It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Miraculous Monday…



  1. Occurring through divine or supernatural intervention.
  2. Highly improbable and extraordinary and bringing very welcome consequences: "our miraculous escape".


wonderful - marvellous - marvelous - wondrous

Now why in the world would I call Monday miraculous?  It is raining and we are rather desperate for rain here right now.  So even though I have to get out and run some errands I am very glad to see the rain. 

I have been moving along very nicely with the late Spring cleaning.  I have all of the canned goods organized.  It was quite a chore because I keep forgetting there is only me and try to keep enough of everything on hand to feed an army.  This chore took me a couple of hours, but well worth it.   I opened the cabinet doors this morning and just smiled.  Everything looks so well organized.  I am on a roll now and I won’t stop until I am finished.  I am leaving the heating pad right beside my chair so it is handy.

I have to stop for a minute and check the laundry.  Don’t go away as I will be right back.  OK!  I’m back long enough to wish you all a miraculous week.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Miraculous is good!!

    And I hope some of that wet weather finds its way down here..we're thirsty!!

    I need to do the kind of cleaning and organizing you are doing, COULD happen... maybe. lol

    Heating pads are good.

    Happy Monday, Beth!!

  2. Hi Beth,

    At the moment, we have way too much rain.

    Hugs Nita

  3. We are getting some of that marvelous rain here today too. I'm glad to see it.

  4. Miraculous it cooled enough last night to get some sleep. Be happy we get some break from the heat this week. Love that. God is good. Hope your cleaning doesn't put a hitch in your gitalong. Ha. XXOO

  5. Wow you are inspriring me to get some organizing done this summer. Sometimes the greatest miracles in our lives are so small and ordinary that we miss them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Our gloom is supposed to break some today though I don't see much of a sign of that yet. Have a good day my friend.

  7. seems we get too busy to mis the miracles of everyday life.

  8. While talking to a friend on the phone yesterday I brought out the folding long table and emptied the shelf with the mish- mash of towels kitchen things like drying towels and hand towels, and all of my sheets and completely reoganized that shelf. My friend on the phone was excellent company. I put her on speaker phone and went for it. Got the house cleaned up..the little things done like taking everything off the dresser and bureau tops, waxing and puttin g it back plus throwing away what wasn't needed. Gotta go play with Katie. She's been patient.

  9. Blessings....
    Everyday is mariculous even when we don't feel its going our way, why you ask? Because you have lived through it even if its to complain about it.

    stay blessed.

  10. Glad the rain has come your way. Hope your errands weren't too wet.

    Have a blessed day :)

  11. No rain here yet, but it is supposed to be coming later. I got all my laundry done in time!!
    I still need to start on my kitchen. I've been going through photos today!

  12. Well I cleaned the bathroom today. That's was about all I did. Work tomorrow. Ugh..

  13. My Monday has been spent with efforts pertaining to technology. We are hopefully changing over to wireless service for our house, and of course, there have been glitches to straighten out before it is all in good order.
    So glad for the rain there. We've had some as well, and it is good for the garden to have a break from hot sunshine. xo

  14. I've been doing some of that myself. I just hope it stays that way. I doubt it will though because Brody likes to play with the canned goods. He pretends he's shopping. Ok, now I have to go back and find out why you keep the heating pad near by.

  15. Hello Beth, I love your Monday spirit! I can understand adjusting the food and menu - I used to say I fed a small army in my son alone - now all three are gone from the home - for the most part and it is something to adjust to just two! You've inspired me to do some organizing!
    I hope you have a blessed week,

  16. It feels great to do the cleaning and organizing! Keep that heating pad nearby--LOL! But best of luck with the huge project. You're going great guns! :)

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  18. I had things where I liked them once in the cupboards. Then someone, moved things around. I had the canned goods on the easiest (for me) shelf, not anymore. I give up.

  19. It's good to come on here and hear you sound so upbeat Beth. We in Southern England are having way too much rain right now. keep moving and continued good health.

  20. Thank you for following me.

    I am a Chicago native - in Georgia.

    I have had that kind of day myself today - my dear friend did pass away today.

    So I don't know your care taking story and I looked - you will have to tell me your story.


  21. Cute post. I too have been busy trying to get this organized around here. It takes forever because I keep having to stop and do something else, but when it is done ...what a great feeling!
    Blessings, Joanne


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