It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, October 24, 2011

A peaceful walk…

in the cemetery.  Yesterday afternoon was lovely so I gathered up my keys, cell phone and camera and headed across the back yard to the cemetery.  I know that might spook some people out but it is a very calming walk for me.


This little fellow was the only living thing I saw yesterday except for


an old gentleman who was hidden behind this tree watering it.  I told him hi, we discussed the weather, decided we needed some rain, and I went on my way,


You can see the colors are not as pretty this year as last and many of the leaves are falling fast without changing color.

Tomorrow is to be in the mid 70s.  I am looking forward to that and then it is back to freezing temps and the dread of ice and snow.

I hope you all have a peaceful week.  Stay safe and be happy!



  1. Glad you got to get out with the camera. Our leaves are falling fast now but there is still some color to be found in the valleys and sheltered sides of the ridges.

  2. I can see where walking in a cemetery would be calming. Beautiful pictures Beth. Our leaves are just about all brown or down on the ground now. I'm not looking forward to the cold and snow either but it's that time again. Have a good day and take care.

  3. I know it's a peaceful place to understand the calming effect. Few trees still have leaves that haven't fallen yet. Probably should get a picture before their all gone. Just thinking about winter makes me shiver.

  4. Good Morning Beth, I just love all your seasonal decorating on your blog. The photo of your great great niece just fits right in. What an adorable little girl in awe of her surroundings.
    I hope and pray you are feeling much better , and I am glad to see you are out and about. It looks like you had a beautiful Sunday walk. I would think walking in a grave yard would be very peaceful and quiet and I would think twice if I lived by one.
    It was a beautiful day here yesterday and I enjoyed getting out for a walk also. It felt wonderful to be out and about with my camera in hand. We have had alot of rainy, cloudy, windy days here also. Some trees haven't had time to put on their colorful dress, and others have faded and have blown in the wind. I just love the sound of crunching leaves under foot. Well I had better go get ready for my work day. I had the morning off and was able to just rest and do some reading. It was nice. Have a wonderful day Beth and thank you for your visit.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  5. I ment to say I wouldn't think twice about going for a walk there. :)

  6. Yes, I can understand the peace and quiet of walking in a cemetery. I do it myself.

  7. I haven't walked in a cemetery for a long time...not since we were in Japan some years ago. We finally got some fall colors after it cooled down...fact is it will only be in the forties for a high for the next few days...I think the party's over. Bless you my friend, have a good day.

  8. I would love walking there. I'd read the tombstones too while I was at it.

    We havew some pretty trees but unless something more happens, for right here in town, it will be a so-so show. Not so other places. Some are glorious.

  9. Hi Beth,

    I am not looking forward to the icy snowy weather either. It is still fairly warm here, but quite windy today.

    Have a good week - Hugs - Nita

  10. Hi Beth, Your header is just beautiful. I am canning pares right now and have the computer on the counter. Figured I could catch up on blogs while peeling the pears. Working so far till I have to comment. I think grave yards can be the most beautiful places to walk around. Keeping you and your brother in my prayers. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  11. I actually love cemeteries. I think they are so peaceful and calm. They don't spook me at all--even at night. Looks like a beautiful place to walk to me.

    Sad when the leaves fall off before they have even turned. Enjoy your 70s!! :)

  12. Darling little cute wonderful picture of her!! Yes I often used to walk or drive to ours with was nice and peaceful there. I can't go now too far away. Have a great week!!

  13. It is nice hear that you are happy to walking around at cemeteries hope you have a good weather
    for tomorrow.
    we having a cold top 15C with showery weather for the last three days and tomorrow is a better weather?
    The weather forecast said:-) how much we can trust them ..
    Please take care,

  14. I love walking in cemetaries & just looking at the names & dates on the head stones. have a good evening Beth. hugs... I am having to use Anonymous because when I try using the google account to post comment it takes me away from your blog & I have to rewrite my comments again... Doris Ann

  15. Cemeteries are great places to walk and get great photos, specially if they are old and well cared for.

  16. Hi Beth,

    Sorry I appeared as anonymous yesterday, I wasn't signed in properly.

    Hope you are improving health wise. Amanda is still on the injections and will have tablets for 6 months, still in quite a lot of pain. Yesterday George was diagnosed with a small tumour in his bladder and will be operated on in next few weeks, so your prayers for myself and my family are much appreciated.

    My grandchildren are a bit freaked out already over Amanda and today will be told about granddad.

    But God is good and very much with us, as I know He is with you.

    Hugs - Nita.

  17. I'm going to fill you full of compliments Beth, your pretty great niece, your colourful blog, your tasteful pics, and thank you for visiting me, and sorry not to have been round so much.
    I too like old cemetries, I posted about our old one in the village a while back, some of the gravestones are so old the lettering has eroded, they date back to the 1700's, the place must have been so different then, not a car in sight. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, winter won't be far behind. brrrrrrrrrr

  18. That reminds me I have to go to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. It's stunning in the fall. Locally we aren't at peak yet but from what I've seen elsewhere the coloring might be muted.

  19. Sure does look peaceful Beth oh and the little squirrel. Enjoy the lovely sunshine and the crunching of the leaves Hugs Sheila xx


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