It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday book review…

I have stated many times that I love to read.  Turn on the iPod with the Bose speakers and settle back with a good book.  Christmas before this last one my brother gave me a Nook as a gift.  I love it.  It is very expensive though for someone who reads 2 – 3 books a week.  So last summer I went on a garage sale marathon hunting books from my favorite authors.  I literally found dozens; enough to fill two bookcases and a box.  I haven’t had a Nook charge for several months now.  I even purchased Janet Evanovich’s Smoking Eighteen in hardback for just a couple of dollars more than it would have cost me for the copy for my Nook.

But, I did title this post Monday Book Review so I guess you are wondering if I am ever going to get around to it.  First of all, I love a good murder mystery most of all with a little bit of romance thrown in.  Mariah Stewart has written a trilogy  of books entitled Dead Wrong, Dead Even and Dead Certain.

5.0 out of 5 stars Stewart leaves you begging for more!, August 3, 2004


Detra Fitch

This review is from: Dead Even (Mass Market Paperback)

Three prisoners met briefly one February morning. Archer Lowell was the youngest. To make himself look tougher, he suggested a game. Each of them thought up three people that they would love to kill once they were out of jail. Then they swapped victims. Archer never meant for any of it to really happen. When Archer finally got out of prison, he decided to stay on the straight and narrow. So the other two prisoners went after those on their swapped hit list. One of them, Curtis, was dead. The other, Vince, would never get out of prison again. Archer was not a killer and had no intention of going after his three targets. However, Archer did not expect Vince to hire someone to watch him. When it became obvious that Archer would not play the game, Burt stepped in to make him.
FBI Special Agent Miranda Cahill was partnered with Agent William "Will" Fletcher to watch Archer, just in case he went on a killing spree. No one expected him to actually do it, not even the Bureau's profiler, Anne Marie. When the first person died under their noses, the hunt was on for a fleeing Archer.
Also, Julianne, the daughter of Mara Douglas (from previous novel), had been located after seven long years. Mara's ex-husband, Jules, had hidden himself and his daughter with the Reverend Prescott. An agent had been inserted into the Reverend's Valley of the Angels and would soon escape, taking a reluctant young girl home to her mother. The agent first had to gather evidence that would shut down the child-prostitution rung that masqueraded as a shelter for run-away girls on the street. Everything was about to come to a climatic ending!
***** Romance takes a back seat in this, the third of the "Dead" series. Since Miranda and Will already have a history together, the author did not have to build on the love portion. The two main characters already had strong feelings for one another. This gives much more time to the story's plots. Plots, plural.
Hold onto your seats, because Mariah Stewart will plunge you into a heart pounding, roller coaster ride. You won't come up for air until the last page has been turned. Excellent! *****
Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.

I was lucky enough to find all of the trilogy at garage sales last summer, plus several of her other books.


It is bitter cold and windy this morning at 21 degrees.  I have to go out at 9AM to run some errands.  Not sure what I will do with the rest of the day but I am sure I will think of something.  I hope you all have a peaceful week.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. I ran out to work out...fed my oldest before I left but no biscuits for him today as I was in a hurry to leave. bacon and eggs and coffee. Toast too. Better'n he wouldda had.


  2. Happy New Year Beth,
    I Love Books also & Love to Read. I have lots of Bios, (my favorites)
    I hope you get everything organized with your books.
    Love U Beth. Big hug for you. stay warm, tis very windy & cold here but beautiful

  3. Love your new blog cover

  4. I expect you spent the rest of the cold day reading?

    I love a good thriller too. So relaxing when everything around is in overdrive.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Enjoy your books. I have a new for me book of Garrison Keilor I am dying to have time to read. Cold here and so windy. Have a nice day Beth.

  6. HOw cool to get those finds just when you need them. I used to be a reader a lot but not much anymore. Donated most of our books when I moved only kept a few. Came here thinking SIS must have her countdown to spring going already. LOL
    Cold here too 18 this morning! Brrrrr

  7. I don't read any to speak of anymore, internet getting too much of my attention. The wind is quite strong here, with colder temps tonight....brr, no snow either, just sunny.

  8. I enjoy your book reviews as I enjoy reading also - mysteries and CIA type of books. I did get a Nook recently and love it. What I really appreciate the ability to make the type slightly larger - easier on my eyes.

  9. Hi Beth, sorry to be late, to-day was sunny but cold, and tomorrow they promise us gales and heavy rain, yesterday was rain and wind. SIGH I think sitting indoors reading a bo0k is a fine idea, but it does get a little boring after a while.
    You did reply my question with your comment on e book [Nook] I wouldn't want to have to buy books as I usually only ever read a story once, though I don't read as many as you. Don't you have libraries? I don't mean that to sound rude, but I just love the library, i go and come back with around 6 books and if I get two that I go all the way with i'm happy, and they're free. Failing that Amazon is probably a cheap alternative.
    Thanks for your cheerful visits. hugs X

  10. Sound like good murder mysteries. My best friend's very favorite to read. Sometimes I wish I had kindle or a nook since it is hard for me to get to the library anymore, but then I'd probably spend too much on books--LOL! ;)

    Have a great day, no matter what you do. Stay warm and safe! :)

  11. Hi Beth, Happy New Year and happy reading - Mariah Stewart sound "dead" good - I'll have to look up her books - thanks for keeping in touch

  12. Those do sound good. I have gift cards for my kindle and buy bookds that way. A friend of my daughters said on pay days she buys herself one when she has a little extra and it keeps her costs down and she has no balance to pay.

  13. Kindles and Nooks are great, but for some reason it makes me kind of sad to think of books disappearing. You got some really great deals and the books sound like great reads. Enjoy!

  14. Blessings and happy new year.
    Next time you stop by my place check out my tab on the top called FREE STUFF/EBOOKS and there are links for free Ebooks, click on the links and you can browse the titles and download Free books to your hearts content.

    have a grand week.

  15. Hi Beth just catching up, yesterday I got mixed up thinking it was Tuesday. I to enjoy a good read , I am a slow reader so a Kindle isn't for me. Very windy last night kept me awake between 2-3am. It is just beginning to slow down right now 11am. Have a good week Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  16. Hello Beth
    I just caught up with some posts,and yours is always the first.I love reading and do a lot when i'm camping. Have a blessed new year Beth and may God grant you every thing you stand in need of.
    Hugs Margaret

  17. The new year is starting off well,i was able to post a coment lol.....

  18. trekking your lovely blog!!! thanks for sharing and keep posting! Happy New Year!


  19. Love the book review! "Who Dunnits" are my favorites. Now I'll have to ask swapping friends if they have any Mariah Stewarts for me. We swap and I've never bought a book. More! More reviews, please. thank you.


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