It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shopping for a…

new TV is a lot like shopping for a new car.  Very nerve wracking.  Each salesman is different but alike in their determination to make a sale.  I really wanted to buy locally, but that is hard to do when there is only one place in town that sell’s TVs and they had only 3 TVs in the store to choose from. 

We finally went to Peoria.  I thought about Best Buys but they are not one of my favorite places to shop.  I don’t like their return policy and restocking fee.  We finally settled on Sherman’s in Peoria which is a gigantic furniture store with a large television section.  I looked at a smart TV and thought boy, if only I was a bit younger that is what I would want.  The front of the TV is like an iPhone where you can connect directly with the internet, you tube, Facebook, twitter, etc.|10189|LG%20smart%20TV||S|b|9549056827

I decided that was not for me.  What I was really looking for was a TV to replace my 42 inch Samsung.  I could even go as high as 47 to fit on my glass table.  The TVs in that size range are new models that are to arrive at the store within the next week or two.  I am hoping my TV will keep clicking away and finally keeps coming on for another couple of weeks.  For $99 this store will deliver and set up for my cable.  If anything happens to your TV while it is under warranty they will come and get the TV and bring you a loaner to use while it is being repaired.  Now, I have to see all of this in writing before I believe it.

My niece in WV is back in the hospital again.  Her family would appreciate a kind thought and a moment of prayer if you are so inclined.  Thank you.


I am back after a trip to Bergner’s where on the yellow dot clearance I found 3 items that I saved $80.77 on.  So this means I have started my Christmas shopping.

It is a beautiful sunny 73 degrees right now but the rain is to move in tonight.

You all stay safe and be happy!!



  1. I feel your pain. We are tv shopping as well and for every make, model and style out there, there is 2 - 3 different opinions on them. We are just starting the process fortunately we have several places to look locally and we are just about 30 minutes from Knoxville. I need to head to HH Gregg. I hear they have great deals and wonderful service. Praying for your niece. Hope she gets better soon.

  2. Our TV was only 6 years old when all of a sudden the color green was no longer visible. It affected everything! Later I found out that this had been happening to alot of their TVs. When I tried to get it fixed we were told..."You'd be better off getting a new TV". UGH! My husband had an RCA tv in the army and guess what?... we still have it downstairs in thge playroom and it still works fine. The other tv was a sony wega and I tell you what... I will never buy another sony again!
    Hope your old Tv holds out!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. A cold start to the day here but it has now warmed up to 70!!!
    I sent a prayer up for your niece. Hope all will be well with her again soon.

  4. I know what you mean about TV shopping. Ours went kaput and we had to get a new one too. So complicated anymore. I still remember a time without remote controls and cable. So you live in Illinois too. I am close to Champaign. Nice to meet a fellow Illinoisian. Thanks for dropping by my blog and adding yourself to follow.

    1. We were neighbors before I moved to Pekin 2 years ago this month. My husband and I lived in Paxton north of Champaign, He passed away in 2006 and I sold my home and moved here to be closer to my daughter.

  5. Wow! I didn't know they had "smart" TVs now, too!
    I'd get the promises in writing, but that sounds like a good deal.
    You are going to have one huge screen! Be like being at the movies. That is what Dagan and Leah have--a really huge flat screen. It's awesome!

    Prayers for your niece. :)

  6. Oh goodness I'm not sure I'm ready for a smart TV, I'm still trying to learn my smart phone .. lol.

    Yeah I love what they do, hopefully they stick by it!

    My prayers and thoughts will be with your niece.


  7. when I saw the name Rae up there I thought..oh good! rae is blogging! But I see it's a friend. xoxox

    I need a TV too. I have a useless want to shoot it Westinghouse. Well known for the power on/off probs it has had since the git go. But not well known to ME when I bought it. sigh.

  8. Dear Beth Marie, I would not step foot in Sherman's. Their TV ads make me cringe. Hope you find a good product. Enjoying the start of a small spring storm this evening. As ever be well

  9. Oh I feel your misery. I just hate buying big ticket items. I worry an stress over which is the best deal, which is the easiest to use, which has the best warranty. We've been lucky (I guess) that our tv is still working just fine. Even though we would kind of like to replace it with a bigger model, and one of those thin screens. This thing weighs a ton! Hope you enjoy your new purchase!

  10. We are lucky. One of our son's bought our TV for the LR. We didn't have to shop and his and his wife's choice suits us fine.
    I hope you got a good one this time and that it will last you a very long time.
    Will pray for your niece. Beach Gal Bertie

  11. Good luck with the TV! We love our Samsung. I'll say a prayer for your niece & her family.

  12. I considered the smart Samsung when I bought mine, but decided I had a computer for all those things and just got the plasma hd tv. I did buy a Samsung blue ray player a few months later and it connects to Netflix, Hulu and more, which is very convenient since I love streaming Netflix and Hulu! It says it connects to the internet, also, but I never saw the purpose in that since I have the computer. I do look at my pictures through the tv, which is really nice, and you can watch Youtube if you know what you want to watch. I only spent $79 for the blue ray player, but it took a $100 wireless adapter to connect, but so far, I have loved it and it has been well worth the money. You do have to buy the wireless adapter from the Samsung website, as I couldn't find anyone else that still stocked the adapter.

  13. Well Sis good luck with the hunt. New TV's sure dont last like the old ones. They are made so skinny and digital that lots can go wrong. Our old RCA works okay so far, I have a magnavox in storage that still works great. They may be old and small and heavy, but boy they work!LOL Hope you stay out of storms way today..nasty ones yesterday. Take care : )

  14. Time for your new TV at last huh? I actually like shopping for such things however getting it to the house isn't so easy is it? I think our last TV was from Walmart because they had some great deals on big flat screens. Sorry to hear about the medical issues in your family again my friend. I'll send a prayer their way. Bless you, have a nice day.

  15. Why can't they just make something would it being "smart?" I don't like hte idea of appliances being smarter than I am, and they quite often are!

  16. That smart TV is mind blowing Beth Wow !! Having A large screen will be just like the movies , sounds Fab. So good luck hope you find the one just for you. My prayers for your niece Beth .
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx


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