas as the prices are going up at the pump again this weekend.  Yesterday they were topping out here at $3.29 a gallon.

Nothing much to get caught up on with me.  This has been a rather blah week filled with a lot of apprehension.  I have been talking that over with God and reminding myself of Matthew 6:34 that cautions me not to worry about tomorrow and to let the days own troubles be sufficient. 

I hope you all are having a good week.  Stay safe and be happy!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Hope that storm of yours is a lot less than predicted. It's true---one can't worry about tomorrow or yesterday---just stay with the now and be happy. Glad your niece is back and doing well. Smile!

  2. So glad your neice is home now Beth.Those storm warnings I hope it isn't as bad as predicted.Petrol here £1.29. per litre. Have to ration myself now and do all I can in one journey ..Have a good day Hugs Sheila.

  3. I'm glad to know Dee is home, Beth.

    Gas was $3.06 a few days ago. We will see what it says when I head out for my salon appt. here shortly.


  4. Hi Beth,

    Pleased your niece is home and recuperating. Think I need to take note of Matthew 6 v 34 too, being filled with apprehension sounds very familiar to me. Hope your storm not too bad. Hugs - Nita

  5. Dear Beth!
    Yes it is just trying to look forward to spring.
    Look at your calendar to countdown .. lol.
    Wishing you warmth and love.
    God Bless you. Hugs Ann

  6. Good news about Dee. Now thank you for the count down to Spring! Gas is gold these days eh? Enjoy your day my friend.

  7. Hi, Ms. Beth...sorry that you've had a rough week. It's wonderful to see that you turn to the Lord, our help and strength, when we get low!! HOPE you have a great weekend. If you get a chance, drop by Jeremiah 29:11 and join our linky party's Fantastic Friday!!!

  8. I gassed up several days ago at $3.26 a gallon. I have heard that by summer it may reach $5.00. Well isn't that special.
    We're expecting a lot of rain. Which will further diminish the snow even more though there could be some flooding in some areas.

    Good to hear your niece is home.

  9. Your niece came home, GREAT news! Here's hoping that she can get back in the swing of things real soon, and ease.
    As I type this, it's a chilly -35°C with the windchill/-31°F. As much as I love my snow, I am looking forward to Spring too. It's time.
    Do take care... :)

  10. So glad your niece came home I bet you are relive too.
    I think everything going up the sky high prices in here, we has been dry weather for so many years now the water bills are high than before
    after we has restriction water..
    it doesn't make sense.

    Hope the weather getting better for us...
    Have a nice day,

  11. Oh I'm happy to hear she is doing better. Gas prices, UGH! It's just awful.

  12. So glad to hear Dee is out of the hospital. I will continue to pray for her.
    Sorry about more snow up there. We've been having rain..lots with flash floods in some areas. Spring is coming, and won't we all be so thankful for it!?!
    Gasoline here is topping out at $3.29/gallon, too. A few places have it for less, still over $3. Wonder when/if it'll stop going up.

  13. Good news, bad news, that's all there ever seems to be, but then I suppose the fact that your niece is out of hospital and is OK outweighs the price of gas,
    Our gas [petrol] is escalating it takes about £70 to fill my car, which is only a modest 1500cc ford focus, the petrol is average £1.28 per litre, they daren't give it for a gallon or we'd all have heart failure.

  14. I can't believe I've missed so many updates of yours Beth,... apologies, no excuse just blame Bess, she's been clamouring for attention lately, 'woofing' that I spend too much on time online. AS if!!! and now I'm smiling 'cos I now have loads of your words to read...Good news about Dee, and yes, don't worry about tomorrow, let that take care of itself. Too much hassle...


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