It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remembering a lovely lady…

Jeanne Cooper passed away yesterday after a short illness.  Ms. Cooper was 84.  She had been on the Young and the Restless since its beginning some 40 years ago.  She was a very classy lady and one of my favorites on the show.  Rest in peace Mrs. Chancellor!



Outstanding Lead Actress Jeanne Cooper from The Young and the Restless poses with her award at the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in 2008.


And HOORAY!!! finally the trial is over and Jodi Arias was found guilty of  1st degree pre-meditated murder.  And even after being found guilty she immediately had an interview with Fox News where she stated that she would rather be put to death than spend her life in prison.  Ask and ye shall receive.

I am going to be quite busy today so I may not be around to visit.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!


P.S.  It is raining here again.  Storms predicted.


  1. I read a blog by her son Corbin Bernson the other day on how she was close to death. It was a very touching post. She sure was a great lady.

    Do you think Jodi Arias really wants the death penalty or is that her way of trying to get the jury to do the opposite for punishment?

  2. Double HOORAY! Now for sentencing. That is one very sick woman in my opinion. Beautiful and warm here in the south. Photo hunting today.

  3. Happy Mothers Day and you have a good weekend too. Hope the weather gets nice for you too.

  4. Good morning, Beth. We have a glimmer of sunshine here today! Hopefully the showers will hold off awhile, though we have a chance of rain in the forecast until Monday. Enjoy your Thursday! xo Nellie

  5. i hope we will get some rain here in texas today and tomorrow. fingers crossed!

  6. Hi Beth,

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend too.

    Hugs Nita

  7. Mrs. Chancellor was one of my favorites back when I watched Y&R.
    I'm very happy that the trial is over and there is justice.
    I hope you don't get storms! We are expected to reach 90 for a few!
    Marie :)

  8. Indeed Beth, I haven't been following the trial , but it seems justice prevails. WE have gusty winds hereabouts, with the sun showing it's face now and again. Wishing you and wonderful ( and better weather) weekend, hugs aplenty... xPenx

  9. I was so sad to hear of her passing! I have been a Y&R watcher for years and years. She will be greatly missed!

  10. Rain expected here, too. I wonder what Arias' sentence will be, and why it has been delayed so long. That jury has got to want this over with!

  11. Blessings....
    A final nod to the lady, she literally worked to her last breath. She went peacefully. A final bow with grace.

  12. NOOOOO!!! How sad to lose an icon! Now I never watch those crazy shows BUT I know a lot of people who do and I'd always joke about their characters. Have a good weekend!

  13. I liked Jeane too. Sad she passed. Has it been forty years?? I miss your visits on my blog. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Beth, I am so glad you posted this...I did also. I loved Jeanne Copper. I am going to miss her.
    That Arias girl is not wrapped right. She needs therapy. To think she was going to convince anyone that she did all that to her boyfriend in self defence ...that alone proved she was crazy.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xox,Susie
    p.s. love the picture of you and your children.

  15. Dear Beth,
    I was so sad to hear of her passing yesterday.
    I can understand with you so much your feeling with you Beth!!
    I has so much with my friends in theses day..
    I don't know what I can't thinking about with my few friends So
    sad myself.
    I was so happy with you today just you will be quite busy....
    Nice to see you about today.
    Have a good weekend!

  16. Jeanne - I remember her well. Watched the first episode and several after that here in Australia, then years later the show went on Pay TV, and I won't pay to watch it, not mean but can't see any point. I remember she was excellent.
    Have nice days.
    The trial was report here as to the outcome. Wouldn't have been excellent to watch in reality.

  17. My mom was a huge fan of Jeanne Cooper and she was sad upon hearing the news.

  18. I remember her from Young and the Restless (years ago)! So sorry to hear this.

    I was glad to hear the verdict on the trial even though I didn't follow this closely. Justice was served and I agree with you on the ask and you shall receive.

    Raining here too with storms predicted today.

    Have a great weekend, Beth.

  19. I didn't watch Young and Restless (I watched AMC) but I remember seeing her face on commercials for decades.
    I am thrilled they found her guilty. Maybe they should keep her alive and in solitary--but then, she's already crazy--and she'd probably write a book or something--awk!!

  20. Here's wishing you a great weekend. I hope the weather cooperates with your plans. :)

  21. I heard about it on the news.. I really liked her on that show.. Happy Mother's Day, Susie

  22. I think the jury got it right in the Arias trial.

  23. Oh no on the storms :(. Hope you stay inside safe!


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