It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day Twenty Two…

and the first full day of winter.  We had a lovely fall.  After a rather dry summer we have had lots of rain the last couple of months and only 6 tenths of an inch of snow.  Last winter in December it was one snowfall after another.  It is 28 degrees this morning.

And here is another Dinette Set cartoon.  I made the copy large so you could see all of the details.  Joy and Burl are rather odd.  Most people have a different outlook on giving to the needy.


copyright ~ Julie Larson ~

I love Joy and Burl.  they are really in the spirit of giving.  Speaking of giving.  Yesterday afternoon I carried goodie treats to my neighbors close by which surprised them no end.  Doesn’t anybody do that anymore?  Back home I did that.  So far I haven’t been able to catch the paper carrier or the trash man. 

I am moving right along on the cleaning.  I did the bathroom yesterday.  This afternoon I will get busy again.

Gotta run.  You all stay safe and be happy!!


  1. LOL! Sadly, there are people like that. ;)
    You inspired me and I made Christmas cookies!
    No, I don't think people give gifts much anymore to neighbors and mailmen and such. At least I never hear of anyone doing it.
    Have a great day and get lots done. :):)

  2. Yes, around here we all give surprise gifts to others. The mail lady, trashmen, propane delivery guy, and sometimes just walkers out for a stroll on our dirt road. We can see them approaching around the bend and have time to put on a jacket and run out to greet them. It's a hoot!

  3. I have the boys here un-doing my cleaning but that's VERY OK with me. :-)

    My 1 1/2 lb. meatloaf last night for supper was decimated and gone at the table before we got up. (grandson mostly).


  4. Sadly I've seen so many like that cartoon. It was sad the looks I got when I was telling ppl that I was buying for 2 kids I picked to help out at church.

    I love to make baked goods for my neighbors. I usually do it for one that helps me out with the kids. I say if she is being nice enough to let my kids come play for a while she deserves some sweets!

  5. You are moving right along. Have a Merry Christmas if I don't see you tomorrow.

  6. Is this cartoonist any relation to Gary Larson? His cartoons were quite funny amd "off beat" as well. Unusual weather here for us. It was 55 today. Maybe I'll put a couple of his on my blog when ever I get around to it.
    I wonder where Michiko is?

  7. I am beginning to get concerned about Michiko. As for Julie Larson, I can find no mention of her husband just her children so she must be divorced.

  8. We get a bunch of new twenty dollar bills from the bank and give them in a card to people who have helped us all year like postman, milkman, favorite waitresses, paper deliverer, etc. We try to live on Soc. Sec. but these people have even less and many have children. I wish I had more to give. Oh there is the church and a lot of favorite charities, but so many more need so much. The news on TV said over half of our population lives below the poverty line now. We are too, but our children are grown and we are retired so expenses are less. Interesting cartoon. bertieblue

  9. That is funny. Just glad they don't gift to me. With the economy I doubt too many people are giving gifts to the mailmen etc.

  10. Don't quite know what to make from that post Beth, I can't suss whether or not they were being generous. There seems precious little of it about these days, but you've prompted me to leave out a card and some goodies for my mailman, I don't give money, as it is apparently seen as bribery but that's for sums of £30 , what! gee I wish I could afford half that . but some goodies will sustain him on his rounds. Keep well I'm just mustering up courage to take the dogs out in the rain.


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