It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be still…

my beating heart!  It is 60 degrees and bright sunshine right now heading up to 80 degrees this afternoon.  Only 5 more days left on the countdown to Spring.  I love the Spring and Fall  of the year.  I am not too keen on winter.  I can tolerate summer but I hate the heat and humidity that we get here in the summertime.

I have been busy this morning cleaning a closet and waxing some furniture.  And now I am through with that for the day.  My constitution will only take so much cleaning in one day.  Not sure what I am going to do with the rest of the day.  I do promise to be good however.

I have nothing decent in the house to eat.  The cupboards are full and the freezer is packed but nothing tempts me.  I need Annie to whip me up one of her gourmet vegetarian meals.  I’m telling you that akaAnnie is a whiz at cooking.  She has been getting stuff out of her garden all winter long.  Plus her blog is funny and very interesting.

There is nothing new on the home front to report, oh yeah, except that I have another doctor appointment tomorrow. 

You all stay safe and be happy!!



  1. I think we're skipping spring and jumping right into summer. Will be 70 here today, cool down for a couple of days, then back into the 60's and low 70's. WOW - March isn't even over yet. I wonder if it will go out like a lion or lamb?

  2. I love this time of year, too, when all life is new and watching leaves pop their little arms out of the soil and reach up to the sun. I love watching the birds building their nests....not that I watch birds. lol I love the fresh air in the house with all the windows open and gentle breezes blowing through. The housework can wait. I have to just sit and take it all in before I have to go to work. Enjoy you day!

  3. I like all of the year except for the heat and humidity in the summer. I love the spring and fall when it is decent enough to read on the porch. Those days are fleeting up here. We go from cold to heat and heat to cold pretty quickly. ;)
    Good luck at the doctor's tomorrow. Hope you had a great day.

  4. 80 degrees and it's not even officially spring yet huh? We don't have that in these parts strikes seventy and it's record breaking material and though it can be hot in the summer...low humidity makes it a wonderful thing for me. My wife made a Thai dish today that's one of my favorites...I'm a spice loving sort so this was right up my alley. She made veggie wraps yesterday. Have a wonderful day my friend...enjoy the season to it's fullest! Grace to you on your appointment.

  5. Heading up to 80! Wow, that sounds like Summer!

    Good luck with tomorrow's appointment.

    "...the sun coming out after a spell of March rain ... The countryside glistens and the sound of the brooks running between ferny banks is music."
    ~Gladys Taber

  6. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy! And hope all is good news with the doctor. Beach Gal Bertie

  7. We here are in the middle of a cool down then back to the 70's over the weekend.
    I don't think anybody likes heat and humidity. That's what I'm not looking forward to it.
    Beth you have inspired me. While writing this comment I had to pause (nature called) and I went to the closet behind me and started going through it. Anybody want an E Machine desktop computer from 2000?

    1. Let me clarify one thing. When nature called I did not go in the closet. I went there after.

  8. Good luck with your appt tomorrow Sis.. Nice and warm here too.. I am loving this weird Spring for sure. : )

  9. Sorry I haven't been around Beth, it's been difficult catching up after Crufts, How I ever got time to go to work I'll never know,
    Hope your doc's appt goes well. This morning we had spring, this evening it was cold damp and misty again, the weather will just not settle. I love summer here, as it's seldom too extreme.
    I hope also that you found something to tempt your appetite, I was out for lunch with a girl friend to-day and bang went the low carb mission I'm on!!.Take care of YOU XX


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