It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ever drop a Cheerio…

and get down on all fours and crawl around the room searching for that little guy?  Or get ready to take your morning meds and drop the most expensive one on the floor?  You have 10 seconds to find it before it is contaminated.  The 10 second rule I think it is called.  Well, my lone little Cheerio is on the floor along with my med and a few dust bunnies, never to be seen again until Murphy’s law says it is a given that I will step on it.  That is a known fact, the only way to discover anything you drop on the floor is to step on it.

cheerios (1)

Yesterday my daughter and son in law came over after church and we had the chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans with bacon and onion and cherry pie.  This was a change from my previous menu.  Marie Callendar helped me out with the pie, the rest I fixed with my own two hands.  It was really good!  Next Sunday my son is coming to visit me.  I will be really glad to see him as I haven’t seen him since April.

My sister had an exciting experience on Saturday.  She got to be one of the judges in a beauty pageant.  The different categories were babies to age 12.  She said it was quite an experience which she told me she never wants to repeat again.  The highlight of it all for her was getting to sit next to the weatherman on one of the local TV channels.  She said it was quite a treat getting to meet him and finding that he looks much bigger on TV.  LOL!!  I had an amazing phenomena happen here too concerning the weatherman on my favorite Peoria  TV channel.  Very nice looking young man with a very obvious bald spot on the back of his head which I had observed for the past year.  Amazingly, I noticed recently the bald spot was gone.  What happened????

I have changed the bedding and have my laundry done already this morning.  I am liking the iPod in my bedroom having a mind of its own and deciding to wake me each day at 6 AM with a tune.  This is a new docking station that I got a few weeks ago.  I have an iPod in my living room in a docking station and it it behaving nicely.

It is a lovely morning.  I will be leaving in a few minutes to run some errands.  I hope you all have a great week.  Stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. I don't think I would want to judge such a contest either. I'm sure she did a good job though.

    Hmmmm! The case of the disappearing bald spot. Has me stumped.

  2. what a minnit..I'll come with you. I need some things like diet cokes and cat fuds!


  3. Hi Beth,

    Hope you have a great week too.

    Hugs Nita

  4. That sounds like a very good meal indeed! Nothing beats a home cooked meal! Perhaps the weather man used a little spray paint on his head! LOL! My dad always likes to tease people that suddenly go from grey to another color saying they put "coffee" in their hair! I love my dock for my i-Pod...makes things go by quickly when there's things to be done don't you think?

  5. Oh gosh there's no way I'd want to judge a children's pageant. It would break my heart of those that didn't win started to cry. Sounds like a Delicious dinner even if you had a little help with the pie :). Enjoy your visit with your son, it's always so nice when they come back home.
    Take care and have a great week. Sounds like it's going to be a nice one!

  6. Don't mention Cheerios round here! The estate gamekeeper was having some sort of carry on with a woman in the next village, anyway something went off between them which she got upset about and next thing you know the back drive was blockaded with packets of Cheerios on which was written all manners of things saying how she felt about the gamekeeper. From what I've been told, they are his favourite cereal which she had bought in for when he made his visits.

    How do you like your iPod?

  7. Things get lost on the kitchen floor like socks in the dryer! :)

    Sounds like a delicious meal with good company and more to come. I'd pass on the contest judging, too.

    That made me giggle when you said the bald spot had disappeared--LOL! Ah--showbiz!

    Enjoy your 6am musical wake up calls. Have a great week!! :):)

  8. The bald spot. Rogaine. Hair transplants. Or a very small hairpiece. At this very moment I am in the process of making a spaghetti sauce from scratch. I have recieved a bunch of tomatoes. What else could I do.

  9. No Paul, it's spray paint! They paint the bald spot or glue ah spot of hair there. LOL!
    I have to be quicker than my dogs if I drop something. I say FREEZE! An all three dogs are statues. I wish you a very merry week. Cooler temps are coming so I washed all bedding too and hung them out to dry.

  10. We here are what you'd call the butter finger family! we drop everything. I wish I could be as awake as you are in the morning. I usually take at least an hour of me on auto pilot before I officially wake up in the morning!
    Blessings, Joanne

  11. Note to self: when catching up after being off line for a few days always read this blog earlier in the evening. It's nearly midnight and I'm starving now!

  12. It was nice to read about your family and you were enjoy your lunch with your daughter with son in law.
    Have a great week! enjoy your son visit too.
    Take care my friend.

  13. If you drop something small (i.e. meds or cheerios or any food) on the floor here, you have about 5 seconds before the dog finds it and inhales it. If it rolls under a piece of furniture, one of the cats will find it and bat it around until the dog finds it and then eats it. Enjoy your week!

  14. Haha, the magical disappearing bald spot! :)

  15. Around here, it's the "5 second rule", so you have to find it quick! LOL

    The tree at the top of your blog is gorgeous!! I can't wait for the fall colors to pop!

  16. Thanks for visiting my poetry blog. I don't normally take any notice of visitors there but seeing that it was your first time, I made an exception.

    There is another way for anything you drop to be found. Get a dog, they are extremely good at snuffling things out. They might not give them back to you, of course.

    Wonderful header photo.

  17. Oh that cherrios thing is so true. I hate when later I hear that crunch under my feet. I also hate having to get down on my hands and knee looking under things. I miss when the dog was around and would always clean up that kind of stuff. Sounds like you have a great week planned already. So have a good one. Hugs Carrie

  18. The meal sounds lovely Beth, just wish I was there to help you eat it...

  19. What a you made for dinner sounds devine!!

    I say hair plugs ... lol

    Sounds like you have done an amazing amount of work already in the day :)

    Now the 6am wake up unless I have to work is unacceptable ... lol


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