It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day…

And a happy May Day is wished for everyone.

I remember May Day fondly from when my children were small.  I received many a bouquet of dandelions or violets held in grubby little hands and presented to me with much love.  As my kids grew older and in school the flowers were presented in tiny little paper cones that the teacher had helped them fashion in school.  To this day it  delights me to see a cluster of violets that have popped  up out of nowhere.


They are such a beautiful little flower, one of my favorites,

It is another dreary day.  It is supposed to get up into the mid 70s today and even 8os for the rest of the week.  I have so many things I need or want to do and I just don’t have the energy to do them.  I am also a bit depressed waiting for the results of all of my tests and the biopsies.

I think I will see when my daughter wants to go with me to look for a TV.

Have a good day.  You all stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Waiting can be so very hard. I hope you know I am there with you hugging you tight and praying things are just fine. As for May Day..will be nice here today as soon as the heavy FOG lifts. It's spring anything is possible. XXOO

  2. Happy May to you too!!!

    Rain here also.

    Yes, that sounds like a good idea! Go look for a new tv, with your daughter. :-) Hope she can go today.

    Oh and I love violets tooooooooooo!!!! They *say* spring, to me.

    "Among the changing months,
    May stands confest
    The sweetest,
    and in fairest colors dressed"

    ~James Thomson

  3. Waiting for test results can sometimes be torturous. I am glad you have sweet memories of receiving flowers from your kids...It helps sweeten the time as you wait. Praying for good results.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. I hate waiting like that. Your imagination goes into high gear. And usually all is well. I will wait right here with sure of that.

    Violets are my fave too. I know I used to blog about why. xoxoxox

  5. Happy May Day - those flowers are so pretty. I wonder if they celebrate May day in schools now like the did when we were kids? Oh Beth - waiting for test results if the pits. I do hope you get a good report. HUGS

  6. You know I think we did may day flowers when I was little but I haven't done that with my boys. a good thing to do!

    Hope you have a good day. I'm keeping you in my prayers!

  7. Sometimes I think they get the results but take forever to call. Hope yours come through soon with good things.

  8. We never made a big deal out of May day here probably because you never knew what you were going to get for the weather. It's still cool after the cool snap that started the last week of April and here were are with it still cool...better but cool. My heart goes out to waiting on those results my friend. I will say another prayer for you. I hope you find the perfect tv!

  9. Waiting for results is always hard. Do something fun! TV shopping would keep you busy. 70s and 80s sounds like summer!! Should be a good week. Enjoy! :)

  10. Happy May Day Beth and it's been a Lovely day here, after all the rain we've had. So pleased to see it at last the sunshine. Hoping your results are good Beth. Your lovely Violets such a lovely little flower. My hanging basket has just sprung to life to , I was sure they were all a goner in there. But no their pretty little faces are smiling at me once again.
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  11. A happy May Day to you Beth! Flat screen tv's have come down in price. I bought mine in 2007 for $800.00. I saw the same Sony about two months ago for about $450.00.

  12. I hope all your tests are OK Beth.

  13. The weather guessers are calling for "muggy" weather the rest of the week. I sure hope their usual accuracy holds true because I'm not ready to fire up the A/C yet!

  14. Wishing you the best, always, Beth. Happy Maytime! BGB

  15. Hope you Have good week beth
    Take care

  16. happy Mayyesterday Beth, I hope you get your results soon and they are good.
    Love these little violets, we have them all over the paths, unfortunately they haven't got the odour that the parma violets have. oh well you can't have everything, beauty is enough. Keep well XX


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