It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

First wind chill of the season..

this morning.  It was 6 degrees when I got up this morning and the wind chill was 1 below zero.  I don’t like it when we start having wind chill along with the temperature.  That means winter is definitely closing in.

Yesterday was a fairly decent day although it didn’t get out of the 20s all day.  I went with my daughter to an open house at a small flower shop downtown.  They were serving sherbet punch, cookies, etc.  There were door prizes to be given.  Evidently neither one of us won as I didn’t hear anything.  We each purchased something though.  Marcia got a lovely center piece with live flowers and I purchased the cute snowman you see below.  His tummy lights up and it is so pretty in the dark.


The arrangement is sitting on top of an old wooden bookcase that is put together with wooden pegs.  Jim and I picked it up at an auction probably 40 years ago.

I am going to make oatmeal raisin and snickerdoodle cookies today.  Actually just the dough and I will make the cookies tomorrow.  Cookies don’t spread if you chill the dough  a few hours or overnight.

I forgot to tell you that after the  flower shop open house we had lunch at 8th Street Station aka Grumpy Pete’s.  I don’t know why they changed the name.  I thought Grumpy Pete’s sounded way more classy.  lol

Time to get busy.  You all take time to enjoy the morning.  Today is unique in that it is one of a kind.  Stay safe and be happy!!  Oh, and ‘Hi’ to RB who I know reads my blog each day even though he says they are nothing but gossip.



  1. Love the little snowman! Bet that bookcase of yours is a winner too---love the old ones with the glass doors to keep the dust away from the books. My grandmother had lots of them in her built-in library in her old house. Loved that house. Enjoy the brisk weather and the glow of the season upon us. I truly like your blogs as they are always upbeat and fun to read. Write on!

  2. I agree with you, winter is a little too much. Once christmas has been and gone I want spring back!

    You bought a very pretty ornament.

  3. I love the snowman and the decoration under him. Your temps are dreadful, gonna be in the 40's here for us. But it's OK for shopping.
    I've been thinking 'oatmeal 'cookies too. It's been years since I made any, according to my notes.

  4. Love the centerpiece. Brrrr, we're freezing here too. In fact, I was just thinking about cranking up the heat another notch. Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday.

  5. Someone (RB )needs to learn the dictionary definition of the word gossip. There is NO gossip here. There IS a telling of what happens in your life and pardon me, but is that not what a blog is FOR? Sheesh! It's not gossip.


  6. Colder for you then far we've not had the below zero temperatures...last year was horrible with that and it went on and on. Today it's in the thirties so I've no complaint. I don't win things very often either...just once it would be nice to win something big time. I love mom made some recently and they were a delight!

  7. It sounds like you had a nice trip out. I prefer Grumpy Pete better too.

  8. LOL! Yup! When they start adding wind chill to the weather forecast you know it is winter. ;)

    What a cute little snowman...and with a bright belly in the dark, too.

    I never have the patience to make dough one day and bake them the next--LOL! Even though I have heard that, I just would end up with the flatter, larger cookies...sooner! ;)

    I greatly prefer Grumpy Pete's!! Now that's a place I'd want to stop in and check out. New name...not so much.

    I'm late with my comment, so have a great Sunday! :):)

  9. Nice ornament! Sounds like a fun day. Have a nice Sunday that is hopefully not so cold. We had ice this morning. bertieblue

  10. What a cute centerpiece Beth, Sounds like you had a nice day with your daughter, memories she will cherish.
    Thank you for your kind message, means lots to me.
    have a good night dear friend, hugs

  11. Hi Beth,

    Love your decoration. Have a blessed Sun/Son day

    Hugs Nita

  12. But still no snow and that's a good thing! Really cute arrangement.

  13. Love the Snowman Beth bet it looks pretty when it lights up. Grumpy Pete's yes I did like that name quite catchy and gave me a chuckle. Enjoy your Sunday , we are set for a bit of bad weather here come Monday evening. Across the UK gusty winds and quite un- pleasant. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx


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