It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another gorgeous…

day as the calendar inches ever closer to Spring at just 31 days.  Bright sunshine and 27 degrees right now to reach into the lower 40s today.  I am so ready for spring.  Today I am going to tackle spring cleaning in the kitchen.  I hope to get it all done, cabinets and all but we shall see. 

I am up and exercised and had breakfast, now I need to get motivated to start.

My next door neighbor left Thursday for Austin TX for the birth of his new grandbaby.  His daughter had an accident which involved a broken bone and so her mom has been with her for the last several weeks.  I will be glad when they are home as I miss chatting with Deb as I am coming and going in and out the back door.  Plus she is my Avon lady and I haven’t seen a new Avon book for 6 weeks now.

I received the Jools Holland CD that I had ordered from Amazon.  I had never heard of this person.  I discovered him while I was checking Mixpod for different versions of ‘Enjoy Yourself.’  It is a really cool collection of music.  There are 21 tracks on the CD.  Go here to listen to the song on you tube.

I really need to get up and move if I am going to accomplish what I have planned for today.  Have fun, stay safe, and be happy!!



  1. Same weather pattern here. Love the sun, it gives hope for springs arrival. Had a friend break her leg last week. It's interesting around her house as her hubby did very little, now he has to do it all. lol

  2. I love finding new music but it goes in spurts for me. The last bunch I found seems to be something I'll have to enjoy because for now I can't find anything else. I love to surf on the suggestions i-Tunes gives from albums I have or styles I like but right now it's a bust. It's high forties for us most of the week so it does feel that spring is approaching. We bought some seeds for our garden already...I can hardly wait!

  3. HI Beth,

    We are colder again this weekend. But as long as the white stuff stays away, I don't mind too much.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend. Hugs Nita

  4. It is raining and cold, but I saw 2 Robins today for the first time this year. Love your countdown. Bertie Blue

  5. I used to sell Avon....but had to stop after a year. When my sister in law did my taxes that year, I discovered I was going in the hole by the time I paid for the samples, the books, the gas, and I bought too much myself. You can buy it on-line on I think that's pretty cool....except it takes on more job away.

    I hope the mom with the broken bone heals quickly so she can enjoy the baby!!! Austin is just an hour from me...that's where my kids and I go for our concerts!!

  6. We are in the process of painting our kitchen so it's getting a spring cleaning a bit early. Talk about hard work!

  7. Keep on counting, you are helping me towards a lighter outlook.

    Jools Holland does TV music programmes in the UK.

    1. I visited his website. I understand he is very popular in the UK.

  8. Hi Beth, yes I think spring is edging it's way closer, though to-day was pretty chilly just a tad above freezing and the forecasters say very cold to-night, then .............the temperatures start rising going up by about 10 - 12 degrees by the end of the week.
    I used to love the perfume that Avon sold.
    How inconvenient is that , to break a bone just when you've got a new baby, as if things aren't stressful and busy enough around that time, I hope she recovers quickly, Though she's lucky to have a Mum and Dad to take the reins. keep warm and don't over do it |Beth, it'll all be there after you've popped your clogs, as we say.

  9. Good luck with your kitchen cleaning project. I hope you got a lot done already.
    Good thing your neighbors were able to go and help out. You'll be glad when they're back home.
    Enjoy Yourself!!! LOL! ;)

  10. I've heard of Jools Holland but never heard him until now. I like the raggae spin he applied to the song.
    Now would you please inspire me to clean my kitchen. The bathrooms done though.


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