It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lest we forget…



“Iwo Jima Flag Raising”
February 23, 1945


It is a very hot Memorial Day here in Central Illinois to reach mid 90s today with a chance of storms moving in this afternoon.  The central air has been going almost constantly for the last few days. 

I had a meal with my daughter and son in law yesterday.  Rib eye steaks cooked on the grill, deviled eggs, etc.  All very good.  What that means to me is that today I am fending for myself and having leftovers. 

I hope you are all taking a moment to stop and remember the meaning of Memorial Day.  My brothers were all in the military as was my husband and brother in law.  Lest we forget!

Do stay safe and be happy on this day of remembrance.



  1. It's very warm here too. I've been trying not to run the air conditioner but I think I'll have to today. Your food sounds really delicious. Thanks for visiting me and have a great day.

  2. Thank you for this post, Beth. All of us need to remember, whether we had family members who have served or not.
    Yes, we have a near-record high forecast for this day! Much too hot for this time of year. I try to stay cool.
    Have a good Monday!

  3. I know several young men that have served in the latest conflicts and it still amazes me that they are younger than me and veterans. They have seen combat and are going through struggles that daily reminds me of the cost of freedom. It's 48 and continuing to be miserable weather here...seems kind of fitting. Blessing to you my friend.

  4. Cool day in the 60s up here so far, but not much sun. Started out with a thunderstorm.
    My dad's a WWII navy veteran. I think we all know people who have served or are serving. It's good that we remember them. :)

  5. Very warm here in Ohio today too. I don't mind having leftovers--that means I don't have to cook much. I hope you have a nice day. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. :)

  6. My brothers as well. One is still living.

    I LOVE leftovers..but tonight, I see a baked potato in my future. My little Lady here just ate..she had chicken and gravy. She's up in the crows nest recuperating. xoxox

  7. Blesssings... this day is profoundly deep for you more than most.

    Thank you to all that served so that we may be free to be.
    Stay blessed, stay strong and thank you for sharing your brothers and husband in the cause for freedom.

    take care.

  8. Hi Beth,

    Very hot and humid here - Your meal sounds good. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us.

    Hugs Nita

  9. Yes, all need to remember those who give so much for our freedom! Hope you can stay cool in the heat and humidity. Have a good week!

  10. Its so important to remember that our freedom came and still comes with a high price. Too many young folks don't appreciate the freedoms they experience every day. But my parents were good to teach my brother and I to be thankful.

    Thank you, Lord, for the men and women who serve and have served this amazing country. Thank you for allowing me to live in it! And thank you for all those who will serve in the future. Bless their families Lord, and ease their sufferings and loss. Provide for their needs, Lord and grant them peace.

    In Jesus name,


  11. Beautiful photo you chose to post for Memorial Day! Freedom is such hard work, and includes much sacrifice. We need to be thankful each and every day.


  12. Lots of military in my family as well. Husband 20 years in the Navy.

  13. Love the photo Beth a very famous one indeed. Blessings we can only hope and pray for peace.
    Hugs Sheila xx


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