It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, July 30, 2012

50% chance fizzled…


fizzles3rd person singular present, plural of fiz·zle


End or fail in a weak or disappointing way: "their revolt fizzled out".


A failure.

We didn’t get one drop of rain here.  Some places around here got a few drops but nothing to speak of.  Our grass is the color of wheat now.


Have you ever noticed that a complete stranger will stop you and tell you their problems??  In the Kroger store this morning I noticed one of the lady workers pushing a lift with a heavy cart on it.  I said hi and I bet that was a good workout for her figure.  She stopped pushing and told me about her trips to the doctor and that it was discovered that she had bone spurs in both knees.  I listened patiently because I know how painful bone spurs are.  I have them in my neck, back and both ankles.  I didn’t tell her my sad story, I just told her that I was so sorry.  It really is easier to tell a total stranger things that you don’t discuss even with your family.

And on the way to the store I had 3 cars pull out right in front of me from stop signs and 2 that pulled out in front of me on the way home.   The street I was on is all through traffic.  The thought does cross my mind to speed up a little bit and give them a scare.  That is dangerous so I never do.  The thought is there however.

I have a whole chicken cooking so that I will have something healthy to eat this week.

I hope you all have a good week.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. It can seem easier to mention problems with the hope of a different response. I've had people talk to me before like that...I hope it takes a load off even if that be temporary. The high and dry clouds that bring nothing have been the norm for us too Beth, I can't say I've ever seen a stretch like this before. The heat is back for us though not quite as much as before. Having done all continue to stand right? Have a blessed day.

  2. Good morning, Beth. You have been busy this morning! I wish you had gotten some rain. We could use some as well. My husband watered the garden last night, but I don't know if it was much help.

    I, too, have chicken cooking - chicken breasts roasting in the oven. It smells really good!

    Stay safe, and enjoy your Monday.

    xo Nellie

  3. Sometimes it is easier to tell problems to a stranger if there is one who is willing to listen. I imagine you were a comfort to her for being willing to lend her your ear.

    Sorry to hear you still have no rain. I hope you get some soon.

  4. You have a kind heart. I think some people just need to think they matter.

  5. Yes, I have strangers tell me all about themselves many times. I must be a good listener!! : )
    Sorry to hear you didn't get any of that rain!!!

  6. The women in my family always have strangers tell us the most personal things too!

    Sorry you didn't get any rain.

    Bet your chicken will hit the spot!

  7. so sorry you didn't get rain! i know how disappointing that is when you need it so badly!

  8. Oh yes I usually find them random ppl in bathrooms that think I must look like a good ear :) ... lol

    I hate that too, I have the same thought about speeding up .. hehe

    The chicken sounds nice!! Have a great week!

  9. I've always had strangers tell me personal things...and if they do, I often tell them personal things in return--and sometimes we end up chatting for quite a while. This has even happened when I've been with friends or family and when we left the person they'd ask--do you even know that person? Nope. But they needed an ear and a little kindness--and that is free. ;)

    Sorry you didn't get any rain. The chicken sounds yummy, even if I don't eat meat anymore! :)

  10. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger about certain things. That was really nice of you to listen.

    Chicken, YUM!


  11. I have the same thing happen to me when I'm out and about! And I think we received all the rain you were hoping for! Did a number on our garden that's for sure! The chicken sounds really good, hope you enjoy your meal!

  12. Oooo.....a whole chicken! Now what will you make with this lovely bird...I'm a bit hungry. It's time for lunch here. I hate when you 50 percent turns into nada. You get your hopes up and then.....major and epic disappointment. Hopefully, things will improve. As for traffic, doesn't it seem some days are worse than others? I hate cars pulling out in front of me and then going under the speed limit. Very frustrating.

  13. Hope you get a good shower soon - it is so disappointing when they say there's a good chance - then, nothing. Bummer.

  14. sorry the rain missed you! it has to come sooner or later!!
    and yes...i have had strangers tell me many and marriage and neighbor stories...I try to listen like you did...they seem to want someone to talk to.

  15. so sorry my rain dance did zippo, it never really works ;))

    i rarely cook a whole chicken anymore. the rotisere chickens are $ 5.99 at costco and i always just get them there!!

    1. I love the that chicken too but it has a lot of seasoning and salt that isn't good for my BP and it actually costs less that buying one and cooking it.

  16. I have some chicken breasts in the freezer wanting their chance at grilling!

    I seem to have that willing ear too and I always listen. They must need it.


  17. Our grass has just disintegrated....only dirt left in our back yard....sad, so sad. We need rain and lower temps, too.

    I love your new saying up top.

    You could have been listening to an angel....and being one in return.

  18. Sorry you didn't get any rain. We finally had about 1/2 inch Sat. night.
    I have had strangers tell me their troubles. I just let them talk and say I'm sorry.

  19. The raindidn't get here either. They said 50% chance, but we got 0.
    I love your wise, thoughtful posts. Take care of yourself. :-)

  20. Still no rain the gardens must be very dry now.Plenty here Beth I will send you some very soon. Kind of you to listen to strangers Beth, maybe just what they need.
    Enjoy your week and stay cool.
    Hugs Sheila xx

  21. Well a trouble shared is a trouble halved as they say, I hope the lady felt better after chatting to you.


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