It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Life Goes On


Deep in the heart of every one,

There is a wide frontier,

A vast expanse to overcome,

Beset with toil and tear.

There is no smooth and easy path,

Each one must find their way,

And prove their merit traveling on

With Faith, from day to day.

~ Dovie A. Owens ~


Yesterday was not a good day,  Another blood test and a discussion with the doctor that I didn’t like.  Some days I feel way older than what I am.  But life goes on and we deal with it the best way that we can.

I met an interesting lady while I was sitting waiting to have the blood drawn.  She was a hoot to talk to.  She said she would be 89 on her birthday that is coming soon.  Man, she looked better than I do but then I was having an extremely trying morning.  She told me that her kids (that is what she called them, although I think they were almost as old as I am) took her car away from her last year and told her she couldn’t drive anymore.  She told me it broke her heart but she had figured out a way to get even.  She said that every appointment she has, no matter where it might be, that one of her kids has to take her.  She was laughing as she was saying this.  My daughter was sitting there smiling and this lady told her to pay attention and to remember that we all grow old if we are lucky enough.  Young people think that their parents will live forever.  Not so!  Appreciate your parents while they are here and help them whenever they need help.  You know what?  I would like to get up on the rooftops and shout that lady’s word at the top of my lungs hoping just one person would pay attention.  Not gonna happen!

This morning I have to go to the pharmacy and back by the grocery store.  I hope you all have a good weekend.

Red heart  Beth


  1. Hi Beth,

    Your verse is very true. Also like you, I feel my age and much more sometimes at the moment. Hope you get medical matters sorted. Have a great weekend, Hugs - Nita

  2. This blog hit home as we had to take Dad's license and car away. He had hit a parked truck and just came home. We worked it out with the officer to take them so he didn't get upset with us. Taking them to their appointments are a small price to pay for their and others safety. I don't look forward to that time in my life, but I do understand that the need may arise at some date.

  3. Both my Mum and Dad still drive, but there are some place Mum doesn't, like to drive to , so Ross or i take her, it is a small thing to do when you look at all they done for me
    Have a good weekend Beth
    Take care

  4. Hi Beth
    I hope all goes well with your tests!
    We have alot of snow again this morning and their calling for ice rain on top off it all.I was going to the store today but waiting till tomorrow.
    Hugs Margaret

  5. You hit on so many things that trouble me with this blog that I don't know where to start. I hit forty this year and my parents mortality has been something that I can't get off my mind even for a moment. You're so right about these things and we must not forget...though that's the struggle with being mortal...we do so often forget and take things for granted. Strength and grace to you my dear friend.

  6. I always wish the very best for you Beth. I am so glad you are near your daughter and closer to your son. That lady sounded like someone I'd like to meet. I wish I could adopt ah Mom, like the program to adopt grandparents. I wish Mom were here to give me advice.
    Hugs Beth

  7. HI Beth,
    Looks like you met a lady in a million, and one whose outlook on life would aid anyone who's feeling downhearted about getting on in years. I hope I'm as chirpy as she when I'm her age...
    hugs to you my friend, and have a wonderful week-end. xPen and her Maj.x

  8. Blessings......
    I know what you mean about awful days. I hope you are better today and you are pain free for many tomorrows.

    Have a great evening my friend.
    Stay blessed.

  9. Hi Beth

    I hope you start to feel better soon.

    I lost my mom and dad 5 weeks apart in the summer of 1999 and I still miss them. And I'm almost 65.


  10. hope everything comes out ok. Sometimes difficulties make us stronger, and sometimes they just suck.

  11. Yes I know your days and that oh so feeling a bit weary , I love the days I feel good though and then I tend to go for it and dare I say it overdue it!!That was a very interesting chat and wise words form that lady to. Enjoy your Saturday hope you get some sunshine , non here at the moment. Hugs Sheila x

  12. Jaiden and I are here popping in to say G'day Girl. Hope that brings a smile to your face and warms your heart. I said the G'day and Jaiden added the Girl. G'day Girl! Sorry that you had a bad day yesterday. Now you know for sure tomorrow is going to be a diamond of a day. I'm going to say to you what you said to me, you are way too hard on yourself. Love you loads!
    Kerrie and Jaiden. xOx

  13. I understand what meant Beth!The doctor visits are gave me nervous too.
    Hope you have a bright day for you.
    Take care!

  14. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes. I extend the same to you. You're so right - our parents are with us for such a relatively short time. We don't want to have any regrets about what we said, didn't say, do/didn't do once they are gone. All we have is today, and its up to us to fully appreciate it.
    Be well,

  15. We often take family for granted. It was a blessed visit in the DR.'s waiting room. I hope your blood work turns out well.

  16. Beth, I hope this day has been better for you. That lady sounds like she has gained some wisdom. I remember when my mom wasn't able to drive was so hard on her to not be independent anymore.
    I wish you the best with your blood test...praying for you.


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