It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day…

I remember the first day of May when my children were small.  They  would make paper cones at school and secretively bring them home.  Then they would scout the yard for violets and dandelions.  I then would be presented with a lovely May Day bouquet from them.

I think you all may have gotten the wrong impression from my time spent in the hospital on Monday.  I was taken immediately to a bed where I had an EKG which was fine.  My doctor had insisted that I go to the emergency room because she thought my pain might be heart related.  I had a CBC and meds (anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant) through an IV.  This was only a temporary fix.  I do have a prescription for muscle relaxant which I probably won’t fill.  So I am resting on my laurels right now.

“rest on one's laurels”

Fig. to stop trying because one is satisfied with one's past achievements. Despite our success, this is no time to rest on our laurels. We rested on our laurels too long. Our competitors took away a lot of our business.”


So I will…


You all have a great day.  Don’t forget to watch The Big Bang Theory on Thursday night as it is a new episode.  Bob Newhart is a guest star.

Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Beth, Glad you are resting. I didn't know you went through all that at the hospital. But it's better to be safe. I went to the ER once with acid reflux, it was so bad ,I wasn't sure it wasn't my heart. Sometimes gall bladder problems can be the same. People need to know it's not the heart. Too many people have died blowing off some kind of pain. Please take care. xoxo,Susie

  2. Yes! I remember doing that as a child too! May Day was a fun event then. Don't think children do that anymore, though. Bummer. I'd all but forgotten about it until you mentioned it! Happy May Day!

  3. I LOVE The Big Bang Theory.

    I used to do that too and that is part of why I love violets so much. I took the bouquets to my dad. xoxoxox

  4. Yep..I saw the commercials with Bob.. hilarious..he is still so funny. May day here will bring in SPRING..80 degrees at least I think I will be out sitting in the sun!! Enjoy your May Day!!

  5. we used to do a maypole dance at the catholic grade school i attended. :)

  6. Right after morning mass (Catholic grade and High)
    all us girls did our Maypole dance-May pole, not pole dance, tsk tsk tsk shame on you) It was always fun to do, I like it anyways.
    Glad it's not your heart that caused the problem-hope your feeling better.

  7. I continue to send along wishes for your good health, Beth.

    Happy May Day!

    xo Nellie

  8. Hi Beth,

    Hope your back heals without the muscle relaxant, but might be better to get it in case.

    Happy May Day - Nita

  9. Happy May Day! Hope things feel better after taking it easy! Many happy thoughts being sent your way!

  10. This first day of May we've got a delightful thirty-four degrees to enjoy...but at least it's sunny. My daughter graduates this month and it feels like everything is kind of wild at the moment. I'm glad that your doing better...take care my friend.

  11. it's going to be a great month filled with lot's of sunshine. we earned especially!!

  12. Oh Beth I wish you were feeling better. May is going to be nice and warm it is what we were waiting for.
    I will be watching and laughing:) Hug B

  13. Beth,

    Take care of yourself! I hope you feel much better soon!

    Happy May Day! :)


  14. Happy May Day! I hope you are feeling well today!

    I love that show...thanks for the reminder to watch it!


  15. Ok I love Sheldon from the Big Bang Therory but who doesn't........

    Hope you May Day was great

  16. I did that also as a kid in school the dance in Grade two.
    On May Day.

    Take care Beth sorry you had such a rough time.

  17. You can rest on your laurels Beth. They're in good shape.
    Happy May Day Beth!

  18. Hi Beth, I am glad to know you are resting. Happy May Day!

  19. I'm so sorry for your pain. I hope the meds helped. I love May Day. I think because the end of school countdown begins.

  20. Dear Beth,
    I thinking about you please have a good resting.
    Take care of you Happy May Day!

  21. I am a big fan of The Big Bang Theory. Well, you pobably knew that. I have the above Soft Kitty badge on my blog!

  22. I'm glad it wasn't too bad at the hospital, but maybe you should fill the prescription just in case, you know?
    I LOVE Big Bang Theory!! And I love Bob Newhart, so I will be watching for sure.

  23. I recently bought seasons one and two and I am finally going to watch it!

  24. I know I've told you before I work at a hospital. This past weekend, I was inundated with fax requests from other hospitals for information on former patients...and every one of them was heart related. I just wonder if there was something in the atmosphere causing it....because in 12 years there, I have never had something like that happen all at once before.

  25. Happy May Day a day late I'm afraid. The 1st of May brought a lovely warm summer one , happy to say.
    Hugs Sheila xx

  26. blessings happy belated May day.
    Haven't been by in a while, no excuse really just being lazy.
    i trust and hope all is well.
    take care.
    stay blessed.

  27. This family photo is wonderful! You're really pretty!
    I love Bob Newhart!
    Happy May to you! What a sweet idea for kids. :)

  28. Nice family photo.
    Hope you are doing alright, been catching up on your blog.
    Mother's Day, you have had that! Ours in next Sunday.


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