It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to my sister Rae…

What is a sister?
A sister is someone
who's been where you've been,
who knows you
and what you're about...
Someone you know
you can call if you need to
when something's
just not working out.
A sister is someone
who's more than just family
her friendship is one of a kind...
And the closeness you've shared
through life's laughter and tears
is the deepest
that you'll ever find.
I'm lucky to have a sister like you...
I wouldn't trade our special relationship
for anything in the world.
Nothing is more comfortable
or more reassuring than knowing
that you're always there.
And you make life so enjoyable
just by being yourself
You've always been the best kind of sister.
I just thought I'd say "thanks".
-Author Unknown


Rae is my only remaining sister.  She knows me better than anyone in the world.  She has held my hand and dried my tears many times.  I remember our teenage years, double dating and hanging out and watching each others back.  She has a heart of gold and never says no to any one who needs help.  She would give you the clothes off her back if you admired them.  I know  because I have been the recipient of some pieces of clothing I have admired.  She is on first name basis with many of the town officials and several personnel at the local television stations .  She is an untiring worker for the handicapped in several counties around her.  She donates her time to  these worthwhile causes.  I don’t get to see her very often because she lives 500 miles from me in West Virginia.

Love you Rae,

May God truly bless you and may this be one of the happiest days of your life.



  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet sister, Rae!

  2. Thank you. Stay well as I can't do without you. You are the best sister in the world. Me

  3. Happy Birthday to your wonderful sister,
    i hope she has a great day
    Take care

  4. So sweet. I don't have a sister, only brothers. You are blessed indeed.

  5. Happy Birthday Rae!!! What a special relationship the two of you share :)

    Now which one is you, and which one is Rae?

    1. Rae is on the left and I am on the right.

  6. Rae, God bless you each day. Happy Birthday my friend.

  7. Happy birthday to your sweet sister! Blessings- xo Diana

  8. May your sister have a wonderful birthday!

    My sister lives 360 miles away. It doesn't really matter how far, does it, it's too far! Especially when a sibling is one's closest relative. Closer than a parent or a child. Incredible to think about really.

    You must have moved blogs, Beth. Did you run out of Picasa space? I'm very impressed with 7 years of blogging!

  9. this is beautiful!! it would be wonderful if you could move closer to one another!!

  10. My sister and I were having this same conversation today. I am so thankful to have someone like that in my life too. I think you left her a very loving tribute.

  11. Happy Birthday to your sweet sister,my man has 28 day today is his birthday.
    He has two children Millie 4 years& Jack 3 years.
    Beth! we having a wonderful birthday our good time.
    Love you too.

  12. This beautiful! You are both blessed. Happy Birthday, Rae!

  13. Hope your sister had a lovely Birthday Beth, my sister has a birthday in August.
    Enjoy your Weekend
    Sheila xx

  14. I sure hope your sister Rae had a special birthday!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday to your sister Rae. May she have many more and may the years continue to be good to her.. to you both!
    Lovely words from one sister to another.

  16. I haven't got a sister, got four brothers instead, it would have been so nice to have just one sis. :-( I'm glad I have two girls though. I hope your sis had a happy birthday.


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