It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Walk-Off Home run

“In baseball, a walk-off home run is a home run that ends the game. It must be a home run that gives the home team the lead (and consequently, the win) in the bottom of the final inning of the game—either the ninth inning, or any extra inning, or any other regularly scheduled final inning. It is called a "walk-off" home run because both teams walk off the field immediately afterward, rather than finishing the inning.”   ~Wikpedia'~ 

"ST. LOUIS -- Twice down to their last strike, the St. Louis Cardinals kept rallying to win one of baseball's greatest thrillers.

David Freese completed a startling night of comebacks with a home run leading off the bottom of the 11th inning to beat Texas 10-9 on Thursday night, and suddenly fans all over got something they have waited forever to see: Game 7 in the World Series.”  ~Associated Press~

Whatever happens in tonight’s game, I am proud of my Cardinals, proud of being born in the great state of Missouri and proud to be a baseball fan.  Don’tcha love it?  Kudos to the Rangers too, may the luckiest team win (said with tongue in cheek), simply because the Cards have been living on luck since August!



  1. Ahem, are you a baseball fan, by any chance?

    Sorry to hear about your AF. I suffer from it too, but only once or twice a year. When it happens it is very serious and I have to go into hospital. In between I am totally fine. Mine is probably caused by excess adrenaline.

  2. I hear your excitement. I wish the Cards luck.

  3. As I write this the Cards have won! Congratulations!
    Though my Red Sox beat them in 2004 the Cards beat the Sox in 1946 and 1967.
    The Cardinals have 11 championships. Second only to the much hated, around here anyway, Yankees.

    I'm glad they won.

  4. Ok don't tell anyone that I'm rooting for a team other than my beloved METS (who stink by the way , but I still love 'em!) I am so rooting for your team!
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Yay so happy for you and your was quite something watching that whole last game.. I love it!! YAY!

  6. Congratulations to you Beth and your beloved Cardinals. I watched the game Thurs. night and last night. The game Thurs. sure was a thriller. I am happy for the Cardinals and my buddy Carpenter who many years ago was a Blue Jay. I am hoping maybe next year the Jays can once again be in the playoffs and world series. It has been awhile since they won. I was thinking of you as I watched the games, and I am really happy for you.
    Hope your day is going well and you are starting to feel better.
    Dianne :)

  7. Hi Beth just taking some time to catch up here -really looks like someone is enjoying Autumn Beth, I hope you are too and not in the path of that Nor'easter storm this weekend("-")

  8. I'm happy for you that your Cardinals won!
    hope everything is going your way Beth.
    Please take care.

  9. It was one heck of a Series wasn't it? I here there's not been one like that in almost a decade! Congrats to you and the team you were behind the whole way!

  10. Congrats to your Cardinals. They really did a great job this season. I never knew the meaning of walk-off home run, but now I do!


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