It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, September 30, 2011

Wild Card??

Nah!  The Cards are  charging into playoffs.

Any of you who have been reading my blog for the last 6 years know that I am a die hard St Louis Cardinal fan.  Having been born in the great state of Missouri, I feel it is my duty to be a Cardinal fan.  Plus the fact that my daddy was a Cardinal fan and Cardinal baseball is all I heard on the radio in my growing up years.  The Cardinals never fail to amaze me and just when I have given up hope they go and do something reckless and get a chance to be back on top again.


So what can I say but “Go Cards.”

I found out this morning as I was lugging my garbage can through the grass (to miss all of the fresh concrete) that tomorrow we can walk on the new driveway/sidewalks but we can’t park on them until next Thursday. 
Now that you have heard me cheering for the Cardinals and ranting about the new driveways all down my block I do believe it is time for me to be quiet.  I hope you all have a peaceful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. I remember, and mentioned how horrible it was having the street right outside my home and driveway torn up for well over a month. Nothing like it when its up close and personal like that. Noise, dirt, car all gritty...inconvenient. Just like what you're going through.

    Let's just get in the car and head to Louisiana.

  2. I bet you are going to relish that driveway when it's actually useable...I don't blame you for talking about it. Have a great day my friend.

  3. For Ramblingon. I would love to go to Louisiana as I have never been there. You will have to pick me up though because I can't move my car for fear of losing my parking spot. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my little bitty town?? and my two car garage and my washer and dryer and my water softener?? Just sayin.'

  4. congrats to the Cardinals.My braves , like always, blew it in the last few weeks, dont know why they choke like that every year. Hope your Cards do well .
    The tree is beautiful. we wont see colors like that this year as the trees kinda lost all thier beauty over the summer with the extreme heat and no water to keep them green. Have a great weekend

  5. I don't follow any sports at all. But various times I have lived with males (including my son) and then I'd hear the sounds of football (Vikings) and sometimes baseball (Twins). Never missed it enough to even turn it on for background noise--LOL! But I fully appreciate the people who are fans.

    If you can walk on the driveway does that mean you can pull the trash can over it, too? Or does that have to wait a week, too? Does it look like they did a good job? Be nice when it is set and done.

    Have a peaceful weekend. :)

  6. Hi Beth hope they have done a good job on your driveway. Enjoy the baseball. Hugs Sheila :)x

  7. I've never seen a baseball match well only in the movies, It's a bit like rounders isn't it? or am I being sacrilegious? ;-)
    You'll be like walking on sunshine when the drive is all hardened and walkable Beth, be patient.

  8. @ for Arlene. Rounders is very much like baseball. Baseball has 3 bases and the home plate
    while I am assuming Rounders has 1 more base. Am I correct?

  9. ok, if you insist, I hope the cards win whatever it is they play.
    and have a nice weekend yourself.

  10. Beth I am sitting with my feet up on my lazyboy sofa, with my laptop, watching the game as we speak. As usual my Blue Jays aren't in the playoffs but there is aways next year. :)

    I can sympathize with you concerning your driveway. Last year they tore up our whole street and they started in Apr. and finished in October. It was hobbible and I couldn't even ride my bike on our street and had to park on the next street over. I am sure glad that is all behind us.

    Well hope you are enjoying the game and good luck to your Cardinal.
    xx's Dianne :)

  11. Sorry about the type o's but I am watching the game. Ha!

  12. I am in Missourah and not a baseball fan. But I do hope they win ;-)
    I hope that new driveway is worth the trouble...jist say'in


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