It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I suffered a…

nearly sleepless night thanks to the time change and the after effects of the gorgeous stuffed pizza.  My tummy is really mad at me today and my eyes are all puffy.  And it is not a good hair day either.  Oh the misery afforded the over the hill gang.  Did I learn my lesson, well for a few days anyway.  My son called me last night and told me not to eat any more of the stuff, just to package and put it in the freezer for him.  Problem solved.

It is another spectacular morning, bright sunshine and a temp of 43 right now.  It is to be mid 60s today and into the mid 70s all week after some rain tonight.  The countdown to Spring stands at 8 days, ever inching closer to the 20th of March.  The robins are thick in the front yard now and the lot between me and the cemetery is also filled with them. 

american robin

from the internet

I hope to get out for a walk in the cemetery this afternoon.  there is so much of it I haven’t explored yet.

Gas is $3.99 a gallon here in town now.  There should be some kind of solution for that.  I feel sorry for those minimum wage earners and us poor old fixed income folks having to fill the gas tank each week.There goes 3/4 of our paycheck.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Twin, I am so sorry that the night went so badly and that the pizza came back to bite you back as well. :-( I hope you continue to feel better and better thru the afternoon.

    It's $3.60 a gal. here right now but it rises every day. You never know. And I have to make another trip to Charlotte and back this weekend. $$$$$$$$$.


  2. Sorry you had a bad night. The yard full of robins will maybe cheer you up, I hope. :):)

  3. Sorry for your tummyache and sleepless night. Hope things are better tonight.

  4. You are making me think outside of the box, pizza box that is. Love making home made stuffed pizza. The fun part about making this pizza is you can fill the inside of the pizza with anything your little heart desires, and I.DO. I should call is 'surprise' instead of pizza because you just never know what's going to be inside. Hope your tummy is feeling better.
    Your eyes... I am sure they still sparkle.
    Hope you are having a sunshine Sunday!

  5. lol....what was that I heard? ROLLING STONES??? singing Drift Away? lol That was totally unexpected. I forgot to add Alan Jackson to great country singers still singing.

    If the pizza gave you reflux, and not just a tummy ache, try some Pepcid AC...that always gives me relief! Always! I take one before I eat pizza because I know I am going to suffer if I don't. It always has worked so far.

    I think our government is trying to make poor folk out of us all. Gas shouldn't be this high. ever. According to "how stuff works".... According to the U.S. Department of Energy, here's an approximation of where EACH DOLLAR you spend on gas goes:

    •Taxes: 13 cents

    •Distribution and Marketing: 8 cents
    •Refining: 14 cents
    •Crude oil: 65 cents
    That was when gas was $3.15 a gallon....I wonder how much the tax portion went up lately.

    1. I love that song!! Every version of it. Alan Jackson too. I have seen him in concert several times and he is gorgeous!

  6. Beth--I have a problem eating high sodium things like pizza too...I swell and dehydrate and am so thirsty I could

    Hope you sleep better tonight...I slept like a log (for a change) last night--and had the bed all to myself, which was nice. Usually when Patrick is away the dogs and cats will all try to sleep with me...but last night I firmly closed the door on them and broke their hearts. lol

    Enjoy the nice weather!!!

  7. Gas was $4.999, last time I filled up here in the northwest.

    The robin is a nice picture.

    We are due for a big storm tonight with high winds. But with Spring on it's way, the rain will be good. I have to remember to make some more food for our Hummers tomorrow.

    I hope you will sleep well tonight. Beach Gal Bertie

  8. I couldn't get over the price of gas when we were down in CA, It was up to $4.59 one place had if you paid with a Credit Card it was $5.44!! Crazy huh?

    I'm sorry you couldn't sleep I had a hard time to.

  9. I surely hear you with the stomach issue. I have indulged a time or two and really paid for it as well. I don't know why some things are so much worse than others but when something hits me wrong it's awful. I hope you have a far more restful night tonight.

  10. I feel a little bit to-night like you did, I was taken for lunch to-day for Mothering Sunday and had a huge lunch.
    I don't know what the equivalent rate is for gas, but it is getting a bit ridiculous here, I'm glad I don't travel as much as I used to, I couldn't afford to.


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