It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Reliving lots of memories…

going through these old pictures.  Memories of my senior class trip to Chicago where we stayed at the Palmer House Hotel.

Below is a photo taken of me on the left with my two best friends, Anna Mae in the middle and Shirley on the right.  Take note of the flowers at the neckline and the crinoline petticoat.  High fashion in the 50s.  Shirley was my maid of honor when Jim and I were married.  I recently found out that she lives not far from me.  We had a nice long visit on the phone.


That was really a fun trip.  We saw New Faces  of 1954 starring Eartha Kitt.  To this day I can remember one of her costumes was lime green.  I remember thinking how beautiful she looked.

That first night we wandered around the hotel all night long looking in every nook and cranny.  I remember the little boutique that had nothing but hats on display and they were all red.  Times were different then and there was no thought of not being safe.  Looking back kind of makes me shudder.  I definitely would have wanted my kids to be better chaperoned on class trips.  In fact, I know that my kids were because I acted as chaperone on many a class trip through the years.  We had a wonderful trip and we all returned home unscathed.


It is still miserably hot here.  It was 99 degrees (real temp) here last night at 7 PM and is to get to mid to upper 90s.  The excessive heat warning has been extended now till 7PM Sunday night.  I am staying in the house and not venturing out unless necessary.  I have been to the store and done laundry and that is about it.  I am transported back in time looking at these old pictures.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  STAY COOL!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Looking back can be so much fun. Things sure were different. I don't miss the criniline petticoats though, lol.

  2. How cool to unearth those old photos. What great memories they evoke! Love the shot with you and your friends---yes, things were more relaxed back then, not necessarily much safer---just more respect from most strangers. We never had a senior trip---there was too much racial unrest for one at that time. Hope Max can experience one, though! Stay cool!

  3. I went on some field trips back in the day but never anything that far away from home. It's certainly a different world we live in now. Now I'm the tour guide for my family and love doing that so much. We are just nicely in the eighties here and weren't touched by the heat wave that effected so many. Stay cool as you can my friend.

  4. Blessings Beth:

    Thank you for your support, my sis is doing better, not out of the woods yet, she has to be monitored hour by hour.

    It's hot like a Muddah here, yesterday it was so hot that it felt like stepping into a sauna. with the humidity it was like 50.

    Sweet memories is always rejuvernating.

    Take care....
    have a blessed and splendifirous weekend

  5. I LOVE the outfits! So cool! what wonderful memories and how great to discover that your friend lives close by! I agree with you...when I think of the places that I went to alone as a kid in the city I cringe. My Hubby says that his Mom would let them go off and tell them just be back by Dinner time! I can't imagine not knowing where my child is for a minute much less hours and hours! How will I ever let go?
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. It is very hot here in Alabama also Beth. The humidity is bad making it worse. Say prayers for Oslo Norway everyone.Love you Beth Hugs

  7. Nice and cool here in the Pacific Northwest. And, at the moment, not raining.

    I think it's probably almost as safe now as it was then, but we're hypersensitive thanks to the media. Just my opinion.

  8. Hi Beth

    I am in a bit of a reflective mood too, like your picture.

    Hope you have a good weekend

    Hugs Nita.

  9. I love seeing these photo and you already know that. yes indeed..things had to have been safer then than now. AS an adult you wouldn't find me out at night in a strange (or even familiar) city.

  10. Wonderful memories Beth love the skirts and bows. stay cool I hear it very bad over there , sounds like a good idea to stay in doors. Hugs Sheila x

  11. Life was so innocent then. How times have chance. Hugs Carrie

  12. I'm enjoying looking at your old photo's Beth Marie, Some wonderful memories for you....


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