It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bring back…

the 80s.  It is a sunny cool day, still with temps above normal but only supposed to get up to 70 degrees today.  It is 54 degrees right now.  Thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon.  I have gone from shorts and a t-shirt to jeans and a sweatshirt.

I have already done my laundry and have been to the pharmacy.  I had another restless night, even with my different mask.  I am hoping that I will soon get used to it. 

I have potatoes and eggs on boiling in preparation for making the potato salad.  The lemon cream cheese bars are made so I am getting things done. 

The rain yesterday took all of the blooms off the tulip/magnolia trees here in town.

I need to check on what’s cookin’ in the kitchen.  I will catch you all later.



  1. wish I was there for that feast. It's all of my favorite things too. This is mommy..even though Katie seems to be doing the writing.


  2. You'll be happy to see your boy!! Hope you have nice weather for his visit. :)

  3. Awwwwww, so sorry that those lovely tree blossoms where taken, by the rain. "Oh bother!" -pout- -Grrrrrr-

    Sorry you still had a restless night.... Even with a new mask.

    "If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life."
    ~Henry David Thoreau

  4. Thank's for dropping by I alway's enjoy your visit's...busy girl you are.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. That's the sad thing that happens when spring comes way too early - we don't have enough time to enjoy the blossoms due to frost or a cold rain.. Have a good weekend.

  6. Hi Beth,

    Wishing you a blessed weekend and time with your son.

    Hugs Nita

  7. Love that song. It was kind of my theme song the year before Jim and I were married. He had his first year of seminary in Chicago and I had my last year of College in San Diego. We wrote every night. I knew we'd never be rich with money. But we were rich in life with love and children and family and friends. I'm referring to "We ain't got a barrel of money".

    Have a wonderful weekend with your son. Enjoy every minute. Beach Gal Bertie

  8. Thank you Bertie! You are such a lovely lady! Jim and I loved that song too.

  9. It was a great day here too! I hope it stays that way. Have a great weekend with your Son!
    Blessings, Joanne

  10. That was sad Beth all those lovely blossoms such a shame. My primroses don't like too much rain , but glad they are still looking good. Have a great weekend with your son.
    The recipe for my Cookies Beth are on a previous blog here, not too far back.
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    1. The recipe is on Images Over The Years 13th Jan 2012. In the comments. If you can't track it down Beth let me know. xx


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