It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Tree

My monthly picture of the tree between me and the cemetery.

002_thumb 001_thumb1
4 January 2012 4 February 2012

001_thumb2 001_thumb3
4 March 2012 light dusting of snow                4 April 2012

003_thumb 002_thumb1
4 May 2012                                      4 June 2012

002_thumb2 001_thumb

8 July 2012 Notice how brown the grass is.     4 August 2012, still no rain to speak of.

60% chance of rain for tonight. Doing a rain dance.

Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Rain will help the grass but wondering why part of the tree looks so dead? Did it look like that last year? Anyway, hope you get the rain without having to dance a whole lot! heheh Hugs XX00

  2. i'm dancing also!!! the tree pictures are very cool!!

    it's a beautiful thing!!

  3. It's been a very long drought this year hasn't it? It got much cooler for us but still not much rain to speak of...I guess something is better than nothing.

  4. Hi Beth,
    I hope you get some rain--I know some states were getting it this morning that need it--I hope you get it, too!!!

  5. Have a LOVELY Sunday Beth , love the tree. xx

  6. I think the tree looks a "bit" better (fuller) than the month before. Hard to tell from the thumbnail photo, though.

    How To Do A Rain Dance


    1. Never do a rain dance on a hill.
    2. Make sure you have a lot of room so you
    don't run into anything.
    3. Spin around in clockwise circles.
    4. Make up your own rain chant. It should be rythmical
    and easy to say fast.
    5. Yell your rain chant while spinning around in circles.
    6. If you are trying to get rid of rain, spin in
    counterclockwise circles and say your chant backwards.

  7. Hi Beth,

    We are dancing to avoid the showers and getting wet here.

    Have a good weekend. Hugs Nita.

  8. Fingers crossed that you will GET the RAIN! I love your succession of tree pics!

  9. Blessings....
    what a difference a few months make. They are all beautiful though. I have to confess to liking the trees when they are bare as well as blossomed.

    Have a fabulous weekend

  10. I remember when you first started posting these, we wondered if the tree was even still alive. It's good to see that at least half of it is, but I'm sure this "no rain" isn't helping anything! Hope you get rain soon - and us too!

  11. I like the tree log(journal). Before you know it, it'll start changing colors and losing leaves.I hope you get rain, a lot if you want. We're promised rain, but who knows.
    I hope you're having a good Saturday.

  12. Interesting. I do hope you get rain soon. It was supposed to rain last night in Mpls. hope it came your way. I love trees and they do need rain. Happy weekend, Beth.

  13. I am sorry! but we has the rain for most of time in Melbourne.
    We're looking for the warm weather soon.
    I hope we going to have not just changing all the time...
    Have a good time for you Beth!

  14. Awww looks like part of the tree was a bit affected by the lack of rain. Hope rains come soon. Cool idea taking pics of the tree!
    Blessings, Joanne

  15. joining the rain dance! :-)love the May 2012 shot with the green grass...blessed day to you....

  16. So did you get any rain!!!???:) That poor tree. Where is all the snow this year?? You should have been buried in it! That tree needs a bit of a pruning. New growth is in the center and it's a sign that it has been struggling a bit. Hope that rain reaches you. Have a good night. Chris

  17. Very cool shots! That's a great looking tree!

  18. Those are quite the snap hots, really shows how the tree comes back to life. Poor thing! Probably starving for some moisture/rain! I hope that ion the next few weeks, your temps cool down and that you are blessed with periodic rain showers to keep things cool and watered. Have a blessed up coming week.

  19. I love that you post this tree. I love trees, so noble, historied, and essential. Thanks, Beth. Oh, and please keep dancing; we got a little rain!

  20. I'm trying my best to send you some of OUR rain. whew...

  21. The tree looks as if it needs a nice pruning, poor thing. It's got some color indicating distress. What a good idea to document a tree all through the year. It is interesting.

  22. Neat to see the changes from month to month. Hope you get rain soon!

  23. Your tree looks like it needs some rain too, and the grass ! oh dear, I hope you get enough aqua vitae to green it up.

  24. If the tree keeps getting closer , it is time to worry...


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