It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

51 days…

to go and counting down till Spring.  It is not really spring like here this morning.  It is cloudy  and 30 degrees right now.  It is supposed to get up to 50 degrees today.  I am not holding my breath though. 

Yesterday when I went out to clean my car off I got a nasty surprise.  What I thought was snow turned out to be a combination of ice and snow about 3 inches thick all over the car.  It took me over half an hour just to get the dang car cleaned off enough for me to drive it to the store.  Then the parking lot at the store was icy and I had on the wrong shoes for that.  Thankfully I didn’t fall.  Bring on the heating pad though!

I am fixing homemade potato soup for my daughter and SIL to have after church.  That is a lot of potato and onion peeling.  This was one of Jim’s favorite dishes.  We would fix it a lot when we knew the kids were coming home.  Then I would save a bowl for Jim for later and send the rest home with the kids.  I make one pan with hamburger and one pan with ham.  I am having green salad with that too.  And that is it,  I did make some cupcakes yesterday, not homemade just from a mix.

This winter, mild as it has been, has been wearing on me.  I saw so many doctors that I don’t know which one to turn to when I really need some help.  One doctor will not cross another in any way.  It is just like they have taken a  Hippocratic oath not to step on each others toes.  Never mind the patient, they are just a number that they make wait for them to be seen and then they graciously allow you  10 – 15 minutes of their time where you find out little or nothing.   Meet Doctor God! 

Whew, I am done ranting for today.  I get carried away when I start talking about Jim’s oncologist too.

Wow!!  Now the sun has come out and I am cheered up already.  If the sun stays out I think I will take a walk over to the cemetery and have a little talk with the Man upstairs as I think I need a push forward.  You all stay safe and be happy.



  1. That potato soup sounds really yummy!!

    Doctors are leery about stepping on each other's toes. Especially if they are working for the same corporation. That's why they tell you that for a second opinion you need to go outside of your present system---BUT, they neglect to tell you that your insurance probably won't cover it then. *sigh*

    Be careful out there on that ice! We've had so much of it up here, too. Walking and driving become a winter sporting event. ;)

  2. I just love soup and potato is one of my favourites Beth. I don't ever make soup it always seems to need either chicken or beef stock which I can't eat.
    Be careful of that ice Beth Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  3. Just checking in. I'd love to have some of that potato soup!

    I understand the rant about doctors. I've seen some great ones lately, but I just wish I could find one who could and would put my entire picture together to see what all is going on with me.

    Stay OFF that ice.

  4. Potato soup is one of my favorites. I could eat soup everyday tho, I love it that much. I'm making spaghetti for today though.
    It's a shame doctors worry more about offending each other then they do helping their patients.
    I hope God gave you that little push forward and I hope you're ok.

  5. I love tater salad and I just bought some. I never have made it for myself. Wish I had learned. Lot of peeling and so on.

    You will be glad of that talk with Him, Twin. I always am. We need that each day..morning noon or night..doesn'tmatter. xooxo

  6. I hope your little rant worked and you are feeling a little brighter.

    Best of luck, there frost on the way here too.

  7. I understand about your rant about doctors too. If they would/could work together. You almost need a separate doctor just to put the entire picture together. It is very frustrating when you are sitting there hurting and no one knows why. Hang in there.

  8. When you bring out the heating pad, don't forget the Icy sure helps with my aches and pains!

  9. Do be careful on the ice and snow. I'm afraid of it myself. I always feel better when I talk to Him too. It's very hard for me to fully trust Doctors. The potato soup sounds so good.

  10. Those are some rantable subjects my friend! I have been "enjoying" weather in the fifties here...sadly the ice that remains is very stubborn and dangerous making my walks a tricky proposition. I think I need some soup like you've got there...that would brighten any day!


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