It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hot and Sunny…

The temp is standing at 82 degrees right now and the humidity is about 70%.  Storms with heavy downpour of 2 – 3 inches per hour is forecast  for this evening.  We are going from a near drought situation to ridiculous.

I have the central air on and a fan going.  I am just finishing cleaning my whole place.  Shaking rugs, running the sweeper, dusting, mopping, etc.  Now I can sit down and look around and admire several hours work.  This leaves the coming week free to do whatever strikes my fancy, like hopefully getting that new TV. 

I saw the ophthalmologist last Monday and I am waiting for a new pair of glasses which set me back a pretty penny.  Except for a vision change my general eye health was good.  I was glad to hear that no surgery was needed right now.  I have a recheck in 1 year.

Nothing else is new around here and I am ever thankful for that.  I hope you all are enjoying a warm sunny day too.

Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Isn't the price of glasses awful. When I got mine I saved $100 with my AARP card and it was still over $250.

  2. That's good news about your eyes except for the cost of your glasses!
    It's been cloudy most of the day here with few peeks of sun now and again after a misty early morning.
    I love that feeling after getting housework done!!

  3. How super, to now be able to begin the week, with all that cleaning, behind you!!!!! I, on the other hand, have to start the week, with a week's worth of cleaning, in front of me.

    Guess who is the smarter, hu???? -grin- No contest! YOU!

    "The cottage garden;
    most for use designed,
    Yet not of beauty destitute

    ~Charlotte Smith

  4. Glad to hear you got a good report at the Dr,s. and at the eye Dr.s. Have a great week ahead Beth.
    Dianne :)

  5. MOrning--it's raining...(what's new, right??) lol

    It's already about 70 degrees though..and I have some things that need doing outside...we'll see what happens. I'm not worried about melting, or

    I need new glasses too...keep putting it off...the price is ridiculous, and I have to have transition lens or at least tinted lenses now...and no line bifocals...oh, lordy...

    Happy Monday, Beth-of-the-clean-house. Wish mine was done...

    1. I have transition lens and trifocals and the price was $493. Bunch of crap isn't it?

  6. YOu commented in my blog, that if you make your pics show larger, they "bleed over" onto the side.

    You can change the dimensions of parts of your blog. I have mine wider, in where the words/pics show. And where my Sidebar shows too.

    You can click on 'Design' and then click onto 'Template Designer," and then onto 'Adjust Widths.' And make different blog parts, be the width you choose.

    Just saying.......

    1. I don't want the picture in the side of my background. I am happy with it just the way it is. Thank you for the info though.

  7. It's a lovely feeling having a good old spring clean, I did the same to-day, and thought ,'good, now I can slum it for a couple of days' , hope your new glasses and new TV are compatible LOL just enjoy and don't think of the cost.

  8. It's good to have a clean out Beth, now you can sit and relax with your new TV. Hope you find a fine pair of glasses to. Enjoy your good spell of weather , rain here still.
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx


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